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  • +1 to asking what about Australia? Do we suddenly not exist? Or is the source of the delays due to the warehouse being out of stock and no one notified during the order process?

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    Backlog of 3 days, what does that mean James ? I ordered items the 28th november that were pre order available dec 1.

    The order is still stuck in "The order is in process"

    Please reach out to me guys... Order : 186xxxx

  • Bonjour,

    Bonjour, pouvez vous me fournir des information concernant ma commande au nom de Rigaud Kevin


  • Hi there, I'm so confused by the whole delay of 3 days. I've been waiting three weeks now, and now I've got a tracking number but I'm stuck on label created. When will it actually be on the way? It's meant to be a Christmas present and I really don't want to let them down.

    My order number is 1835544

  • Could you please please please give me an update on order 1835972,

    I ordered on the 24th of November, preorder until the 1st, still in processing and no update via support form. I have heard that someone that ordered exactly the same order as me on the 2nd of December already has a tracking number.

  • Please Fanatec I've been waiting since the 21/11 with no update, since the items have been returned since the 29th, I've sent email regarding this but no response....

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    At this point, and knowing that I will most likely not receive my order by Christmas, the best thing that could happen to me is that they cancel my order so that I can buy an alternative from the competition, even if it costs more money.

    Whether it arrives or not, I am ruling out the option of buying anything else from Fanatec again. And I hope I never have to deal with their (absent) customer service.

  • Hi,

    I do hope you understand why you get the reaction you are getting. You put out updates that either don't say anything or they can't be interpreted.

    You write some things are "completely shipped" whereas that is not the case at all, and you know it because you try to explain it in your email.

    You write you have a backlog and you are working on it and making progress, but then there are thousands of people who don't seem to see any progress at all. We are not talking about isolated incidents here but a systemic problem on your end.

    You issue an update that there will be an update later on. What does this even mean.

    Best of all, you already have our money and presented it to your shareholders, the warranty is already running despite us having even the faintest of idea of where our stuff is.

    First time buyer here, but this might as well be my last time based on this experience.

  • @James, my order is 1829xxx.

    I already seen people buying after my order, and receiving wheel V2.5 X...

    Why you don't respect orders?

  • Purchased my GT Pro DD+ in early November , used for one hour before it went up in smoke and burnt. Follow all the directions to return and get repaired/replaced and still waiting over a month later for my replacement.

  • Hello Fanatec team! Thanks for work but can you explain what does it mean: "backlog of 3 days" ?

    I ordered R2R dd bundle on 24 of November still in "The order is in process", so when I can expect status changes?

    Order number: 1836691

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    Damn.. This is supposed to be communication? You mention an update, when? Be specific is like rule 1 for making sure shit does not escalate and to do your best for understanding..

    If it was up to me, I would be happy to take a day or two off my current job and help you guys out, but you are more closed then an Amish community...

    Thanks for nothing I guess? Give some more information, would really help you as a company and even give you some goodwill. In the long run, this is damaging your name..

  • yeah, my order is slightly later than yours 183xxxx, but still early 24th, and still nothing, while people that made the order days later already received the 2.5x

  • ... and after update 3 you won't hear back from them for another week, if lucky.

    That was some lousy update which just created more questions than answers.

  • Dear @james,

    Currently i'm waiting on my order from the 17th. The 10 workdays delay have been well gone. I'm wondering why my order isn't shipped yet, because my second order (the Formula V2.5X) that i placed on the 24th has been delivered within 2 weeks.

    Again i can totally get that there is some delay, and 10 working days is acceptable, but right now i'm waiting for almost a month. Could you check what the problem is, so i don't need to take further actions? My order number is 1794673. Also on my profile it says the warranty on my DD2 (where i'm waiting for) is only 2 years, but onn the website you guys say it's 5 years

    Thanks you in advance.

    Kind regards


  • Thx for nothing Fanaschmutz!

  • Dear @james,

    Currently i'm waiting on my order from the 17th. The 10 workdays delay have been well due. I'm wondering why my order isn't shipped yet, because my Formule V2.5 i've ordered on the 24th got here within 2 weeks.

    Again i can totally get that there is some delay, but i'm waiting for almost a full month. Fully paid, and almost no communication.. Could you check what is wrong with my order 1794673 so i don't need to take further actions? Also could you tell me why in my profile the waranty is 2 years, while on the website it states 5 year waranty?

    Kind regards,


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    @James this is not an update!!!! You are saying nothing in this, just telling us numbers, we want shipping dates, not how many orders you processed and how many orders there are left, this doesn't help us in any way.

    Why are people who ordered after BF receiving their orders and the rest of us, that ordered during BF and before have no tracking number and no updates?

    Just come forward and admit that you have no stock for some items and cannot ship them because of that. And give us a realistic shipping period.

  • Not cool :c

  • can i please have an update about my order 1846663

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    Hello, quoting "We have just gone through exporting the orders from November 24th" and "36,000 European orders that needed to be processed and have been processed due to Black Friday" from Shipping Update 2 and 3 respectively, it sounds like latest today all orders sent before the 24th of November should have been shipped. I made an order (n 1834104) on the 24th of November without the V2.5 X Steering Wheel or pre-orders but I still don't have a tracking number. Is it normal? Could you please clarify what "exported" and "processed" mean, please? It is very unclear to me, thank you for the updates.

  • again nothing said. only that you have to wait.

    since apparently a large number of people ordered the v2.5x alone or in some kind of kit, it would be fair to say if Fanatec even has the ordered/paid quantity of those steering wheels in stock.

    says only 400 v2.5x steering wheels shipped. it will be that only so many were produced in these 2-3 weeks. which means. everyone else who ordered any option that includes v2.5x can probably expect it there sometime in January, maybe February. after January 10, of course.

    that's how it is when your company fails, so you make a scam with customers, telling them that you have stock goods, and the goods are still in a liquid state, before the plastic parts start being assembled in the factories.

  • When's my order going to be processed again ?

  • Hello everyone
    I ordered the DD1 Clubsport RS pack on 11/17 under number 1794386
    on 11/28 my order was sent and I received the invoice
    Since that day no more news and not even a UPS tracking number, while on the forums I see orders made at the beginning of December arriving at their recipients. for my first experience with fanatec I am very disappointed with the lack of communication.
    You have had my money for 3 weeks, please do what is necessary to send me my equipment
  • Hello fanatec, this can't be right, my order from Nov 23rd that only had items still available has not shipped out yet, I got my order from 24th already but nothing about my clubsport hub, please check # 1822746.

  • is it known what Thomas Jackermeier, CEO of Endor AG, is doing now, is he helping with the arrangement of bases, steering wheels, pedals and packaging or is he somewhere skiing and negotiating about sponsoring various motorsport events for our money? 😎

  • 3 days backlog yeah right why hasn't my order left your warehouse yet? Collecting dust since 20th of November...all items were in stock when I ordered, already lost almost 1 month of warranty and haven't even laid my eyes on it...can you provide a update for UK orders? I know some people that ordered after me and already have a delivery date and many others in same situation as me. I really hope the claim doesn't delay my shipping even longer because ups made me do it in order for them to start a investigation to locate my parcels wich have never left your warehouse...@fanatec @James

  • What about Japan? My order placed in 23rd Nov. is still stuck at "completely shipped" without a tracking number. Can you share some news regarding Japan orders?

  • Seriously? This is taking the piss, the parcels never left your warehouse...@fanatec

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