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  • Guys,

    do you think someone from this company reads it here, or even gives you some concrete information? I do not think so :( They have our money, so what :/

    I am one of many with order from November 24th, completely shipped, without info of my order.

    Either wait until you may receive the goods one day (1,2,3 or more months) or cancel the order and order elsewhere. Asetek does not cheat on their customers.

  • No, this is my sixth or seventh order from Fanatec, if you live somewhere far from bigger cities, like me in Dalmatia (near Drniš), UPS transfers the delivery to our dear HP 🤣

    But now I am more worried whether they will cancel my order or not.

  • Fanatec,

    I really think you should postpone your inventory due to the backlog of shipments you have. To be honest, who would do an inventory right after the busiest time of the year especially knowing your are behind in sending out orders? The information you gather by performing an inventory at the end of the quarter is not going to make or break your company, but continued delays and unhappy customers are surely going to impact it more greatly. I know it's not my place to tell a CEO or a President what to do, but there has to be someone in management I would think would have enough common sense to question the timing of it.

    I have an order from the November 20 that is still waiting on the QR2 with no serial numbers of the other items in the order. Fanatec could score a small win it they would eat the costs and ship order partially once confirmed with the person who ordered it. That way those who are waiting would know that they are making progress instead of hearing of others who ordered after them getting their items in.

    I also have an order for a DD+ that I made in late November. Reading some of these comments make me wonder if I should have gone for the DD pro instead. I plan on using my rig for GT7 so my choices of direct drive system is very limited. I feel locked in with no way out because of that.

    Also, for the EU orders whoever is doing their customs paperwork should be fired on the spot. So many posts about people's order being returned for incomplete paperwork. That's gotta be pretty crazy since it should be their focus on making sure the shipping paperwork is straight before it goes out. In addition flags should have gone up once packages started to be returned that the section responsible for the import paperwork doesn't know what they are doing.

  • and will lose a lot of customers to canceled orders and will no longer be priced seriously

  • Wow! This is worse than I ever could have imagined... What an unmitigated disaster!

    Fanatec are utterly incompetent, bordering on being criminally so at this point.

    If you take someone's money in return for a product, then don't ship said product, provide or respond to any communications regarding the transaction, or provide any valid reason for not doing any of these things... At what point does it become fraud?

    There is simply no excuse for the complete absence of communication from Fanatec

    This "shipping update" blog post provides literally no useful information at all to the thousands of long-suffering customers who had the misfortune of placing their money and trust in this useless company. It's an insult to every one of us and highlights just how deep the utter incompetence runs within the company.

    I also know from personal experience that these "problems" at Fanatec pre-date Black Friday by months, which makes it even more unforgivable.

    Fanatec should be ashamed of themselves,

    Their customers should be calling their credit card companies and claiming a fraudulent transaction has occurred.

  • Who are you kidding, honestly, there’s no way in hell you’re delivering anything before Christmas if it wasn’t ordered over a month ago.

  • How they can still state in the webshop that items will ship in 4 to 7 day is ridiculous and a joke.

    I'm a new customer and had no idea of all the problems until after placing an order

  • Postpone and work 24/7 to figure this out. Yeah it costs extra for them to keep employees working, but it costs more if there is no customers 😅

  • “ An inventory will be carried out in all regions at the beginning of January. “

    ”There will be an update for those who ordered the V2.5 X Steering Wheel and have not yet received news on the shipping status.”

    I’m beginning to think this two statements are linked. I think they don’t have the stock to ship…

  • I have my doubts about the scheduled inventory. I'm pessimistic about Fanatec's claims and expect delays to last longer than they have stated. I think the inventory is just an excuse to allow more production time. I am pretty sure we have all funded their production with our orders. The actual inventory status when we made purchases was most likely not correct/accurate.

    Personally, I am located in the US and placed an order on November 16 for a CS DD and 3 wheel side QR2 (items were a pre-order for 11/28 and 11/30). Status changed to completely shipped on November 30. Like many others here, no tracking has been provided as of today and I have not received my items.

    I have had somewhat negative experiences with Fanatec delays in the past, but the products have been worth the money to me. This will be the last time I order from them. Not because of delays, but because I think they are completely dishonest and have the absolute worst customer service I have experienced. No responses to email. Thomas Jackermeier needs to step down and the company needs to select someone that can re-establish customer confidence. Fanatec was one of the first in this market, but there is competition now and something needs to change or they wont be around much longer.

    Also, if/when you do get your products, make sure the warranty date is correct.

  • Hi guys!

    I've ordered some stuff last day of BF, its number is 1858750.

    I know you're working as fast as you can but what makes me a bit more upset is that material is listed on my account, with a date of warranty beginning on the 28th of november, just a day after my order. It sounds a bit weird isn't it?

    I know that warranty begins when shippment is done but we're the 14th of december and i still have no news about it.

    Can someone gimme some please?

    Best regards.


  • :) okay I wasn’t being fair when I said most.

    Perhaps I was too annoyed and eager to once again complain to the company who ignores us; so was not thinking beyond my past couple of decades of multi-unit retail exposure. Things have to be accounted for much more frequently when you are dealing with several hundred locations and over 10k hourly staff.

    Now that you’ve called me on my exaggeration and I’ve thought way back—- You are absolutely right: that side of things does only inventory about as often as you say. Though, based on the experience most of us have had in dealing with them, Fanatec should probably do it a bit more often than is customary.

    Since when does inventory require closing though? What’s wrong with tagging the counted and continuing to operate? No, let me shut up. That would probably just confuse things further and they are having enough trouble as it is. 😂

  • Today, I received communication from Fanatec both through email and LinkedIn. They sent an apology explaining the situation and an email confirming that my products have been shipped.

    Although I still don’t see any updates when I check with UPS tracking, it’s somewhat relieving to finally hear something. I’ll keep you posted on further developments.

  • I am in the same boat as you. New customer and I still check the website and it’s offering 5-7 days on all of the items I ordered. I based my purchase decision on the delivery times, they are misleading customers into placing orders. Probably something the European Commission wouldn’t like, must be some fair trading rules being broken.

  • So what’s happening with orders before Black Friday? Cause I made my order on the 23rd November and have only received an invoice and an email saying my order is being processed, but nothing since. And I kind of need my order by Christmas.

  • Allan McKayAllan McKay Member
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  • I'm in the same boat the clamp is holding up my order. Worst part is i dont even need the clamp anymore after placing my order since I wound up buying a wheel stand a few days after my fanatec order, with no way to cancel the clamp and possibly get the rest of my order sooner. What i dont understand is how they can leave my order at completely shipped if the warehouse doesnt actually have the item in stock anymore while the date for it to rerutn in stock keeps pushing back. All while the warranty date on the equipment will stay the same.

  • Ordered on the 26th of November.

    I have tracking numbers.

    UPS tracking says Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.

    05/12/2023 17:01

    Not heard anything since.

    It says on the website

    In the event of delivery delays, we will inform you via e-mail as soon as possible.


  • I would also like to hear about CS DD+ Preorder updates. The 12th has come and gone. And all the focus on BF sales seems to have left preorders without answers.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Barry GoodloeBarry Goodloe Member
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    i ordered the 24th it was processed the 25th. i am in usa UTAH, right by california. no tracking number. 1845758

  • Bonsoir, commandé le 25/11 roue formula 2.5 X avec base 5 nm pédales CSL avec lot de bouton et pince de table, tout étaient ( bien évidemment) le jours J et la je suis a entièrement expédié depuis la commande et je n'ai aucun changement de statut. Je suis en France

    Numéro de commande sur suivis par référence sur UPS , rien.

    Mail envoyé a fanatec , rien

    Mail envoyé à UPS répondu en 2 jours pour me dire de voir avec l'expéditeur.

    C'est un cercle vicieux.

    J'espère que tout le monde aura sa commande avant Noël (peu probable)

    Que la patience soit avec vous ....

  • Well, I think that we must consider, the company has gone bankrupt, because according to European law, they are not allowed to withdraw money before they have shipped the items. And they have withdrawn from all of us, due to fact they have labelled it as “completely shipped”. This is an unlawful act, and since they do not answer any of our emails, I guess, they have gone with all of our money, and left for a very long and extended X-mas break, if they really tried to get all of the items out to their customers they would employ a lot of short term helpers to make sure that everything gets out. So maybe we all need to contact our credit card companies and get our money back, and then let the banks/credit card companies get their legal teams to have a talk with Fanatec/endor

  • it´s very sad that the situation leads now in this way. of course the black friday deals are great. nobody really nobody have a problem when the CS F1 2.5x was sold out after a hour. but it stays for days as available. even then when you culd and apologyze after some days and be honest everybody would understand. but now after playing 3 weeks with the hope of customers is unacceptble. and a 10% discount can´t compensate that. this is just the beginning. all your influencer must decide if they stay with you as partner, because they will lost subscribers. even if you think that you have enough followers. that you can ignore us.

    it´s really sad because with the csw 2.5 you have build the best belt driven base ever. and it´s still today a great product. you was the company that push sim racing to new limits. and with that behaviour you destroy your reputation and a lot of great memorys are now overshaded by this disaster.

  • Hello, I have an order since November 24 and I still do not see the tracking number for my order. I need that because it is a Christmas gift. Invoice 826279. Order 1833737. I need information as quickly as possible.

  • That's how it's been in the past too. It's confusing even if there was no issues... I wish the 2.5x "update" comes sooner rather than later as this starts to be "quite" annoying. I would even swap the wheel to normal 2.5 if they would give it with the same price and if they could ship it now 😂

  • Order from 24th Nov...

  • Good deal, forward progress on my 2nd order (US - Ga).  Just got a FedEx email 'label created' notification for my second order placed 11/26 12:08PM EST for a GT DD Pro Kit.

    So 18 Days (13 business) up to this point.    My first order (all Blk-Fri accessory deals related to this GT DD Pro) placed 11/21 had label created 11/30 and arrived to my door 12/6 or 15 total days. Based on 1st order, ,hope to have it in ~6 days from this point.

    On FedEx Site: Label Created 12/14/23 10:18 AM .

  • Since today my order availability changed from 01/12 to 14/12. Are they stand up comedians or something?

    Since ordering the wheel base has been sold out allready 2 or 3 times. And my order stays in process while others that have been ordering after me have allready received their package.

  • Awesome! Now... what about all the North American pre-orders for the CS DDs made well before Black Friday back in October that are "completely shipped" and without tracking numbers?

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