Downtime during IT infrastructure maintenance (Updated 1.3.2024)

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UPDATE 1.3.2024

Further planned maintenance of our IT infrastructure will occur on Saturday March 2nd. We expect the website to be in maintenance mode for several hours on Saturday. Please be aware that during this time, no orders can be placed and it will not be possible to open support tickets. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and we thank you for your patience.

UPDATE 23.2.2024

Initial maintenance is already completed, there is no further downtime planned for this weekend. The website will be operating normally.

Original message posted 22.2.2024:

Dear Community,

We would like to inform you in advance that we will be conducting maintenance downtime on our IT infrastructure over the upcoming weekend. This means that the web shop will be offline for a certain period during the maintenance. This is intended to ensure the stability of our services for the future.


Your Fanatec Team



  • Will the webshop still be available during this time to purchase items?

  • Where are the Australian Dd+ preorders mate?

  • What's happening to Australian DD+ pre-orders?

    Ordered October 21. Order sent to warehouse Feb 8 and no tracking.

    Somebody at fanatec better address the issue and tell us what's going on.

  • Ship the DD+ in Australia FIRST !!! Y

  • Can you please give us an update on the Australian DD+ pre-orders?

  • Are the Australian pre-ordered DD+ for October even in Australia?

    or are they still on the boat or faulty?

    I think I can speak on behalf of most Australian sales, we would just like to know what the hold up is?

    We are all frustrated and have been patiently waiting long enough!

  • It's not right that people receive DD Extreme orders before I receive my DD+ order.

    Aussies are owed an explanation.

  • Order November 22nd. The order was sent to the warehouse on January 19th, but there was no tracking. Order number: 1811898,
    Someone at fanatec can better address this issue and tell us what's going on.

  • Order November 22nd. The order was sent to the warehouse on January 19th, but there was no tracking. Order number: 1811898,

    Someone at fanatec can better address this issue and tell us what's going on.

  • I'm in Sydney. Ordered Oct 21. Just got my tracking email

  • same here. finally they begin to work

  • will the discount voucher start working again?

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Dear Zhang,

    we’d like to sincerely apologize that you are waiting for another update regarding your Black Friday order in Japan. We understand that the delays at customer service don’t reflect well on our service and therefore we understand your frustration. Please note that we have forwarded your concern with our team and you'll hear from us via e-mail.

    Your Fanatec Team

  • I need someone to answer their email, blog, forums, phone and hopefully this post. Did not want to post but I got no communication and I received the dd1 but got the wrong version. Ordered the dd1 with qr2 but received qr1 version. I can't even mount the wheel to wheelbase cause I don't have the correct adapter. I don't mind the wait, the issue is that I got the wrong item after waiting over 2 months. I already lost 2 months and more of warranty on all of my fanatec item since I haven't been able to use the shifter, pedals, steering wheel and wheelbase. Can I get a response or reply when I can get this fixed?

  • Order number: 1916074

    Send to warehouse: 2/9

    Item: DD Extreme

    Region: US

    No update or tracking from Fedex since then. Lot of people already got their DDX. I can't find anything using my order number in Fedex delivery manager.

    Can someone at Fanatec address this issue and tell me what's going on?


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    Hello, I have an error in my order fanatec I have not received the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® Esports V2 but 2 times the QR2 wheel-side can you help me please?


  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Dear Raymond, we’re sorry that after having to wait two months, you didn’t receive your DD1 with the correct quick release. This should not have happened and your disappointment is fully justified. We’ve sent your concern to our department, so they can prepare and resolve this issue.

    Your Fanatec Team

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Hi Brandon, thank you for your feedback. We’ve sent you a direct message regarding the missing parcel from your delivery yesterday.


  • hi james i buy a clubsport dd+ and my date was 26 February and the date change to 11 March, please i need the base! if i bought with the date 26 the product 26 in my house...

  • Hi James, can you tell me what's going on with my order? It was canceled and now I've a new order but it's still in process. Availability date of the wheel is 20 February (at least in my order). I hope not the QR1 wheel side is holding op the order right now.

  • Hi @james

    can you uptate informations for F1 wheel v2.5x?

    M'y order IS 1842669

    Please 3 month with any informations

  • Hi @James, I replied in the private message you sent me with photos. It's another error, I received the QR2 on the wheel side twice. I did not receive the Clubsport Steering Wheel F1 Esports V2 from my order. 

  • I have THIS EXACT ISSUE as well. I ordered the GT2 replica wheel with the included QR1 2/12. This week i received 2 of the QR1s and according to FedEx that is all that was and is coming to my address. 2 of 2 items received. no wheel. I submitted a form but my confidence isn't exactly high that i'll get a reply.

  • Hi @james

    Can you provie update on my order 1785xxx

    It's been 3 months and I'm stil waiting on my 2.5X wheel meanwhile people got their orders FROM BLACK FRIDAY.

    Support have not responded to me for 10 days already. The customer service Fanatec provides is a disaster.

  • James,

    I ordered on Nov 24th and its still processing. I've sent emails with no reply. I need a update! #1829464

  • Hi james,

    Thank you for replying back. Just in case if you don't have my order number here it is 1858556

  • hi james, I placed the order on November 24th. I have used many methods to contact you. I'm already frustrated. In the end no one could help me solve this problem. My order was delivered to the warehouse on November 25th, but there is no news yet. There is no tracking number for the shipment and I have not received the shipment. No one came to help me either. My order number is 1831664

  • He said someone will contact you. Has anyone contacted you? Any help with it?

  • Good morning,

    I would like to contact you because I have a question about your driving profiles on iRacing.

    I see that the profiles are marked for 15 Nm.

    I have a DD2 at 25 Nm

    What should I modify in order to best match your profiles?

    I'm sorry because my English is quite bad.

    Thank you a thousand times for your help and all the work you do for these profiles.


  • Did you try the settings suggested here?

    Probably best to ask for more help in that thread if required as this one is about an IT outage that has been and gone over the weekend.

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