Fanatec Beta Driver V352/356 [DD Performance Update] for Podium Bases ONLY (all steering wheels)



  • Dr 352, Fw 669, Motor Fw 38.

    Base DD2, Xbox Hub w/Podium APM

    Windows 10/64bit, Version 1903, OS build 18362.535

    Other than the wheel properties Tuning Menu screen Randomly going between Xbox Hub and Podium Hub...This New DR?FW Combo puts out the Best FFB to date on the DD2!!!

    I don't think the wheel properties page tuning menu Flickering between Xbox Hub and Podium Hub is affecting the FFB.

    Games Tested so far Race Room, ACC....more games to follow.

  • Florian LichtFlorian Licht Member
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    tested so far with ACC with the DD1. What I have noticed are some really heavy hits out of nowhere and not reproduceable.

    like a big ''BAM'' noise. appears sometimes on a straight, sometimes in a corner, totally random.

    Those hits don't seem to be healthy, I don't know if this actually hurts the wheelbase.

    Other than that the feeling is very nice. In ACC you are able to use INT 3 without a problem (besides the random hits).

    I tried INT 8 and the ''hit'' noise still appeared.

    What I've also noticed some curbs are totally eaten by the FFB and others are feeling perfect (with INT 4-6).

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    DD2 wheel...Even with 346 I too Noticed the Random FFB Thumps in ACC FFB.. They Happen totally at Random but I think its maybe a random FFB spike or something with ACC FFB because I don't recall feeling the Random FFB Thumps in RRE, AC or Pcars2.

    I don't use on wheel 100% FFB so they are just mild FFB thumps that seem irregular to Bumps, Dips and Curbs according to whats going on on the section of track...It just happens random times.

  • Florian LichtFlorian Licht Member
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    The heavy ffb thumps also appeared in raceroom, also random. So it has to be something with the wheelbase.

    That's something that should be looked into, because those thumps can't be healthy for the wheelbase.

    They are also not visible in the FFB meter from raceroom. I have looked closely a few times when the FFB thump appeared and there was no spike visible in the FFB meter.

    It's more like the wheelbase produces some kind of error on it's own which causes this behavior. (Wheel calibration was done correctly)

    I don't really want to lower the FFB , because otherwise it's such a nice feeling.

    (Noticed those thumps also in previous versions .)

  • these are awesome, but should of been there at launch,

    the base characteristics are as described by sachsa amd remedied by adding the reccomended settings.

    Im live now, and just finished a back to back comparison and This feels way better .

    However the Handbrake is still behaving oddly and i have to disconnect and reconnect till its detected and properly auto-calibrates.

    Cant commentbn on the Abs and if i have to do anything wierd, yet

    ps4 pro






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    Dr 352, Fw 669, Motor Fw 38.

    Base DD2, Xbox Hub w/Podium APM

    Windows 10/64bit, Version 1903, OS build 18362.535

    This Driver and FW Combo by far Give the Best Feel !!! Great Job

    After 4+ hours of testing....Other than the Glitching between Podium Hub and XBox universal Hub that I showed in the Video while in the PC control panel tuning Menu.... the Driver, FW and motor FW work well... I did Not lose any functionality while using the Xbox Hub... the glitching between Podium and XBox Universal Hub seems to Have No affect while in Game or Setting wheel settings through the wheel.

    Games Tested ACC, Race Room.... Bed time 4 Me as I Need to wake for work at 4am to gather More cash to buy more Fanatec Goodies... LOL

    Great Job

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    yes, i still have to do the reach around to get the clubsport pedal and wheel motors to work.

    yes i still have to disconnect and reconnect my handbrake till it reads and calibrates. i suppose at some point i will my pedals too on gt sport, because if it does the usual nonsense here, it will there.


    👍, on the menu stuff, sure gonna come in handy for someone who hasn't had a dd for 10 months, 🤷‍♂️

    the ffb is fine too, but im not happy with the attitude or anything else

    also yes everyone should probably use this one too.

    Dd1 f1 for ps4

    ps4 pro

    all titles




  • Fabio ArancioFabio Arancio Member
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    @Marcel Pfister, @Maurice Böschen

    Hello guys, I would like to know if on a steering wheel without buttons (with podium hub and podium shifter of course) you can still see on the oled screen of the podium dd2 information such as torque, temp etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for my bad english. 

  • Any ETA for a compatible FanaLab version?

  • VERY soon, latest when the Button Module Endurance is released later this week because a new FanaLab version is necessary to get the new Intelligent Telemetry Mode working ;)

  • Maurice, as I understood from the V352 driver announcement we need the new base firmware in order to use the PBME?

  • Great, I have the max fan bug.. but uninstall, reinstall (3x) did not help. I still can not use the DD2 at all and it is not recognized in the Fanatec settings. 🤬

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator
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    FanaLab 1.23 which is compatbile with driver 352 is now online and can be accessed here:

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    Now thats what i call very soon😘

    Tested 352 in Rf2, R3E and AC and works great

    out of the box. Most profit in rf2 as it feels amazin

    real by using Sascha's and Maurice setup advice from above, thx guys and oc all at Santatec for early Xmas feelings🥳 now fanalab check!

  • Why don't you use auto SEN. I don't have issues with that one on XBOne

  • lee taylorlee taylor Member
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    i'm getting the random thumps of ffb in raceroom too

    been happening for a while, kinda disappointing for such an expensive wheel to still feel like beta after 6 months

  • Did you update the new preset right in R3E? I thought I did, until I looked closely in the ffb files.

    What I did was, deleted all previous ffb files in: my documents, my games, simbin, raceroom racing experience, userdata, control set. Delete all rcs files. Close that window. Start up R3E. Go to controller profiles and click detect. Now choose the DD profile of your base and start from scratch. I've had auto SEN problems and felt those jolts too. But not anymore with TRUE new physics

  • Florian LichtFlorian Licht Member
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    I did update the new preset correctly, deleted everything and started a new setup from scratch. I didn't experienced any auto sen failure (if this means that the car is using the wrong steeringdegree), but I'm gonna do it like you recommended again.

    The main thing is that the same heavy thumps also occurre in ACC, so I still believe this has something to do with the Firmware.

    Also other people reporting the same. Are those thumps completely gone on your wheelbase? Or are you using low ffb settings? With low settings they can feel like roadtexture or something else, but with normal or stronger ffb they become really heavy, almost like somebody punching into the motor.

    Would be nice if more people would test this with higher ffb settings. Sometimes those ffb thumps appear after a few minutes, but then even more regularly.

    For my ACC setting check a few posts above.

    Everything else feels phenomenal good, only those thumps are killing it for me right now / I don't want to use the wheelbase because it feels like damaging the motor.

  • lee taylorlee taylor Member
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    think i'm going back to 335, this firmware feels notchy and grabby and the thumps are here, the point of dd's is to feel smooth and this is less smooth than a belt drive with all the notchyness and grainyness, if the thumps are there on 335 too i'll prob just sell it

  • I have used auto SEN at the beginning, but Forza was undriveable. It seems that I am the only one with this issue.

  • The arrow buttons on the tuning menu page of the driver might affect other values as well, use dragging the bar instead.

    Actually the opposite here, but it's not a huge problem.

    Is [DRI] Drift Mode changed? It feels different on my CSW 2.5.

  • Question can this  Fw 669, Motor Fw 38 be used with Dr 346??? will I lose any of the New Features or will wheel be reduced back to 8bit FFB Resolution???

  • FFB resolution will be reduced to 8bit when you use an older driver because that feature was introduced with a later driver. It is not recommended to use the new firmwares with an older driver.

  • Thanks... I will stick with the New Dr and FW.

    Have you been able to reproduce the Glitching between Podium Hub and Xbox Universal Hub while in the PC control panel???.... Other than that New Dr/Fw seems to work fine.

  • Yes I have something similar with my UHX which also constantly switches between UHX and P HUB but only when FanaLab is running. It's under investigation.

  • already knows someone how the update to gt sport feels. podium dd1 for ps4

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    I don't have any version of Fanalab Installed on My PC... I uninstalled it quite a bit ago...The Issue just happens at Random...But Dr/Fw work well as long as you enter your wheel.FFB settings through the wheel.

    Thanx for the Quick response.... I'm sure its a minor issue that will be resolved Quickly.

    New Dr/FwFFB feel is Awsom by far the best Dr/Fw to date.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Please keep the posts in English so everyone understands them.

    Try to raise FEI to 90 or 100 as it can increase oscillations if it's lowered, you can also lower INT a bit if it then still feels smooth enough for you. What are your in-game settings? Something else you could do is the dynamic damper setting of FanaLab.

  • Wheel Base Model (product ID): DD1 PS4

    Steering Wheel Model (product ID): Xbox Hub

    Driver Version: 352

    Base FW Version: 669

    Motor FW Version: 38

    Wheel FW Version: NA

    Updated from v346 with firmwares to V352 with firmwares. Loud fan noise after updating the base but I figured it would go away after updating the motor which it did. Using my own settings for old parameters but default values for the new ones. Very smooth experience!

    A question about using the Xbox hub with the Podium though as that seems to change with firmwares and they don't match the ones in the Xbox Hub manual.

    • What is the button combo for calibrating the wheel? Tried all kinds of combos but couldn't calibrate, hed to put my Formula V2 on to get the wheel calibrated.
    • Is there a list of all the button combos for the Xbox Hub with the Podium Base? I found those for Xbox, PS4, PC and PC Comp. modes but not the one for PS4 Comp. mode.
  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    I'll forward this, thanks for the video. Just some sidenots:

    Hitting apply doesn't have a function on the tuning menu page as the settings are influencing the wheel settings in real time.

    If you are using the DD in COMP v2.5 mode you should always select the base you have from the drop down in the top right.

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