Fanatec Beta Driver V352/356 [DD Performance Update] for Podium Bases ONLY (all steering wheels)



  • I loaded the new Driver, FW and motor FW, overall the feel was amazing when cornering but there is quite a bit of oscillation in a straight line especially in the V8 supercars in iRacing, I have tried adjusting many of the settings with no real change. I reverted back to v346 and 662 FW and the oscillation went away. What can be adjusted to sort out the oscillation issue.

    Another thing is turning on the Lin mode made the steering feel a little numb, with it Off the steering seemed to have more life. Thoughts .


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    Thanks for the detailed report, we will look into those harsh and random hits. Let me know if you can find out any relation to a specific setup.

  • Is there the possibility, with this latest firmware, to have the alternative screens with different data (such as torque curves, device temperatures, etc.) on oled display of my dd2 with a steering wheel that does not have a button module and funkyswitch? the steering wheel is obviously complete with podium hub and podium shifter.

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    Regarding the handbrake issue, when connected to a PC or when using it with a different title, does it act the same way?

    You could try to plug it into your V3 pedals instead of the base and see if it works better there, it has a handbrake port as well.

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    I tried, but for now I went back to the driver that I was using (344). It feels better to me, but maybe that's because I couldn't get the settings right with the new driver. Normally I have no problems getting the right feeI after some fine-tuning but this time no succes. I'm going to wait for new recommended settings (I hope they are coming) that I can fine-tune to my liking.

    Edit: Disregard my opinion above. I tried again. Feels very good. :D I think I messed up earlier (wrong setting menu or something). Sorry. :D

    DD1 PS4

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    I've done everything you've described and tested it extensively, behavior is the same.

    it does this on all titles, i just use a handbrake on dirt rally so i leave it disconnected for other games. I also have the shifter randomly deciding 3rd and 4th gear are reverse too.

    Had been dealing with it and almost bought a new one, but codemasters added handbrake to input reports to the ps4 and was able to diagnose.

    The disconnect and reconnect fix came in a fit of rage after reading this response for the 3rd time.

    which led me to realize its happening in gt sport with the brake pedal, same, i disconnect rj12 it recalibrates and im off , with added pace too as the brakes are no longer dragging.

  • Just saying ...what about a seperate feedback thread just for DD wheel bases and CSW 2.5, 2.00, and 1.00? Having just read through all thread posts, just to see if there are any problems (before I update from PC Driver v347 to v352) I should be aware of. My eyes are stinging now!


  • Wheel Base Model (product ID): DD2

    Steering Wheel Model (product ID): Porsche 918 RSR

    Driver Version: 352

    Base FW Version: 669

    Wheel FW Version:

    Motor FW Version: 38

    I tried on Raceroom, very noisy FFB with this update, both INT set to 6 and INT set to 4 and FEI to 80 like recommended earlier in this thread.

    Raceroom is updated and i have fresh defaults profiles like recommended by S3.

    Outside a simulation, before this update, when I lightly touch the steering wheel I manage to feel like a kind of very slight vibration of the engine. Now this vibration is greatly amplified, which causes this noisy feeling in the sim.

  • Even some release notes specific to the CSW 2.5 and other wheel bases would be helpful.

    Marcel mentioned in a Facebook post in the Fanatec Owners Group that "some of the improvements and fixes are for the CSW as well." - but we don't know what those improvements are.

    Does this version address the notching feeling in the CSW 2.5 that was somewhat mitigated by 347 with motor FW 20? Is there a new motor FW for the CSW 2.5 in this version?

    Hopefully us CSW owners aren't being forgotten about! 😀

  • This and the thumping bug have me thinking I’m going to skip this one. Fanatec, please take a step back from new feature development until you get to a known-good code base, then make sure that every commit passes automated unit testing before it can be merged, and that the main branch passes constant automated integration testing (loading the firmware into actual hardware, giving it a set of inputs, and verifying the expected outputs). Driver quality has been the #1 issue with the DD bases for months now, and we never seem to get to the point where there’s a single solid version for day-to-day use.

  • Tried this new firmware out last night on my DD1 on iRacing and definitely notice some more definition while cornering but as another user posted earlier, there is quite a bit of oscillation while driving in a straight line. I'm going to keep using this new firmware for the remainder of the week before I make a determination if I like it but so far so good.

  • Also installed this new (beta) version. Initially I also had the max fan 'issue'. But after reading again I noticed that I forgot to also update the Motor FW and calibrate the motor sensor again. Then suddenly the fan stopped blowing like a leafblower. Solved!

    Now I need to read, learn and play around with the new extra slider features. If possible also update the recommended settings pages of the different race sims/games. Haha never a dull moment for you guys and Dom has too many coffee breaks anyway ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  • Not sure what went wrong exactly, but now I'm uncertain if everything is loaded as should be with the latest beta drivers in order to use the new fanalab beta as well. I'm using a clubsport 2.5 wheel base, with formula carbon wheel on Windows 10 1903. Fanatec wheel properties curerently show:

    PC driver: 352

    Wheel base firmware: 669

    Wheel base motor firmware: 20

    When opening the driver properties a message appears that a motor firmware update is available and asks if I want to install it. If I choose to do so, next thing that happens is windows showing an ' empty game controllers window' (not responding) and the red led around the start button on the wheel starts circling endlessly. Eventually after giving it several minutes, I decided to unplug the power to the wheel and rebooted the wheel. It started up just fine again.

    I tried to update the base motor firmware manually again by ignoring the new outdated firmware message and just click on 'update motor firmware' from within the driver properties but that results to the same issue.

    • Am I doing something wrong regarding updating the motor firmware?
    • Do I have the proper/latest (beta) motor firmware installed already and should I update at all? (I want to test with the latest Fanalab firmware)?
    • Where can I download motor firmware for my clubsport v2.5 exactly and how should I proceed to install this normally?

    Thanks in advance!

  • You shouldn't, try different settings with the new options available in the tuning menu and it will feel better than before.

    Try your previous settings with Interpolation on 4-6 and play with the FEI setting. The sweetspot for me is INT at 4 and FEI at 80 as suggested by @Maurice Böschen

  • welcome to my nightmare, but i guess if 20 months ago Thomas had said im going to reinvent ffb by selling you an overwhelming failure, i guess i wouldn't of bought into it a 2nd time.🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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    Sascha is correct though, make sure the settings are as suggested. unless you are doing a Pepsi challenge for old feel vs new feel. i did this and was amazed by the difference in feel, almost didn't realize it and wouldn't of noticed the nuance if i didn't.

    ps4 pro

    dd1 for ps4 w/f1




    v, blah blah

    ps.,, ill be live on twitch running this on dirt rally in 40 minutes

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    I've the same problem. Although motor firmware 20 was my favourite I am curious what the new motor firmware is. Time to test the new stuff in AMS.

    Noticed that that SHO etc is all different order now, haha.

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    I installed the New Driver, i installed the new Firmware m got the motor driver 22, after i did that i settet everything in the settings like i had before, recalibrated the wheel and tryed to drive but the wheel was constantly very heavy, like im in drift mod -5 and damper 120. Than i tryed the older drivers and firmwares : Driver 347 with 664 firmware and it worked fine. I also Tryed to install only the new Driver without the new Firmware and it worked too. So is their no way for me to use the new Pack ?

    PC DRIVER: 352



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    Please don't quoat me into your DD woes! I'm actually quite happy with my CSW 2.5 I'm only asking for a seperate feedback thread. Sorry but ...DD podium 1 and 2 is totally irrelevant to me and my CSW v2.5!

  • Awesome stuff. Well done Marcel and the whole team.

    Feedback: DD base boots into random mode after firmware update. A lot of people are experiencing this, mine boots to XBox mode after a firmware update. Please have that changed in a future version according to the manual which states "The Podium wheel base will start in PC by default". There is no point booting to XBox mode or any other mode than PC after a firmware update cause you can't update the firmware while connected to a XBox.

    What is the calculation speed of the interpolation filter? Played around with it in PCars2, which has a configurable ffb rate. At a ffb rate of 120Hz and INT at 1 the wheel base is a lot quieter than at a ffb rate of 600 and INT at 1. It's not a problem, I neither drive 600 Hz ffb rate nor do I have INT at 1, I'm just curious.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  • Raceroom feels noisy and grainy with random jolts no matter the settings,

  • Did you recalibrate the motor after updating the motor firmware?

  • Very cool release. No issues after an initial run in iRacing and everything feels great so far. Very briefly played with the INT settings - notice a major difference between OFF and 1 (lots of noise when OFF) and less dramatic differences between the various steps from 1-6. Need to play with it to understand the subtleties.

    The feature that enables telemetry output on the DD base is very promising & one I've wanted for a while now. Would be great to have some control over this output in the future... for instance, running data such as last lap times & interval between car ahead/behind (as shown on the new Porsche rim display) would be extremely useful! Looking forward to more development in this area.

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    Wheel Base Model: CSW v2.5

    Steering Wheel Model: Formula Black

    PC DRIVER: 352




    1. The base feels really heavy. Like I am running -5 and lots of damper. Also when running a Caterham 620r at Imola. The FFB feels electrical or hollow. Not like I am feeling the car or suspension. It's strange to describe. However when reverting back to the previous driver (347) the FFB feels detailed and lovely again. The steering is not so 'dampy' and heavy. (I am using the recommend settings by Fanatec) I think the damper is bugged or so.

    2. When flashing the motorfirmware the software hangs and I've to kill the base. 

    I've no idea which driver has the real FFB like it should be. Is it 147? Or is it 152? Where all driver before 147 bugged? I am going crazy cause it seems to be when using a different driver it can alter a whole game.

    Really wondering if the new driver bugged the dampening. Cause 347 with AMS recommend settings is so muvh more detailed. Someone cn clarify?

  • Is there the possibility, with this latest firmware, to have the alternative screens with different data (such as torque curves, device temperatures, etc.) on oled display of my dd2 with a steering wheel that does not have a button module and funkyswitch? the steering wheel is obviously complete with podium hub and podium shifter.

  • No, you need a Fanatec wheel with a D-Pad and Tuning Menu button to scroll through the DD pages

  • Ya, ya, leave me alone, i know what im doing! said the iceman!

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    Is there a concrete possibility that this feature will be introduced with the next firmwares? This would be very useful for setting the preferred torque regardless of the steering wheel possessed. I bought three podium hubs and two podium shifters for my three sparco steering wheels (among other things I own a Porsche and a Formula carbon) but this way I can't set them according to my needs (with a precise torque). It would be very appreciated if you added this possibility (being able to choose from fanalab which page to display).

  • Wheel Base Model (product ID): CSW v2.5

    Steering Wheel Model (product ID): Formula Carbon

    Driver Version: 352

    Base FW Version: 669


    Something is wrong with damping or spring with fw 669. Playing ATS or ETS2 with fw 669 feels way off. Tested with fw 664 and it feels normal again. I'm back on 347 driver with 664 fw.

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