DELAYED - Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R?

Can Fanatec staff confirm that these wheels and the Botton Box Endurance have been delayed? Preordered with shipping date of 16 December but have heard nothing since. Product page now says available on 20 December but no update on my order page.

If my order has been delayed I would have expected to have been told - you know, like reputable businesses do when they let customers down.



  • Not good if it was for a Christmas present.

  • Noticed the same thing, anxiously awaiting a response to this thread. I presumed maybe they sold through their initial stock, and that is the new delivery date for new orders? Granted its only a few days pushed out, so that doesnt make a ton of sense, but who knows.

  • For me it isn't the problem of delaying the Wheel a few days, as delays always can happen. What bothers me is the missing communication again...

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    The only notifications that we got were sent to my wife, because my emails were ignored . that notification was that I needed to repurchase the wheel because I ordered the suede , put suede in the cart paid for suede yet it the wanted deliver me a leather but then I still got no confirmation after the 2nd attempt other than our money got returned and they took our money a second time.

    those were from our banks fraudulent purchase protection though.

    So much for my xmas surprise and now my kid doesn't believe in Santa or thinks that im really mad at him.

    Way to ruin xmas, 🤦‍♂️, the month!

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    The part that even more messed up, Is that you release just the rim before the exclusive officially license product combination, So it pretty much negates the fact that got a limited edition replica as everyone else had it a month before me.

    Wouldn't surprise me if this decision affected the launch too by not having rims to meet demand for the packaged models.

    You know for every good idea you guys have you have 5 equally badd ideas in your business practice's, Let's clean it up.

  • Just noticed the date moved as well.

    But ah, well, I'll have the time to try out the other three wheels I ordered then. :)

  • The Porsche rim, the podium hub and the paddel module are on stock. So I think the Podium button module endurance (which was introduced 15 !! months ago) is the problem. But believe in Sim Racing Girl: We all will get our complete wheel (or P-BME) very very very very very soon.

    And, so what, the important "YT-Influencers", already got the complete 911 GT3 R Wheel.

  • i enjoy your sarcasm, these "YT-influencers" must be the high-end pc users i read about once, i was obviously being told that by someone more important than myself.

  • no shipping notification yet... usually get my fanatec shipping notification earlier in the day. I really wish someone would chime in on this issue.

  • But Santa promised me shipment on the 16th of December. How am I going to explain an empty tree on Xmas day. Next Santa will say that the Podium Button Module will no longer be compatible with the CSW v2.5 after the next firmware update.

  • The delay for the PBME I can deal with. But they’re also holding back the DD1 I ordered at the same time. And I don’t currently have a base.

  • Can someone from the company chime in? If they knew it was going to be delayed, they should have communicated this earlier to manage the potential for disappointment.

  • Jamie, I am in the same boat as I ordered a csw v2.5 with the Clubsport/Podium steering wheel and I received an email on the 12th from Fanatec saying that my order has been partialy shipped but still haven't received a tracking number or an update.

  • I ordered the gt3 r wheel and the dd2 base on 11/25 and I really hope I am still getting them before the holidays? No one has informed me anything different.

    I'm a pretty happy loyal repeat customer with csl elite+, cspv3, performance kit and shifter v1.5 so I hope they'll make good on delivery. Was hoping to get the dd2 by now but it seems to be delayed because I ordered it with the gt3 r wheel?

  • Peter, I ordered on the 12th too. Mine wasn’t partially shipped... both said preorder, available on 16th. Still does say that in fact.

  • Interesting that the warranty started on the day of the pre-order and ends one year after the pre-order date.

  • The date has changed without informing the people who bought this steering wheel for a Christmas gift... it is a tradition at fanatec to be late. In addition I bought the suede version and I see in my products the leather version, I sent an email no answer good job

  • In another thread @Marcel Pfister said that everyone who bought the Endurance Button Box should have got an email with clarification about availability. I didn't which is why I started this thread. Has anyone received it? Can you post it here?

  • No I did not receive an email about delay. Noticed on product page the change in availability.

  • Ordered the PBME on 1.12.2019. No email received!!

  • The Podium hub preorder is 3 january now ...

  • Interesting that some Fanatec staffers decided to sensor the voices of those with a genuine concern about product warranty, delivery, and the actual date their equipment will actually show up by completely deleting their story’s. I read some opinions that everyone who's worried about this 3 or 4 day delay and crying about it are just big babies and should suck it up. It's not Fanatec's fault! It's outside of their control (say the people who have no business acumen) I've frequented these forums long enough to know that Fanatec's timing of big releases with their ability to deliver is one of their business's worst features.

    It looks like, still NO revised commitment, NO e-mails about delay, NO update on shipment status, NObody from Fanatec providing FACTS and ONLY excuses. The only thing they seem to be updating is the pre-order date on their webstore. One can only wonder if this “4 day delay” will snowball into something larger-- I for one, for the sake of Fanatec, certainly hope not. It's got nothing to do with them making bad equipment, it's all to do with their ability to deliver on their promises to customers that have paid.


  • I’d settle for my DD1 being sent separately at this point. I can live without the module. A base, I cannot.

  • Yeah right,

    i hope the 5 year plan involves a restructuring in the boardroom, manufacturering and infrastructure and not recievership/bankruptcy court.

  • Sold my G27 and currently have no base either. You would think Fanatec would prioritise customer satisfaction as being the most important part of running a company therefore partially shipping items they do have in stock. If it affects their overall gross margin as it will, they should seek compensation from their supplier who has failed to meet their promised delivery date.

  • I am an entrepreneur in my profession if I exceed the deadlines I have announced I have late penalties. We paid with a shipping date announced on December 16th. No one warns of the delay... no apology email... nice consideration for customers

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    Same here. No update in Germany as well. And I already shipped my T500RS. So just some CSP V3, a Shifter and a Handbrake. No Wheel, no Base. =/

    And a friend of mine, who I ordered together with already got his CSW+Podium R300 since that doesn't need the Button Box. And he's asking daily if I already got my stuff and if we can drive now.

    But I don't see that "don't you know how to do business". Even though this is one of the biggest brands for enthusiast stuff, it's still a small business. I don't like the american way of handling things. Just online, no direct contact and if you can call, just for purchasing, not for technical questions. But even the biggest or better the big companies start with that. But imagine how much more extensive the stuff would be if they have doubled the staff to aswer questions and comfort people or if they pull people from production, putting them into comforting people mode and slow things down even more.

    Making small charges, taking good but not incredible lunatic amounts of money, extra effort to sell international. If you want to handle that with a rather small team, you have to accept a little chaos. Or you bloat up, double the people without getting twice the workpower, doubling the prices, maybe get a little bit more efficiency in production/shipping but probably not at all a better product. The bigger it would get the more stakeholders want out of it.

    And in the end, if there were problems with some batches, you want them to figure that out before shipping. No day one patches on that. ;)

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