DELAYED - Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R?



  • Maik ZeranskiMaik Zeranski Member
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    I haven't got any tracking numbers via email either, but my UPS-app shows 4 packages scheduled for delivery on Dec 23th.

    So, I will wait here patiently till Monday, in hope the UPS-dude will reach me before his super crowded shift has to end because of max. workhour restrictions and afterwards head straight to the train station to drive to my family, in order to spend xmas with them, and leave my new wheel behind 💩

    I intended to spend some quality time with my new rim this weekend, but Fanatec decided it’s too risky to send out the hardware that is already in stock, before the driver and software to fully support the fancy Endurance Button Modul (that otherwise would just run in legacy mode, OH NO!) is ready, because they fear some bad YouTube reviews about the key selling point of their new rim only working half way on release. No wonder there are only two unboxing videos of these "awesome YT-influencers" out there, but no real videos of it in use… NDA anyone?!

    Thank you for putting your business interests in front of your loyal customer base, we appreciate it!

    And this email:, “…We've been informed that some customers did not receive the original email, so we are sending another to make sure everyone is aware of the situation…“ is such a slam in our faces, as for sure EVERY email you guys send out was intercepted by our spam filters, so absolutely no-one here reported anything about the first email (that truly was never send out in the first place, lets be honest here, cuz you guys only start to act when the poop is starting to hit the fan)

    Seriously Fanatec, that’s not a way to deal with your customers, shame on you. All we ever wanted from you was honesty. But instead, all we get is the same nonsense we got before the initial DD-launch… smh.

  • This was a reply on Facebook on a post about the PBME not shipping on the 16th, before we got the first delay email.

  • Well it's not the end of the world, and not like we didn't see it coming, I am so looking forward to playing with this toy, if it's half as fun as it looks, it'll be worth the wait.

    Worst thing about this is that Santa thinks i'm bad🤣

    Ill save my 10% discount for the Podium Porsche 911 RSR (2019) Steering wheel pre-order.

    Merry Christmas🎅

  • I haven’t received any email or correspondence from my emails to fanatec, slightly concerned as for most of us these are expensive things to be buying. I’m happy with waiting, but being advised of when an expected delivery date is more than likely would be much appreciated.

  • My wheel is on the way. Delivery is on Monday 23rd. Ordered at 11/22.😀

  • My wheel is also on the way...🤩

  • They should be taking AT LEAST 10% off your order instead of asking you to spend more future money and potentially endure more disappointment!

  • I'm fine with it, gonna spend more money on Fanatec gear anway, love it! :)

  • Cassandra WCassandra W Member
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    There you go. It's not like he sent Dom or one of his lieutenants to go make that remark. Came straight from the lion's mouth.

    BTW...did he just call his "loyal customer base" all "children" on Twitter? OMG.... does that translate properly from German to English? I'm seriously wondering if this guy fit to be a leader.

  • So i just noticed that my availability date on my order page says 12/16/2020, not 2019.... I dunno if that ever changed or not, or it has always been that.

    Have not gotten a shipment email, nor a delayed email as of yet. Starting to think my order is just in limbo somewhere.

  • Martin HryzakMartin Hryzak Member
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    At least some guys got an e-mail with 10% discount, I got nothing. Feels bad @FANATEC 😥

  • Does anyone know for sure how the 10% discount works? I mean is it exclusively on your next purchase or can it be saved for a bigger purchase within the next year?

    Maurice or Marcel maybe?

    I ask because there is still something not all that expensive I would like to buy now without the 10%.

  • Kinda of hard to sympathize with somebody so upset because he didnt get "quality time on a weekend" before leaving to see his family. Put things in perspective. Your making a mountain out of a mole hill and sound quite childish. You saw on the web site the date had been changed so you knew, your just using the no email as an excuse to be unreasonable.

  • Not to mention the UPS "dude" should work more hours so he could play a game with his new toy, to put things into perspective.

  • Maik ZeranskiMaik Zeranski Member
    edited December 2019

    Nonsense, I never said this, nor implyed it to sound like this. Delivery companies have a ton of work before the holidays (what I was refering to), so if the UPS-postman or whatever you call it in English, does not make it in time to my door, before he has to end his shift because of said reasons, he is the last to blame for sure, just to make this clear for you. The one to blame for a late delivery is the sender that ships it at the latest possible date.

    I am not looking for your "approval" here. What I was upset about is the fact that:

    • The available date was defined to Dec. 16. But nothing happened, no info from Fanatec for two days and people starting to complain in this thread. We had to find out by ourselves that this date could not be held, by checking the website
    • So far, the available date was always the day your product either delivered, or will left the warehouse, so I expected it to be the same this time as well.
    • It is the job of Fanatec to inform us about foreseeable delivery delays. The development of a driver / software isn’t done in a couple of hours, so a possible delay should have been known before Dec 16 and should has been proactively communicated by Fanatec… again be open and honest to your customers!
    • Fanatec should have told us Dec. 16 or a day before, that our product will not be shipped the day it was promised to be available (for shipment)
    •  Instead, it took them two days to finally send us an official reason why we still had to wait for the shipment and then even had the balls to act as our spam filter intercepted the initial email "that was send before". Again: I haven't read about anyone here that received the initial email they are talking about, so I call bullshit about it being send to us at all… be honest to your customers, again.
    • IMHO, it would have been perfectly fine to send the packages out without the final driver and FanaLab supporting the ITM. Especially because the wheel is perfectly usable with the OLED-display running in Legacy Mode (showing the usual Gear, Speed, etc. we are used to from all other Fanatec Wheels). This would have given the delivery companies enough time to ship it to all customers in time, instead now a lot of people have to worry if they will get their delivery before Christmas. Instead, Fanatec decided flawless YouTube reviews are more important that we, the paying customers.

    All this could have been avoided with open communication from Fanatec. But unfortunately, this isn’t the first time. If you can remember what happened with the initial launch date of the DD’s and how late Fanatec informed us about the additional 6 months of delay, when people already sold their old bases and got into trouble because of this. I didn’t just to make this clear, before someone thinks he can attack me because of my own “stupidity”. Sure, this isn't as much of a big problem compared to the postponed DD release, but the reason for both was, and still is the same:

    A huge lack of honest and open communication from Fanatec toward its customers and the questionable actions Fanatec is choosing around it.

    This is mainly what my post was about. Everything else was just the path leading to this final conclusion 😉

  • Best comment on the whole situation regarding the launch of this wheel. 👍️

  • And now it becomes even clearer that delaying this launch to sort the firmware was a stupid idea. Some people already have received their wheels - firmware still isn't finished. My order seems to have been split in postage, not unexpected due to UPS workload at this time. Three parcels have made it the UK and should be delivered tomorrow - hopefully by early afternoon as I have plans for later in the day that can't be changed - christmas eve! Not that it matters - The wheel won't be usable until the final package turns up - probably next year, it's still in Germany.

    I see some got a discount for delays - I didn't. Maybe Fanatec forgot to send it? 🤣

  • Only 2 have made it to the UK so far for me according to tracking, but just had 4 emails from UPS for delivery tomorrow for all 4 tracking numbers.

  • If the other two are still in Germany they will not be delivered tomorrow, despite what UPS currently say. You will get an exception notification informing you of the delay later today or tomorrow.

  • I have one left behind in Germany too, no idea why they sent all of these small boxes individually either =/

  • Sascha KaymerSascha Kaymer Member
    edited December 2019

    Exactly that, and now some people already got their stuff, others gonna get it tomorrow and in my case I didn't even receive any UPS mail yet, and Im living in Germany...

    This gets more and more frustrating with the nonsense excuse of why they delayed the wheel in the first place and others telling you it is "only 4 days". Well, if my package gets delivered the 3rd January, it'd clearly not been just 4 days of delay.

    And Im not even in the position to say this wheel is a present for someone else.

    Edit: Just to add something to my comment here: Im really happy with my products, Im really happy with the support I got from Fanatec until now, but the communication is not good regarding the launch of the last new products they released.

  • You say that, but another package got scanned as in the UK, 5 hours after the other 2, so I have some hope for the last one.

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
    edited December 2019

    My rim shows up 4 hrs from me 1 day to burn via tracking. To say im optimistic would be understating it a lil , but Murphy's law says only half of the 4 made the cross country journey.

    , i bet 4 boxes with fanatec all over them will make the porch pirates smile wide after a quick look at Google too.

    im in the tower waiting!

  • Anael MonneyAnael Monney Member
    edited December 2019

    Well for me it's clear, it's not firmware or anything related to this.

    It's these two things:

    • Organisational problem (logistic & shipping)
    • Stock products, they are missing some parts, since this wheel is a bundle of 4 parts. They didn't manage the stock in a appropriate manner, meaning that people buying the Podium Hub alone while it was available, they got their parts send straight, and in the other end the new Porsche GT3 Podium wheel, was missing one. etc.

    If you look at their website, which product is available on 3rd of January... It's the Podium Hub.

    For me they underestimate the amount they ll sell (Podium Hub) since you can buy it alone, with the new Porsche, with the R300...

    When they realised that problem in their warehouse, it was too late and they probably took action. Meaning they prepared all our orders, and secured the missing parts to be first shipped when arriving in January.

    I m thinking they are probably receiving these between now and end of 2019. And 3rd of January is the first day they ll reopen in 2020 like most country, so it's when we can expect to have our parts shipped.

    Am I still upset, YES. But not for not getting my wheel, but for the lack of communication and honesty from Fanatec...

  • The initial delay was due to the firmware not being ready. Why it wasn't ready is anyone's guess; the launch has been planned for months - but this is the reason for the initial delay. The subsequent delays are down to logistics like you say - fanatec have already said as much

  • Anyone else, who hasn't got his 911 Wheel yet, is able to cancel his order again?! They have changed the status again 🙄

    I really hope to get my wheel next week...

  • The order indeed changed back to "The order is in process." which is as it should be since it hasn't shipped yet.

    I have a cancel button but I'm not canceling.

  • Thank you for your answer Luna. Im not going to cancel my order either 😅

  • Last week I tried to contact with sales team to cancel this wheel from the order, and free up the rest of the items, but no response.

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