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  • @Lars Joschko I thought it was collapsed as well but the clicking the arrow or row doesn't expand the tuning menu. I opened the log files and it looks like I'm getting a null ref at some point. I'm opening Fanalab, loading the iRacing profile, and clicking on the tuning menu tab. Is there another step in the process? I tried with iRacing running but had the same result.

    ERROR | PCUtilRegistry::GetRegistryValueCurrentUser [int] | Subkey: SOFTWARE\Endor\PodiumSuiteName: ITM | System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      at PodiumControl.PCUtilRegistry.GetRegistryValueCurrentUser(String Subkey, String Name, Int32& Value)

    ERROR | PCUtilRegistry::GetRegistryValueCurrentUser [int] | Subkey: SOFTWARE\Endor\PodiumSuiteName: ITM | System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      at PodiumControl.PCUtilRegistry.GetRegistryValueCurrentUser(String Subkey, String Name, Int32& Value)

    ERROR | PCForceFeedbackEffectDamper::StatusGet failed! -7

  • After some experience with the software and having had time to read all the forums I've been using v347 and Fanalab 1.12. I think I was so excited to get started with my new gear that I was rushing and downloading without understanding how how these drivers work. Been loving the gear and the experience.

  • @Jermaine Young I may have figured out our Fanalab issue. I used Revo uninstaller to completely remove the fanatec drivers and Fanalab including the registry settings. Then I installed the v356 driver package with Fanalab 1.24. The tuning menu is still empty when I launch Fanalab BUT if you power the wheel down and back up the tuning menu becomes available. I have a screenshot below of it working. Let me know if this works for you.

  • Not sure if it's been reported yet. But after my computer sleeps, fanalab causes my monitor to just go black.

    As an example... I have iRacing open right now. I also have a browser and fanalab. If I alt-tab to my browser, it switches fine. If I alt-tab to fanalab, my monitor shuts off and stays off until I alt-tab or alt-f4.

    If I restart, it works as usual.

    I'm on Win 10. Ryzen 3600x + gtx 1080ti.

  • I asked this awhile back, no harm in asking again...Can you add Nascar 2003 Season to fanalab? I know it's an old game but I still play online 3 times a week, it's my most played game right now :) Thank you


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    If the demand is high then it could be added at sometime but for now there are much more serious issues to fix first before even thinking about adding new (old) games, sadly.

  • Thank you Maurice for your response :) Actually, fanalab 1.23 for me anyway with a CSWB 2.5 is working rather well on other games, so, great job and maybe sometime it will support all drivering games :)


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    @Maurice Böschen any idea why my Fanlab tuning menu is empty? I've tried installing/uninstalling driver & Fanalab and changing versions from 1.23 to 1.24 but I get the same result. It looks like @Jermaine Young is having the same issue. I responded yesterday with a screenshot of it working, or at least I thought. The tuning menu appears if I restart my DD1 while Fanalab is open but the base doesn't actually connect to Fanalab (shown by the picture I posted above where the bottom left says "No Wheel Device Detected"). If I restart Fanalab then the base connects but the tuning menu is empty. I've opened a support ticket and been going back and forth for a few days but the only thing they told me was to make sure I'm loading my iRacing profile before going to the tuning menu, which I'm doing. I did notice that the tuning menu is logging errors about not being able to get the value of the force feedback damper effect. I'm assuming it's trying to read it from my base but I'm not sure. For now I've been adjusting the wheel settings using the build in display on the DD1 but I would love to be able to use the different profiles that Fanalab supports.

    Once last thing I noticed - when I save the iRacing profile in Fanalab it resets the settings I've made on the wheel back to their default values. It's almost like tuning menu values are there and getting saved, they just don't render for some reason.

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    when comes an AMS2 update?

  • Have you tried v346 and Fanalab 1.12 to see if that works for you? Or maybe Fanalab 1.23 instead of 1.24?

  • Hi,

    I am new to Fanatec and Fanalab. I called myself looking for the software section for Fanalab to download it. But I guess I am over looking where that section is. Could someone reply and tell me where it is located?



  • Try the first post in this thread

  • Hi, looking for advice regarding Fanalab on a new DD1 install

    I am about to install my new Fanatec DD1, Podium Porsche GT3 wheel, Podium Hub and V3 pedals, what driver package should i be installing for Fanalab to work as intended?

    Is it beta driver 352 and Fanalb 1.23? In most instances is this combination working as intended or am I best to avoid Fanalab for the time being and just use the driver properties controls?

    Appreciate any advice

  • You need the Software Package 1.2 which you can find on the download page of the Porsche Wheel. Everything is included there

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    Thank you, the instructions.txt file in that package is VERY informative and explains it all perfectly. Very much appreciate your advice.

  • Hello.

    I am experiencing a problem and I need help and explanation.

    My DD2 base is connected to a USB 3.0 port on the front panel of my case, I had problems with my Formula V2 steering wheel and it may be related to this, possible incompatibility.

    I would like to point out that on this door Fanalab 1.24 recognizes all my peripherals, DD2 base, steering wheel and V3 pedals.

    I was told that it would be better if my base was connected directly to a USB port of MB, but when I connect to any USB port 3.2 gen2 of MB, the base is recognized by the PC and works however Fanalab 1.24 does not recognize my peripherals, base, steering wheel and pedals.

    How do I solve this problem?

    What happens there?

  • Hi I using Fanalab fine @ 1.24, then it stopped connecting to my wheel, I then un installed and reinstalled 1.23, it worked fine for 2 weeks then crashed. I now only goes to Fanatec banner on start up then disappears with no visible error msg. I found these error logs by chance in public folder. I have uninstalled all drivers, wheel , hub sw etc, 1.23 and 1.24 and then reloaded many times but still; same result.

    can you suggest a solution pls



  • @Austen Chen I was finally able to get the Fanalab tuning menu working by downgrading my drivers to v346 and installing Fanalab 1.12 like you mentioned. None of the beta driver/Fanalab combos worked and I tried them all. I have a support ticket open so they can be aware of the issue in case others need help. I guess for now I just won't use Fanalab because I want to be running driver 352.

  • That's a bummer. At least Fanalab v1.12 is working for you. I would still suggest giving it a try with same tuning settings, with and without Fanalab running to feel the difference. I definitely preferred having Fanalab of any version than without. Good luck.

  • So my games and profiles disappeared

  • FanaLab has randomly decided to stop working on my PC last night. I click on it and I get the FANATEC splash screen which then disappears after a few seconds and nothing else happens.

    I've restarted the machine, tried to repair using the installer tool, removed and reinstalled, removed everything (including drivers) reinstalled drivers, re-flashed firmware and reinstalled FanaLab - no joy. Removed V1.24 and installed 1.23 - same behavior. Same behavior happens whether the wheel base is turned on or not.

    I've also removed remaining Regedit keys with Revo but still no joy with a fresh install.

    All drivers are up to date, firmware is up to date. I understand it is beta software but was working fine and suddenly stopped last night.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • A bit more information. I removed everything again and just installed FanaLab (no drivers and wheel not powered on). FanaLab was able to identify the driver was missing(error message appeared) which means the crash is after this part of the code. After completing the installation as per the instructions it again started to crash.

  • Sorry for the stupid question... but where I can find the Fanalab 1.24 download?

  • Also suddenly experiencing this issue and the same troubleshooting steps also not helping me out. Also included my logs and think I'm getting similar errors.

    Wheel functions OK, just a tad annoying that I'm down to 5 profiles again.

  • Experienced an empty Fanalab today as well. Then I remembered that I got an Windows Update yesterday.

    - Shutdown WB

    - Started the driver Installer

    - Clicked "Repair"

    - Restarted the machine

    - Started the WB

    - Started Fanalab

    All is well again.

  • What is WB if you don't mind me asking. I'm having the same issue

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    Is this a bug in Fanalab 1.23? If I create profiles for different games or rims, save and then load them individually, Device Setup 1 to 5 is always the same globally. This means, that I cannot save the settings of Device Setup 1 to 5 to the different profiles. That doesn't make any sense at all.

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