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Hope all of you guys are doing well.

I have a couple of questions and your response is appreciated.

  1. Will Fanatec put aside items that I ordered as they become available and then ship them or will they only ship the items when all items are in stock at the same time?
  2. The availability dates on my order page and the product page are different. Which availability date is the right date? I understand these dates are estimates. But the availability date on my order page states an earlier date than the availability date on the product page.

I did send a DM to Dominic asking him the same questions. But posting this here in case anybody already knows the answers to my questions.

Thanks in advance for your response. Have a wonderful day!



  • I have the same question and I'm holding off on placing my order.

    Can anyone confirm that items will be shipped altogether or separately as they become available?

    Thank you

  • I believe all the items will be shipped together as we have only paid one shipping fee for all items in our order. Total shipping cost of all items in order will be more if individual items are shipped separately.

    My question was that if one of the items in my order becomes available but not other items, will that available item be set aside for my order until other items in my order become available or will that available item be prioritized for some one placing an order for just that particular available item.

  • I got some answers to my questions. Posting them here so it might help others with similar questions.

    Q : Will Fanatec put aside items that I ordered as they become available and then ship them or will they only ship the items when all items are in stock at the same time?

    A: By default, we ship the complete order when each component is available. There is a reserve system that should hold items in your order until everything comes into stock. However, it is possible to request a partial shipment.

    Q: The availability dates on my order page and the product page are different. Which availability date is the right date?

    A: The availability date on your order page should be the most relevant. It can vary compared to the product page because there is a finite number of units due to arrive into the warehouse at a certain date, and once the pre-order limit is reached, the date will change to the next batch. In addition, I believe every date on your order page is influenced by the date of the item that is taking the longest time to become available (although this functionality may have been adjusted).

    Misc information: It is a public holiday in Bavaria on June 11th 2020.

  • I think they need to change the date they put on the products page to the date they put for the next patch of items going to be available. That’s lying to the customer and quite off doing that why leave on the customer page the date where the sooner items patch is coming when you’re not even going to have it ...

  • Yeah. Order page availability date and product page availability date are not the same based on the response I got. I will come to know on June 12th which is when my order is expected to the ready to be shipped. Will update as soon as I find out.

  • can someone tell me if there is an issue with the Fanatec website? I’ve been trying to get into my orders page all day but just keep getting a blank page. Tried on various devices and computer. It’s not just the orders page either. Sometime a page will load but most of the time not. I’m trying to find out if my order has been shipped yet or not. It was in stock when I ordered it 3 days ago and I’ve heard nothing since then. The order is for me son’s 16 birthday which is on Sunday and I’d really like it to be here on time.

  • I have the same issue. Tried both on Chrome or Safari

  • Maxime GirodMaxime Girod Member
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    Hello Balamurugan,

    Could I ask who as made this answer? Somebody from Fanatec?

    "A: By default, we ship the complete order when each component is available. There is a reserve system that should hold items in your order until everything comes into stock. However, it is possible to request a partial shipment."

    On my experience, and reading another threads, this is not at all the case.

    For example on my side, I ordered on May 19th multiple items with the CSW2.5 base which was pre ordered for an availability date on the Jul 3rd. So the entire order was plan around this last availability date, no problem as I was aware of this. In the answer you get that means that all available products of my order should have been stocked waiting to have all items ready to ship. However yesterday I saw that the Formula V2 wheel, ordered at the same time and available at this time, is now not available anymore and in pre order for July 27th. Checking on my order page I was then able to see that my entire order was push back to July 27th (all other items of my order are still available for the 3rd). So that means that they do not stock at all products available, when other products of the same order are not yet available.

    In conclusion that means that if you order multiple item at the same time (Often the case when you order wheel base, wheel and pedals for example) you can be in a infinite loop of pre orders if one product is not available (Miss the wheel at the order time, 3 weeks later the wheel is available but the pedals not anymore, and then it's the wheelbase which is in pre order... until 2050).

    So just to conclude, it's a really weird way to sells products and to keep the client satisfaction high. I know that they are just surfing on the sim racing boom, but I just hope for them that no new competitors arrived on the market because if their product are good Fanatec will loose big market share due to lack of customer consideration.

    Hope you will still enjoy you gear which seems to be the best on the market :)

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    Hi Maxime,

    I got the answers from the forum manager Dominic. Sorry about your situation. I read similar stories in the forum and that’s why I wanted to hear from them about how they handle preorders. Did you try to request partial shipment of items in your order? Apparently that is possible, so as they become available they are shipped that way you won’t stay in this long waiting situation.

    According to my orders page all items should be ready to be shipped on 12th of June(tomorrow). So will see how that goes and update on this thread.

  • Hi Balamurugan,

    Thank you for your reply. So the sales speech is not really the reality.

    On my side I asked for the partial shipment yesterday when I saw the date changed on the entire order. But at the moment it seems they only reply quickly for people interesting by ordering something. Not the one which have already ordered and are struggling with the orders change. So let's see but to be honest I'm not expecting an answer quickly, in the next 14 days I mean, so at this date it will be almost the initial shipment date. But let's see, maybe a good surprise :)

    I really hope it will be good for your order :) Do not hesitate to let us how it goes. I'm really interesting to know as, as you can see, there is not a lot of positive comment at the moment (there and other sim racing forums). :/


  • Hopefully this will help clear things up a bit, i was in the same boat as you two.

    Ordered on may 12th, csw 2.5 and v3 pedals and thought i was in the same infinite loop of products going in and out of stock. I PMed Dom little bit ago about it and got this response:

    "It's also important to note that the availability date on the product pages does not necessarily correlate with the availability date of your specific order. There is always a finite quantity of stock due in on a certain date, and when new orders exceed that stock amount, the date has to change again, but that only applies for new orders. There is a reserve system which should retain your place in the 'queue'.

    In addition, the dates shown in the 'Orders' section of your account might change as a result of one product availability adjustment. This is a system limitation at the moment, and something we are working on improving. It may be possible to initiate a partial shipment of an order so that you can receive certain items sooner."

    I was assured both products will be shipping out tomorrow the 12th so we shall see. Dont fret yet, if what i was told is true then your parts should be held until the last piece of your order is ready and then itll be sent off all together.

  • Thanks Ryan. Thats good information. Let us wait and see.

  • Well, same issue here. I've also ordered a CSW2.5 with a rim plus v3 pedals on May 4th with original availablity date on June 12th. With the current situation I was willing to accept that. I've also paid for the order immediately.

    End of May the availability dates were suddenly pushed back to July 3rd at first and then to July 10th without any direct information. I had to look into my account to find that out.

    In addition to that, according to some accounts in this forum and some friends, a few people ordered later than me (but less items), but got their products shipped already.

    After I've read that, I tried to ask the support via Email last week, how realistic these new dates are now or if I also could expect to get my products soon, since these dates don't seem to be too reliable, as some of you also pointed out.

    According to the forum posts, it also seems to be more effective to ask Dom as the community manager about the orders than the actual sales or support team, which is kind of weird.

    I also think it is weird to prefer to ship to customers first that ordered later and less products. This puts customers, who were willing to spend more and ordered earlier, in this strange push back loop. I've never come across a shop, either online or on the street, that handled it that way. I can only hope that Ryan is right and they are actually holding the items now until the order is complete.

    In my opinion and according to the forum posts I've read, these issues, lack in communication, customer service and this weird shipping policy, have nothing to do with the curent situation, but are inherent. They've only got amplified by the current situation. Fanatec should improve these, so they can complement the great products.

  • Dont know how late they ship stuff out but it's almost 1230pm here and still no shipping info and order is still "in process". Hope I get some info soon as I wont be waiting much longer, may be a sign to just get the hell out of sim racing before I even start.

  • Same is the case with me. Nothing has changed on my orders page. My wheel stand order from a different site is on its way though :). I guess I have to sit in front of the wheel stand, close my eyes and pretend driving until I get my stuff from Fanatec.. LOL

  • Hey Ryan,

    Did the availability date on your order page get pushed out from June 12th too? Mine still says june 12th.

  • Still says the 12th for me, also still in processing. Its such a disappointment, I'm just hoping some how I just havent recieved the shipping info yet. I think I'm just in denial that it could be delays yet again.

  • Lets hope for the best. Let me know if something changes on your side. I will do the same.

  • Will do

  • Same problem here

  • Don’t think any part availability date changed on fanatec website for any of the parts the past couple of days.

  • mine got pushed back from June 12 to Aug 11 for everything except the V2 Formula Wheel (which still says June 12.. weird) and well the F1 game lol.

  • Oh. That’s bad. Am probably in the same boat but the website still says June 12. By the way when did the date move to Aug 11?

  • Might it help to know which country/supplying country is under discussion?? I'm assuming Germany is supplying from the Bavaria holiday comment.

  • US. Do you have information that could help us? Or are you facing a similar situation?

  • Probably somewhere around this week, I last checked the order last Thursday and everything was fine. I did another check this Thursday (June 11) and everything was pushed back

  • I placed my order May 18 and the order page showed it to be "in-stock". After a few weeks of seeing the order status to be "Processing", the status changed to "availability June 12". So, obviously the status of in-stock was a lie when I placed the order, also they billed me the full amount of the order on PayPal, even though they did not even have the product. I'm not sure if that's even legal... most reputable businesses do not bill until the item is shipped. Anyway, June 12 has come and gone and my order status still shows "availability June 12", so I don't know what to make of it. Fanatec makes the best equipment, but customer service unfortunately sucks big time.

  • Just to let you know as I had also write a message in the famous "Service situation" post posted last Monday.

    I get an answer of Dominic, so personally on my side I don't really know if I will one day see the gear I ordered.

    So basically for those who hadn't the luck to get an answer, and more specifically about product availabilities, here is the "official" answer.

    "It's a difficult time for us at the moment, the inbox is flooded and certain availability dates have been inaccurate for various reasons."

    So at the end "Available on X" date means nothing. And I think even the term Available as there are multiple case of people having ordered "available" things which were in fact not.

    Good luck all :)

  • Just received word from Dom

    “Unfortunately the large consignment of orders due to ship on the 12th did not go out, there were power outages and a lot of system downtime which did not help. I am told by the sales team that these orders should be shipping either today or tomorrow.”

    Just hoping for the best

  • Just out of curiosity... his he saying these are orders shipping to the customer today or tomorrow, or is orders being shipped from the supplier (China?) to Fanatec?

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