Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates



  • I just got notification of 3 packages on the way. 18, 3 and 1 pound respectively. I have no idea what I’m getting, as this is a partial. Supposedly, it was the brake upgrade kit ($29.95) that was supposed to be way backordered. I guess I’ll find out Tuesday. No way, with these weights, it could be wheel and pedals.

  • My V3s were 18lbs. Not sure if you got V3s but if so, it could be those.

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
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    Yes, V3, CSL wheel, two dampeners, and brake upgrade. May be everything but the wheel? My order is not updated, so don’t know. It’s something at least. I can run the pedals with my TM wheel.

    Looking forward to the bigger rim.

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    So i orderd the csl elite peals the LC ones and then i cancelled the order and now its showing me this and now im curious of how long it takes to cancel the orders

  • A few days. I canceled my first order to upgrade pedals.

  • It does not say that, but things change, I don’t quite remember what. When you get your money back, then you know for sure.

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
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    That was supposed to be a shot of my canceled order, Guess it was too big.

  • I cancelled. My order still said available June 12th, but I havnt heard anything or seen any progress and Im tired of waiting in limbo. Went with my gut and cancelled.

  • I get it they’re behind because of high demand of their products . All they had to do was stop taking new orders until they got caught up. Greed put them in this spot. So today I canceled my order. I’m not going to wait two months to get my stuff. I went on eBay got my wheelbase and wheel and pedals which I don’t really want but got it all cheaper than them. (Only a month old). They are not going to take my money and expect me to wait for something they promised. I hope my wheel comes in somehow and I’ll make them wait . But obviously that illegal. So I’ll just file a complaint to the attorney general office and the Better Business Bureau. And I advise we all do the same.

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
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    It does not disappear, but instead of quantity 1, it is 1 (1).

    Like I said, give it a few days. If you followed through with cancel, it’s canceled, and you’ll get your money back.

  • so I look at my order tonight and now it says in process instead of The order is in process. So does it mean I getting this now or is it still the same. Because I did cancel it but if I am getting it this week I rather cancel my cancel order and precede with the order. As you can tell I’m a little impatient.

  • Webiste is bad last night and lot of glitches happened i think nothing changed

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
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    I don’t think you can un-cancel. Only reason I canceled in the first place, was to upgrade. I was going to wait it out regardless, because it was part of a major upgrade for my sim rig. RSeat S1, HTC Vive Cosmos, new PC, and now my Fanatec gear. Would not seem right to not get my Fanatec.

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    No no. Don't be impatient... Since you canceled, you canceled and don't forget to go to the BBB and the attorney general office (like his office doesn't a have a shit load more important stuff to deal with. 🤣Please give them the T&C from the website showing them you are right (together with all the rest of the stuff you have logged)😵 and also complain in advance that you bought a used item and will not be covered by warranty just in case it brakes down. 😇

    Sorry man. But you reminded me of kindergarten attitude of that 1 kid always saying when someone was arguing with him that "I will tell to my uncle that is a police officer and he will arrest you" 🙃

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    Alex, I’m not gonna go that far. I can understand their situation. Where I work, we’re supposed to have 10-12 people. We’re contractors for a large chemical plant, and we are limited as to how many people we can have on hand, which is 6, because of the pandemic. We still have to get our work done. Hopefully, we’re allowed to fill those empty slots soon. I’m tired. Work days when I come home, I don’t even turn my PC on, much less sim race.

    Fanatec was ill equipped to handle the sudden influx of business, and supply line disruptions.

    What I’m most unhappy with, is their system of handling orders. First come, first served is the way it should be. Incomplete orders need to be staged, or shipped. The other thing, is I cannot look up my order, and see what was shipped. I have 3 boxes coming for a partial shipment. Won’t know what it is, until I open them.

  • I placed my order on April 25th. DD1( available now) and Porsche GT3 podium wheel now delayed until august but was in stock when I placed my order.

    What is going?

    Order 1067925

    Why can't they ship whatever is in stock?

    At this rate, it is going to take a whole year!!!!

  • I sent Dom a partial shipment request yesterday and got back to me today saying he forwarded the request.

    Give it a try

  • Partial if you can. Im guessing what has been shipped to me are the V3 pedals. If that’s the case, I can use them with my Thrustmaster wheel, until I get me CSL Elite wheel.

  • They should do that

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    Mark I am sure. In my company by law we were allowed to be in the office only 30% which meant 1 person from each department. Everyone else working from home. So HR decided to keep us working from home globally (except the people in physical operation stations but still understaffed and limited numbers even in some countries that were not in lock down even if we were exempted from lock downs due to the nature of our industry). I am almost like a convenient store. 24/7. Physically and mentally tired. On top of that I cant even go back to my home-country for vacation, see my family, see my newborn niece etc etc. But still.... Trying to keep my shit together and feel for other people and use my brain.

    There are people that understand, there are people frustrated but there are people that go on the forum shouting, swearing or writing BS like "the attorney general office" thinking that will get their order faster. Also same people changing their minds and from the "I will not order nothing from this company" etc and have cancelled the order they come back and ask about products and how to un-cancel the cancellation. They will go to other supplier blah blah blah. If they are so fed up instead of complain daily cancel and go. They don't have to go on each and every topic in each and every forum writing the same shit. A lot of us are also in the other forum and we are fed up / frustrated reading the same shit all the internet sphere, when we are freaking try to discuss either for settings, issues or games. They are fucking up also our experience since if we need to search something with keywords we end up on their posts everywhere. Anyway....

    Continuing. Have anybody thought that these people that write these things in the whole internet, imagine how many emails have sent, creating even bigger problems in a problematic "mail system" fanatec has. Imagine how many times they have canceled and order and re-ordered. Yes cancelling and re-ordering, is a by pass solution for some, but creates more work load. It kills the people that are trying to handle the orders from sales till far down the ladder because virtually they are doubling the order request and emails going the ques and until they are attended it takes even more time. Kills the lead times, confuses the supply demand, ordering system to external supplier, virtual stock versus physical etc. But off course nobody would have think of that. People think that they press a button and everything happens, that there is nothing to be done in the background. Well news flash... Even in an automated system there are humans in the background performing tasks. And unfortunately the humans this period are down on number due to unpredictable circumstances such as tiny thingies called Global Pandemic, quarantine and whole cities under lock-down.

    Hell I almost forgot. We have even people attacking the only person that is trying to help and provide info (with what the sales team is telling him) although he is only the community manager, and in the end he is going to show the finger to us and answer "I am only the community (forum) manager can't help you".

    Other attacking the people from the Beta testing team which they don't even work for Fanatec (actually they are customers too) but are trying to help solve technical problems.

    So yes. Frustration is out there I get it. Frustration for current times, frustration for work, for personal things and on top frustration that you cannot do your hobbies, but at the moment it is what it is and we need to be more understanding and not being dicks (me included). 😉

  • At least we’re working, and can buy new toys.

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
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    This is what happens when you accidentally touch the post button while navigating, lol.

  • The issue that you're missing is that they took people's money on the basis of an agreed delivery date and then not only missed said delivery date but provided no communication. However you look at it and whatever the reasons, thats not good business practice or just generally a respectful way of treating your customers.. we're not talking a $50 part here, people have spent thousands of dollars on their orders.

    If you have issues fulfilling an order due to any reason (inclusive of a spike in demand), either a) don't promise a delivery date thats unachievable and b) if unforeseen circumstances mean that the delivery date becomes undeliverable (I think now in late June we're pushing the envelope on using corona as an excuse for delivery delays) communicate with your customers and offer an update and revised or estimated delivery date. Common business sense not to mention courtesy.

  • Jamie (and others) also has a point. The main grouse/s, and there have been so many are:

    1. Lack of keeping accurate inventory of the status of stock in the web shop....And more so...
    2. The lack of communication on a timely basis from customer service etc. re issues or status of order and so forth. This leaves customers (even loyal ones) at a loss and with a bitter taste in their mouth, especially considering the products are high end, very costly products for the average person.

    The above have been complaints for quite a while and the company really needs to resolve ASAP in order to not turn customers or prospective customers off. I myself intend to upgrade some of my Fanatec gear also but dread doing so until such time these are addressed.

  • A lot of people are complaining that they arent getting the customers service that they would want and i support that but fanatec was never expected to get this many orders this fast and we have to respect it honestly they should of stopped the orders and made life way easier

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