Order has shown as "processed" since April 21st.

I placed an order for the csw 2.5 and the BMW gt2 wheel on April 21st. Order# 1065836. I thought I saw the csw 2.5 show as in stock so I placed the order, went to bed, woke up and saw it now showed "available June 12th" in the webshop.

Thought nothing of it till June 12th came and went. Now looking at these forums it looks like "processed" means it has shipped, but I haven't received anything. Double checked that my shipping address was correct and it was.

No notice from fedex about a shipment. Can't find the reference number in fedex system. Submitted a ticket about a week ago. No response. Not sure what to do. I don't have a "pre-order" date like other people mention, and there's no cancel order option to get my money back.

At a loss as to what my options are.

The funny thing is that I ordered the csl elite with load cell pedal on April 22 and that order does say "processed" as well. I got a tracking number from fedex but no email saying it shipped. And I received it a few days later.

But what happened to my first order? Did it ship? Did it go to the wrong address? Am I waiting on pre-ordered items? Did a group of rogue gorillas break into the office and smash my order to bits?


  • Clear your browser history and try again and see if anything changes. Im starting to suspect they are not updating client cache/cookies.

  • Unfortunately that didn't work for me. I've been showing "processed" since June 16th with no signs of a package showing up.

    The scary thing is, if they delivered it to the wrong address or something, I will never know. I wonder if there's a way to contact the courier for those of us who don't receive tracking info. My patience is being tested, no one at Fanatec will respond.

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    I finally got a hold of the warehouse/logistics center in LA. A person there agreed that two weeks was a long time for a processed order and physically walked the warehouse to see what was going on. She called me back and told me that even though they "processed" my order, I guess one of the items in my order was still back-ordered. She said they added that missing item to my order and shipped it today and gave me the master tracking id (even though its not in the system yet).

    This is a lot of detective work I had to do to find out what's going on with my $1600+ purchase, with no help from Fanatec. Had I not figured this out, I wonder if my order would have ever shipped.

    edit: the tracking info populated and is scheduled for a 7/3 delivery.

  • The hilarious thing is that you live in your microscopic world and think that normal members of this forum are Fanatec fanboys (dogs as you call them) or someone told anyone to attack. You must be one of the people that wear the aluminium foil on the head so people don't read your thoughts (if you have any brain to start with) or think that 5G rays will fry your brain. Well the good news is that you don't have one to start with.

    Now move along and do what you have to do BUT STOP SPAMMING EACH AND EVERY THREAD.

  • replied to you in another thread.

  • Update: After posting this thread Dom reached out to me via message that he escalated this inquiry.

    Today I got an email saying that my order has not shipped due to a glitch. They would be shipping my order today via FedEx 2day (which I think is an upgrade over the shipping I chose). I will update this post when I hear more.

  • Got an email from fedex today with an estimated delivery date of Monday the 6th.

  • Just wanted to leave an update that my wheel base and wheel arrived today and my shoulders are already hurting from a few acc races.

  • Does it exceed your expectations?

    Also, your wait was 2.5 Months. So to everyone complaining about not getting their June orders, keep waiting, or refund if you don't have the patience.

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