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  • well with 1.23 it says it cant see my wheel ........

    PC Driver 365

    WB FW 672

    SW FW 34

  • Is it possible to change UDP port, of a game, inside Fanalab?

  • Flag light issue - Codemasters F1 2020

    I am using the workaround for Fanalab and F1 2020. I have set a pattern of LED flag lights for "DRS Allowed" (default 2 x blue with 1x green added). This shows up correctly in the preview, on Game Profile Page, for the profile i am using.

    Furthermore, When preceding a flying lap, in Vietnam, the game initially has control of the car towards the end of a DRS zone and the flag lights momentarily show as I have set them. However, during my actual lap(s), every time I enter a DRS zone (without activating it) the flag lights show as the original default 2 x blue only.

    Not a big deal in the great scheme of things, but not sure if this is something I am misunderstanding or whether it is an issue with F1 2020

  • Sounds a bit odd David. Custom flags seem to be working ok for me e.g. I have 2x blue and 1x yellow for DRS ‘available’ and 2x blue and 1x green for DRS ‘active’.

    I do have the telemetry update rate to 30Hz iirc. Anything higher and I get unpredictable results.

  • I have the update set at 60Hz, as per the apparent workaround instructions. To be honest understanding the significance of changing that from the original in-game default of 10Hz is above my pay grade. However, I guess there is nothing to lose by trying 30Hz as you have done.

  • When I download these profiles, it doesn't register properly and just say that all the values are 100%, is this because I have different hardware to you? And if so, could you maybe do a text file for the rpm values for people that can't use the profiles properly? :)

  • This is because you are an American or Canadian which use different seperators which FanaLab cant properly convert.

    Next FanaLab version will fix this issue. You could open every pws file with Editor, see the values for the LEDs and change them in FanaLab itself, overwrite the profile, then its saved for your language (or wait for the new FanaLab version which is supposed to be released soon).

  • Maurice, am i correct in remembering you did a similar file for all cars in Assetto Corsa Competizione? If so do you have the link to that post? I think it might have been for the BME?

    Cheers for any info

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    Maurice Böschen

    I was looking into issues I have with flag leds not working properly with the F1 2020 workaround. I realised, comparing your car .pws files with the profile I created in Fanalab, that the "device base" is different. Sure enough when attempting to load mclaren.pws it tells me of a device mismatch. Do I load it anyway and overwrite it by saving in Fanalab or do I need to alter that manually in the file? In your files device base ="13". In the profile I created it is "15". I have a csw v2.5. Do I assume the file was created for a DD perhaps?

    p.s. Ok, maybe I didn't understand what I was supposed to do with the files. I am supposed to import from the Mclaren file with only LED selected above the import button, and re-save my main profile? Sorry to be dumb.

  • Maurice Bosche

    I am completely baffled now, with the flag lights not working ( just two pair of blues constantly) in the main profile I created and saved with all of my settings in Fanalab.

    There has been no manual editing of my pws file. Creation and any changes have all been made in Fanalab and re-saved.

    I just loaded your Mclaren pws (of course all of the tuning, FFB and Vibration settings are wrong for me) and.... Eureka! the flag lights all work correctly as you have them set.

    In theory there should not be any difference in the relevant code, and because I hate not understanding scenarios like this I compared the LED lines in the two files and didn’t immediately see an issue. is there then a bug somewhere that a given setting, or combination of settings, registered in Fanalab could interfere with the flag light calls or not interact properly with the firmware.?

    I tried to attach my profile pws to see if you could spot the gremlin. I could not upload a pws file, so I saved it as a txt but it wouldn’t accept that either (403 error I think).

    Is it bad etiquette to copy and paste the content of the file?

    I guess the solution is to note all my settings, load the McLaren pws and alter all its settings and overwrite. But i would dearly like to get a handle on why my own pws failed

  • p.s. I missed the time window to edit my last message.............. I have noticed that some of the LED flags (and some other settings) set in my profile are greyed out and not changeable in your Mclaren profile. Also, I have 2 folders under settings, "0_1" and "4_5". All my F1 2020 profiles are in "4_5". Originally, when I started experimenting with Fanalab, I may have been in ACC (waiting for the arrival of F12020) Could that be where I screwed up?

  • And here you go, new ACC profiles with GT4 cars! :-)

  • Any news on support for F1 2020 and overall general update of version 1.23?

  • Do I need this if I play only with PS4 (PS5 at future)?

    Few days and I have Podium Racing Wheel F1.

    So I mean is it possible tune colours of led, save those to base?, start game with console and you have different colours.

    Or is it must tha FanaLab run at back and tuning happens behind game?

    If that´s the case, one more reason move from PS4 to PC.

  • No, you can't even use it on PS4 anyway because it has to run in the background to gather telemetry data from the game to forward it to the LEDs etc.

  • Okay thanks, so only benefit would be saving presets for different games and upload those to base?!

    Seems that I´m going back to PC gaming after 15 years of console gaming.

  • You can also save the 5 presets directly to the Base, you don't need FanaLab for that.

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    Yes that´s true, I have CSL Elite PS4 base and tried FanaLab with that.

    I just thought I could do some led tuning also for console gaming, but it´s now clear I can´t.

    btw, are You community manager of Fanatec?

  • Is there a way for a user to add additional titles to Fanalab?

    Sorry if this has been asked before - there are 19 pages of comments, and no thread specific search as far as I can see :-(

  • Nope, not possible

  • Feature request: The ability to individually set shift point vibrations (either pedal or grip) in the same way we can set the shift point led indicators. This would be great for VR users.

  • Does anyone else's Fanatec device panel show their wheel base twice? I see 2x DD2 in mine. I don't think its an issue and everything works great (I guess, only had it 3 days now haha) but its there twice. :?

  • That's already possible in the Vibration Tab, Rev Limiter.

  • That's normal since 3 years for every Fanatec Base.

  • There's a limitation in Windows as to how many buttons can be assigned to a controller, so having two controllers on the same device bypasses the limitation :)

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