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  • Guys it has to be possible to add a version of Fanalab that includes options for AMS2 and F1 2020. Nothing has happened here for months.


  • We have been hearing this for weeks. Please do not misunderstand anything, I love your products, and I am pleased that the stock market price of Endor AG has increased tenfold in one year due to the high sales figures and the popularity of the products, BUT it cannot be that there are simply no more updates and improvements to drivers and software.

  • There are improvements to drivers and software, but with bugs.

    You want to gett a FanaLab version with partial support for AMS2 with some Bugs?

    I dont think so.

    It just takes some more days/weeks but its not too far away.

    For the time being, there are workarounds available for both F1 2020 and AMS2 to get them working in the current 1.23 version of FanaLab...

  • How can I use fanalab 1.23 or 1.24 to show AMS2 and F1 2020?

  • Does Fanalab allow users of Fanatec V3 Pedals to customize and limit brake/throttle curves like Heusinkveld SmartControl does?

    It's kind of shameful that I need to tweak JoyCalib on iRacing to be able to customize this kind of setting of such a high end equipment.

  • Hi,

    after installing Fanalabs, Fanaleds won't start anymore if the application is open. Instead, if I open Fanaleds and only after that I launch Fanalabs, the first one works.

    I need Fanaleds because I also have a Sli-Pro display connected to my PC. The Fanaleds devs reported that there is nothing on their side that should interfere with Fanalabs, are you aware of any possible reason for this two softwares to conflict?

    I'm on W10 Pro 64 bit updated to the latest stable version.

  • fanalab feature request -

    Seems like we can store unlimited profiles under any installed game, and just pull them up at will.

    It would be great to have a "Other" game - one that doesn't attempt to use telemetry, that we could use as a storage bin for all the 'non-sim' games that we have settings for (ATS/ETS/Wreckfest/Snow-runner/burnout/etc...)

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    Any solutions for the F1 2020 workaround not detecting F1 2020?

  • No solutions that I'm aware of, assuming you already modified the config file and replaced 2019.exe with 2020.

    From what I've read, it doesn't work in all modes.

    I've also seen that they are potentially just a few weeks away from a new release, and reading between the lines, it sounds like fanalab itself is ready to go, but they are still trying to fix a few outlier driver scenarios before the two are released in harmony.

  • Firstly, this is an excellent piece of software and after sorting original issues with the installation, works great!

    I thought I should mention the 'issue' I had, firstly for Fanatec, and secondly for anyone who did the same as me....

    I installed the software to a custom path on a different disk drive (as you are given this option), but although the software recognized my Wheel and Wheelbase, it would not recognise rFactor 2 as running, I could not save a profile, or get the software to work at all.

    After looking at the logs and doing some troubleshooting, I noticed that there were files that the Fanalab software couldn't find as it was expecting them to be in the default location. My solution was to uninstall Fanalab and reinstall it to the default location. The software now works fine as said.

    If you are having these problems, and have installed Fanalab to an alternate location, please try this fix. I think this needs addressing in the next build so that the software addresses its files correctly if it is installed to a custom location.

    This should be easy to replicate by installing Fanalab to a different disk drive and try to use with any game software.

    Cheers fellow Racers!

  • This certainly won't be adjusted in the next build because it's the intended procedure that it's installed in its default location.

    Maybe the option to install it to a different path will be removed in the future but not in the next build.

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    I have an issue where my DD1 base does not show up in the Tunning menu and as such the drop down list with the parameter settings is not available. It was working fine with the Formula V2 wheel and this issue only came up when I changed to the Podium porsche 911 wheel.

    The wheel base and Podium Button module are detected and showing in the Fanalabs Main menu.

    I'm running V1.23 beta and the following drivers

    PC driver 356

    WB FW 670

    Any help, much appreciated

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    You need to download P BME Software Package v1.2 and follow the instructions txt file exactly from the Podium Button Module Endurance downloads section for the DD1 and BME to work correctly. It will also install ver 1.24 of Fanalab which works with that package.

  • I searched on here but didn't find anything? I was wondering if the Fanalab software is compatible with the CSL elite wheelbase?

  • With the original CSL Elite and CSL Elite v1.1 partially (everything works except Tuning Menu).

    With the CSL Elite for PS4 everything is compatible.

  • I have the CSL Elite 1.1 so is it even worth downloading it?

  • I struggled to make fanalab and f1 2020 work, I didn't play since july 11, I tried just right now and yet here we go again: nothing works anymore, even if I did nothing since the last time.

    Maybe it's time to release an update, just to add proper f1 2020 compatibility: I'm tired of this. I have limited time available and I would like to use this time to enjoy my games and no getting mad doing it properly work.

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    F1 2020 is not supported by Fanalab yet.

    Even when its supported, to get LEDs matching ylu have to spend dozens of hours to get them matching, its no plug and play software.

  • I haven't been able to open Fanalab for nearly 6 months. Keep checking here but nothing. Several others with same issue, but no recommendations, no suggestions, no help. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, tried different versions, changed drivers, etc. Deleted config files, deleted registry entries, tried installing again. Nothing. It used to work, then stopped all of a sudden.

    When you launch it, it shows the splash screen for a few seconds then the process dies silently. Nothing works.

    Does fanatec support even monitor this page to make suggestions during the Beta? Very disappointed.

  • After a couple of hours of troubleshooting, I managed to get the issue fixed. Remove the C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\PodiumControl folder (and any contents) and then restart the application.

    Hope this helps others who have a similar issue.

  • good evening, but fanalab will be implemented ???? because almost a year since the last update makes me think it is abandoned....

  • Its 7 months since last update, not almost a year.

    And no, its of course not abandoned, a new update will comes in the near future.

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    Ill be honest Maurice, bought alot of stuff for me and friends from Fanatec, but im gonna hold on the porsche wheel with endurance module due to so much software glitches, i know these are a constant in software development, but, the update/fix rate on some of these glitches is a bit behond compreension for a company with the dimension of Fanatec.

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    the same goes for drivers, I have a CSW 2.5 and the last official drivers are the 328 launched in February 2019 18 months ago.... Amazing... if I used those drivers it FANALAB wouldn't even work. Incredible that fanatec are so weak at the software level, its customers here express their displeasure at the shortcomings, you have to wait many months and even years for implementations. I certainly didn't expect it from fanatec... now between us simracer it is becoming increasingly clear that in the future you should not buy fanatec products.

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