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FanaLab 1.47 Changelog (Hotfix)


  • Driver 370 or higher is needed for this FanaLab version to work properly
  • Added: When starting for the first time, a process will convert all old profiles to be compatible with the new version. This might take a while depending on how many profiles you have.
  • Added: Links to Fanatec social media, blog, forum and more
  • Added: Clubsport Steering Wheel F1 2020 picture selectable for Formula V2
  • Added: Language option under settings which will affect the mouse hover hints only (German, French, Italian, Spanish)
  • Added: Celsius / Fahrenheit option to Settings. Applicable to ITM Page 3: Oil Temp and Page 5: all tires
  • Added: "collect logs" feature under settings. Log Folder opens automatically after collecting logs. Please add logs when reporting a crash.
  • Added: New slider for Dynamic Dampening to set the speed where max dampening will be achieved. Set the Speed Threshold Max value to 250 if loading the old saved Game Profile without the Speed Threshold Max.
  • Changed: [ABS] to BLI (Brake Level Indicator) in Tuning Menu, setting still works the same
  • Fixed: Resizing sections of FanaLab not getting saved
  • Improved: New game pictures with higher resolution
  • Improved: Vibration Tab Titles
  • Improved: Tuning Menu, Dynamic FFB, and Vibration Tab layout and presentation
  • Improved: Enable/Disable options got a new look to make it more clear when the toggle is set to enabled
  • Fixed: Analogue pedals always visible

Game support

  • Added: Automobilista 2 support
  • Added: F1 2020 Support
  • Added: Dirt Rally 2.0 telemetry support
  • Added: GRID 2019 - currently without telemetry
  • Updated ACC SharedMemory to latest version 
  • Enabled Green Flag telemetry for ACC
  • Fixed: iRacing crash when loading Renault 3.5 or Formula Renault 2.0
  • Fixed: Wrong description for activating/deactivating Fanatec Features in iRacing

Game Profile

  • Added: Notification for unconvertable profiles
  • Added: "Recommended Tuning Menu" feature
  • Recommended FFB profiles for each base and game are listed on the top and are marked with a thumbs up icon. The profiles only contain Tuning Menu settings and don’t overwrite other settings of your already loaded setup.
  • New “Recommended FFB Settings” button on the Game Profile page links to the forum thread of each game where the correct in-game settings can be found to match the recommended profiles.
  • Fixed: Issue that US/CA users couldn’t properly load profiles from EU users.
  • Improved: Checkboxes for saving and loading
  • Improved: Profile Preview layout and presentation

LED and Display

  • Added: Wheel Base Rev LED support for CSL Elite Bases 
  • Added: Option to disable Pit limiter and Pit Lane LEDs
  • Fixed: Pit Limiter LEDs not lighting consistently
  • Fixed: BME Rev LEDs colour defaulting to non RGB default when hot swapping

Intelligent Telemetry Mode (BME and DD)

  • Added: ITM Page selection via FanaLab
  • Added: ITM “auto page switch” feature. A favourite page can be defined to which the ITM will always go back to. Automatic page change can be triggered by a value change or if a value passes a defined threshold, for example if fuel goes below a set value.Only implemented on DD ITM for now, PBME to follow next
  • Added: DD Analysis screen selection in ITM tab
  • Fixed: ITM random values on Lap Time, Last Lap Time, Car Ahead, Car Behind, DRS Active, DRS Zone, and Fuel
  • Fixed: ITM Brake Bias incorrect display in several games
  • Fixed: ITM Fuel display in several games
  • Fixed: ITM Resetting of Max Fuel display in all games
  • Fixed: ITM Oil Temp display in pC2
  • Fixed: ITM clearing of values when changing page when BME and DD ITM are available at the same time
  • Fixed: Sync between BME and DD ITM when changing page
  • Fixed: iRacing ITM Laps shows 000/0 on DD, 001/0 on BME
  • Current Lap is now always showing the correct Lap of the F1 Black Box (Total Laps always 0 because not supported by the game)
  • Fixed: ACC suspension travel vibration not working
  • Fixed: ACC Wheel Spin/Lock not in sync with the in-game LEDs
  • Updated ACC Brake Bias values for GT4 cars
  • Changed: OLED display handling
  • Improved: Sync between BME and DD ITM when changing page

How to report issues:

  • List which hardware, driver and firmware you are using.
  • Cross check with other settings, games and wheels to see if it's a general issue or specific with to a game, wheel or setting.
  • Go into detail how we can reproduce the issue.
  • Post screenshots or videos if needed.
  • In case of a FanaLab crash, use the "Collect Logs" feature under "Settings" and upload them here.

Changes of the Hotfix:

  • Fixed: BRF setting stuck at MIN if CSL LC pedals are connected to the base.
  • Fixed: AMS2 is missing the explanation how to disable the game LEDs and Display support to prevent conflicts with FanaLab. You have to disable this inside the game options.
  • Fixed: AMS2 wheel spin LEDs constantly triggered.
  • Fixed: When chosing MPH as speed value in FanaLab settings the speed is shown only shown as 000

Known Issues / Workaround:

  • If FanaLab doesn't start this can be fixed by deleting the Fanalab folder in C:\users\[username]\AppData\Local\PodiumControl and then restarting Fanalab.

Download (only if you've read everything above!)

Link to compatible driver version:



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