CS BMW M3 GT2 wheel: What mode to use for PS4?....with CSL Elite PS4 base

Hi. I just recently bought the Clubsport BMW M3 GT2 wheel and going to use on the CSL Elite for PS4 on Playstation 4 console.

Going through the hardcopy QuickGuide that came with the wheel under the section "PC/PS4 MODE" it says the following:

Playstation 4 needs no special mode. The wheel has to be/stay in PC mode. (I find this strange).

......However in the PDF QuickGuide manual I downloaded from the product page (see pic attached) it says:


In order to switch between modes simultaneously press and hold the two buttons highlighted below, for one second.

The wheel base LED indicates the active mode:

- Red indicates PC mode

- Blue indicates PS4 mode*

- Purple indicates compatibility mode*

* Not applicable for every Fanatec wheel base. Please check the individual user manual of your Fanatec wheel base.

Since the instructions differ I would like to know which one to follow. Remember it's for using with the CSL Elite PS4 base.


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