Black Friday 2020

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Those of you who have followed our company for a while are aware that we don’t run special discounts very often. Fanatec is a high-end brand and we prefer to consistently offer great quality and value every day. But this year has been full of surprises, and we’re keeping our Black Friday 2020 deals nice and simple, offering a 20% discount on our most popular products for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Bear in mind that we have allocated a limited number of units for each deal, and there will be a counter displaying the number of remaining units clearly displayed on each product page. In total there will be over 14000 products discounted. However through our experience of previous Black Fridays we recommend that you act quickly. Also to ease the pressure on the site, we won’t communicate a specific time when our deals will be online, only that they will be live before noon CET on Friday November 27th.

The following products will be listed at a 20% discount, exclusively through our website:

[Prices in Euro and USD]

CSL Elite selection:

CSL Elite Wheel Base + - Officially Licensed for PlayStation (works on PS4 / PS5) 

Regular Price: €/$ 399.95

BF 2020 Price: €/$ 319.96 (20% discount also applies to AUS)

Limited to 2000 units worldwide

CSL Elite Racing Wheel - Officially Licensed for PlayStation (works on PS4 / PS5)

Regular Price: €/$ 499.95

BF 2020 Price: €/$ 399.96 (20% discount also applies to AUS)

Limited to 3500 units worldwide

CSL Elite F1 Set - Officially Licensed for PlayStation (works on PS4 / PS5)

Regular Price: €/$ 699.95

BF 2020 Price: €/$ 559.96 (20% discount also applies to AUS)

Limited to 2000 units worldwide

(Note: Due to the lack of PlayStation-licensed products for the Japan region, we will offer the CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1 at the same 20% discount)

The Fanatec Classics: 

ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5

Regular Price: €/$ 549.95

BF 2020 Price: €/$ 439.96 (20% discount also applies to AU, and JP regions)

Limited to 2500 units worldwide

ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox

Regular Price: €/$ 349.95

BF 2020 Price: €/$ 279.96 (20% discount also applies to AU, and JP regions)

Limited to 1000 units worldwide

ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 918 RSR

Regular Price: €/$ 399.95

BF 2020 Price: €/$ 319.96 (20% discount also applies to AU, and JP regions)

Limited to 1000 units worldwide

ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT2

Regular Price: €/$ 299.95

BF 2020 Price: €/$ 239.96 (20% discount also applies to AU, and JP regions)

Limited to 1000 units worldwide

ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula Carbon

Regular Price: €/$ 299.95

BF 2020 Price: €/$ 239.96 (20% discount also applies to AU, and JP regions)

Limited to 1000 units worldwide

The deals will go live on Black Friday itself, November 27th, before noon CET and will continue until all allocated units are sold out.

Note: The Black Friday 2020 offers cannot be combined with other promotions or voucher codes.



  • Really good deals this year Thomas :)

  • I guess I’ll be F5’ing a lot on Friday ;-)

  • Hi Thomas,

    Apart from the deals, will any new products or special versions of existing products be launched like you did with the steering wheels and shifter last year for example?

  • The website will broke down this friday morning.

    You read it first here.

  • Thanks. These are some really good deals. Good job Thomas.

  • Adam VítAdam Vít Member
    edited November 2020

    Damn, hoped they wouldn´t discount such a large sortiment from their previous posts, bought CSW 2.5 + Formula Carbon 2 weeks ago, ouch. But I love it, so no regrets there, only being a student 😁,

    Well, time to add a round wheel rim now.

    Edit: Does the discount of Universal Hub count together with the Universal Hubs bundle discount or not?

  • Anthony Lee2Anthony Lee2 Member
    edited November 2020

    Hi, I see that the CSL Elite F1 Set will be on sale, but not the CSL Elite Playstation Starter Kit. Is there a reason for this? As I understand it, the only difference between the two sets is the steering wheel. I would like the Playstation Starter Kit because it comes with the round wheel which I prefer, and also the pedal set, but am hoping it could also be discounted.

    Edit: Also, is there a way to change my username to just my name instead of my email? I just made my account and did this by mistake.

  • Hey guys,

    Will the discount to the CSL F1 Elite set be applied if I add the load-cell extension to the purchase?


  • Actually some nice deals there... if only the f1 carbon had more buttons...I´d be the first to smash the purchase button. Hoped for the V2, now I´m gonna have to get it without discount, that´s how it is I guess...

    But well done from you to keep expectations down so that no one can be surprised by offers that don´t suit their demands ;)

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Adam, the Universal Hub offer only applies to the standalone package.

    Hi Anthony, I responded to you privately already but for others wondering the same, there are several reasons why certain items are selected for sale. The difference between the CSL Elite F1 Set and CSL Elite PlayStation Starter Kit in terms of 'contents' is only the steering wheel, but actually they are quite different in terms of inventory management, because the F1 Set comes in a single package, whereas the Starter Kit is a bundle of two packages - the CSL Elite Racing Wheel and the CSL Elite Pedals. The CSL Elite Racing Wheel is part of the Black Friday deal, so you can still add this and add the CSL Elite Pedals to your cart separately, and this will be cheaper than the Starter Kit.

    Hi Doncho, yes you can add both the F1 Set and the Loadcell Kit to your basket and the 20% discount will apply to the F1 Set.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Stefan KositzStefan Kositz Member
    edited November 2020

    Really, really disappointing for the long term customers, who already have a CSW v2.5 or podium base and just want a newer racing wheel with a lot of buttons. So no Porsche 911 Wheel, no Podium stuff, just mainly things to get new customers to the brand.

  • edited November 2020

    Fanatec what kind of non sense marketing gimmick is this?!

    ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox

    BF 2020 Price: €/$ 279.96

    Ofcourse a rim is needed to use this!

    Cheapest CS Rim: $130

    When bought in BF sale it costs $410 whereas Normally Bundled CS steering wheel costs $400!

  • Hello gentlemen at Fanatec.

    I am a new potential costumer. I live in the United States and when I visit Fanatec website for the USA region I don’t see any Black Friday deals. Would you please tell me how I can put my hands on these deals?

  • George TuckerGeorge Tucker Member
    edited November 2020

    Some really awesome deals! Hoping to get my hands on that CSL Elite F1 Set!

  • Hi Thomas, Dominic and team.

    As an existing Fanatec customer, I just wanted to say how happy I am with this sale.

    I already own some higher end Fanatec gear, so there's nothing in the sale for me, but what makes me happy is just seeing you guys make really smart business decisions - putting the entry level stuff on sale is a brilliant move that will get lots of first time buyers into the Fanatec Ecosystem.

    Offering a wider range of choices is very respectful of first time customers, and good business!

    And from the looks of it, there will be 10,000 new Fanatec users overnight, and that helps all of us, as it makes it even more important for game devs to support and test their games on Fanatec hardware. (There's nothing better than loading a new game and finding Fanatec defaults built in!)

    We all want to be on the winning team and this years sale demonstrates that you guys are doing things right!

    (I do worry that the stated quantity numbers might not be enough to satisfy demand, but it's great that you at least told people up front so they can wake up early!)

    -- Jack

  • Ihab,

    Found this in the post, you might have missed it:

    The deals will go live on Black Friday itself, November 27th, before noon CEST and will continue until all allocated units are sold out.

  • These are some great deals. Thanks

  • Hi Pascal,

    No special versions this year but we actually will announce three new products in December/January from CSL to Podium.

    They are very special and deserve a separate announcement.

  • Do CSL Elite deals apply in the US? Just confused by how Thomas specified regions for each deal and the US is not mentioned in CSL deals. Thanks!

  • Well what i could see here is you're more interested in new buyers than old customers (more units for new buyers) , this last year the most sold items was the F1 V2 , W.B +-, elite pedals (works in all platforms) and F1 Set, many times those items where soldout and/or out of stock, now do you think owners like me who we play F1 ACC AC or GT Sport we would be more interested in buy a round rims than the APM MPM or LC PEDALS, as many others here facebook/tweeter/reggedit/instagram groups very disappointed whit those bad news, idk if i'm wrong but i think the people who took those decisions is the marketing team and is like the support team that they stinck                                               Final thoughts as Barry saids, we the ones who makes fanatec big they treat us like a child with a poor candy, proof of this the support service. and the BF   

    P,s Lot of lickers over here, "really good deals this year" sorry maybe cause you are waiting for something he have between his hands, lol

  • I would be shocked if there will be ever one BF where we can make everybody happy ;)

    Your candy comes on December 5th

  • But...then it´s more expensive to buy it with the rim than it is now 😁 is it targeted on people who buy the rims elsewhere? I don´t really prefer OMP knock-offs.

  • I think these are quite generous deals. To be fair, Fanatec don't need to do any deals at all. They already have a very high demand.

  • I think that this year's BF offer is very good and tempted to get the Formula Carbon wheel which is a bargain at that price. But new products so perhaps I'll keep my powder dry for Podium pedals, a Clubsport GT-style wheel or perhaps the McLaren GT3 wheel v2?

  • Hi Thomas,

    Good to know, will keep an eye out for them.

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!

  • hello, so excited for the deal, i'm upgrading from a thrustmaster and cannot wait to make the move now. i'll be buying a clubsport 2.5, hub and drift wheel, will the discount be automatically applied to the listings on the shop website or would we need to enter a code a checkout to apply the 20% discount ? thanks.

  • Hi Thomas,

    Originally I was going to get the Csl elite F1. But I’ve finally convinced myself to go for the PS4 podium!!! But now that I see the discount on the csl, that’s hard to pass up. Took a while to convince myself to spend all the money for the podium and a bit disappointed to go back to csl! Unfortunately I don’t see the podium on the discount list, any chance it will be added?

  • edited November 2020

    No, the list is final. No Podium Discount this year.

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