Black Friday 2020



  • Well i don't have a tree (because of cats) but would be nice.

  • fatto ordine ..nessuna email


  • Finally after 4 hours I made it. Hip hip. Servers seem to run smoother now.

  • The site is more stable. but still the basket doesnt load and if it loads the checkout doesnt load as well :D

  • i was trying more than 3 hours and i think i got it


  • Got 4 of the little buggers so we secured the tree ...

    One loves to open the presents underneath it.

  • I think I got it. Paypal notified me that i payed the money to Fanatec! <3333

  • Been trying to place an order since 7AM, at 9:30AM +/- I was able to finally confirm it.

    Received an email confirmation about my order being placed but never got any information regarding payment. After many tries to get into the order info to see if I can retrieve that information I noticed that I have two exact orders in place with a sequential number between them, and also my basket is still full ready to confirm another exact order, not sure what happened, still, I want the first order only.

    How should I proceed to get only one order and to receive information about the payment?

    Thank you

  • Luke VestyLuke Vesty Member
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    I can't use the contact form because the site keeps crashing. If I go to "my account" I have an order number in the "my orders" section. All my items are listed there. I also have confirmation from Paypal that I have sent Fanatec a payment. But the Fanatec site says my order isn't processed and I don't have a confirmation email from Fanatec either. What do I do?

    Can we private message to resolve?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Carlos, please contact us via the contact form or via webshop (at) fanatec (dot) com. Please include as much information as possible about your order.

    Hi Luke, if you can't use the contact form please use the email address webshop (at) fanatec (dot) com.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thank you Dominic,

    I'm going to send the email with all the detail I can gather.

    Best Regards.

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    Hi there don’t know if im in the right place to get an answer, been online since 9:15am UK time trying to purchase CSL elite wheel and base set for the PS4/PC, at the time of writing this I still have the white cart page with a loader spinning in middle nearly 4 hours now , am I doing something wrong, how many units are left in this and is there any alternative way of just simply placing an order, appologies in advance if this is a sore subject I’m just not a computer or software expert and believe I’m doing something incorrect here,

    thanks in advance

  • Customer support emailed me back saying confirmation emails are no longer being sent. Is this correct?

  • You mean the F1 wheel set or round wheel set?

    F1 is sold out, round still 2222 left.

  • 7 hours.

    On and off, it took me 7 hours to place an order. It’s now 2:30am here in Honolulu, and I’m knackered, finally off to bed.

    I honestly initially thought I’d nailed the timing. I’d stuck everything I wanted in my cart (well, everything I planned to buy; I also want the formula v2 and mag paddles, but I’m already dropping more than a grand for a complete clubsport wheel & pedal set) this afternoon and already made sure I was logged in. I took a look at the site right after I sorted out the kids’ dinner, and saw that things had started.

    I tried getting to the checkout, only to find a mix of the safety car and site down for maintenance messages. I figured I’d risk leaving it an hour or so, and once the kids were off to bed, had another few tries. More safety car laps.

    I ate dinner, then sat down to watch a movie with the missus, all the while retrying on my iPad. I got stuck in a horrible loop of occasional progress, only to be asked to log back in again, and eventually being dumped back to the front page. There were also several cases where the cart total changed on me, and right as I got to the first of the three checkout steps for the first time, the table clamp in my cart disappeared. It took an hour to get it back in there, only to find I now had 2 in the cart. That took another half hour to rectify, taking me to nearly 1am.

    Normally I would have given up. My savings were about $190, and it took disproportionate effort to claim them. However, I’ve been without a wheel for nearly 8 months now. My old G27 ate itself a couple of weeks after the start of the first lockdown. One of the motors was on its last legs already, and a bunch of gear teeth got stripped. The availability problems that the pandemic caused me to hold off into summer, by which point I decided to be patient and hope for something good in the Black Friday sale.

    I know this stuff is hard. Demand is probably super high this year with folks like myself that initially couldn’t get anything, and then decided to wait. However, the system as it currently stands doesn’t fail very gracefully (login loops ahoy), and when the servers are under load, there seems to be something really expensive and error-prone about listing cart contents, which has to happen twice before payment.

    I wouldn’t know where to begin to produce a system robust enough to handle that many concurrent requests. The ones I’m in charge of handle a small number of clients, albeit at very high data rates. I also wouldn’t have the first clue as to how to cope with a huge short-term demand spike like this. I don’t envy Fanatec’s tech guys at all.

    Anyway, a major exercise in frustration , and although I haven’t gotten a confirmation email, I’ve had the receipt from PayPal and my account does show an active order, so I think I’m good. Here’s hoping it all arrives in time for the holidays...I haven’t driven in so long.

    Good luck to everyone else that tries getting in. Hopefully you’ll go through less pain than I did. :)

  • Hello, I just bought from you the csl elite f1 set officially licensed for playstation today on offer with black friday. During the payment processing I found that the total purchases were € 672.98, while after completing the purchase he made me pay the total amount of the bundle without discount for a total of € 793.66.

    For safety, I saved the fanatec invoice with the correct black friday amount. Is it possible to get back the price difference I paid on my credit card? (I think it was an overload problem of the Fanatec servers not ordering correctly).

  • My first order only receives the payment confirmation email from Paypal and there's no email confirmation about the order, neither was there a new order number in the system, I just managed to place another order with payment and order confirmation, I have sent an email to websho@ to cancel my first transaction since there's just no order created.

    As business gets growing, I would recommend Fanatec to prepare a better server in the future, the current idempotency just not that good

  • Na das hat ja wunderbar geklappt ! (nicht)

    heute morgen um 9:44 Uhr das "CSL Elite F1 Set" bestellt, per PayPal sofort bezahlt und nichts hat seitens Fanatec funktioniert.

    Bestellung bleibt im Warenkorb und unter "Bestellungen" wird angezeigt das nichts Bestellt wurde.

    Also Bezahlt ist der Bums, aber ne Auftragsbestätigung habe ich nicht erhalten.

    Bis jetzt ist es ein Teurer Black Friday !

  • I got an email already saying that my order will be shipped soon, anyone else got this?

  • Hi Fanatec team,

    Just before I go to bed I wanted to say thanks for the discounts and I hope it hasn't been too stressful for you all. While there are some people who are happy to land a deal there are others who are pretty upset.

    I know you wouldn't have wanted the website issues. Good luck getting through everyone's orders.


  • CamiCami Member
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    Yes, also got that email (2 hours ago) . Wasn't able to order with Chrome, so I switched to Edge which worked like a charm for me. Doesn't make sense, but people might try it that way. Good luck to those still trying.

  • Yeah had mine too, about 30 mins ago.

    Have to say I was surprised, expected it to be delayed with how busy they must be !

    Hopefully it gets despatched quickly as well.

    Have to say well done to Fanatec so far, it was a bit of a faff ordering, but not horrendous, think I restarted my order 3 times and had to do full refresh a lot, but it was well under an hour for me to complete.

    Good luck for those still trying, still stock showing

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    I have been waiting for this day to get a DD2 base with 2 wheels, an inverse V3 pedals and a shifter, total around 3K euros. Fanatec has discounts for none of these, probably you think that people that can spend 3K are stupid and will give you the money anyway....

    Really disappointed...

  • Yeah, I am a bit surprised too. I hope they will send them before christmas

  • The DD Bases are way too new to get discounted imo.

    You should have expected that.

  • Gerald StarkeGerald Starke Member
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    It took me about 3 hours to purchase some of the discounted products. It is highly frustrating the Fanatic-Servers are not prepared for the Black Friday run ... - this has to be improved d If there will be no further improvement, the discount should be up 50 % :-)



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