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  • I read about CSL elite 1.1 is not strong enough for some steering wheels, is it true? It is about the weight of the some steering wheels that affects the FFB strenght.

  • HELP my kid just got the CSL Elite for PS just Last Thursday, right side buttons dont work at all yes the prongs are straight firmware up to date,tried calling support and emailing no answer?

  • Have you updated to the latest driver/firmware? Id say it needs to be at least v381 but ive had no issues with v400

  • I have CSL Elite Bundle (Playstation), the latest driver (400) shows input correct, but in several steamgames (project cars 2, wreckfest) no input can't be seen. Inputs in dirt rally 1 (steam too) are working correctly.

    Greetz Chris

  • Il mio csl elite ha iniziato a fare un rumore strano nella base

    Cosa potrebbe essere?

    Fino ad ora non ho mai avuto problemi visto che la data d'acquisto risale al 27-11-2020

    Riuscite ad aiutarmi???

  • Buongiorno Gennaro, 

    In primo luogo, per favore scrivi in Inglese (come da regolamento del forum)

    Secondo. Contatta l'assistenza tramite il tuo account, e aggiungi anche il video del tuo problema.

    Skusa per il mio Italiano. Sono passati 10 anni di non parlatto o scritto Italiano.

  • Thank you very much, but I have contacted support but still no response 😔

  • Hi fanatec I am in doubt if my base is faulty or not, I play on ps4 at f1 2020 and when I turn the steering wheel detects the displacement but for some degrees of steering the force seems to be zero while if I continue to turn in a certain point it feels as if the steering wheel is blocked by something and at that point you feel all the force, specific that uses the base with 100% intensity of force. I hope you can answer me if it is a basic problem or the physics of the game itself. I've also tried reinstalling the software but it's still the same.

  • hello, have you solved the problem of disconnecting from the ps4?

  • Hi everyone;

    I have a quick question. If I buy  CSL Elite Wheel Base + - officially licensed for PS4, can I use on Xbox with xbox licenced steering wheel

  • is there any streering wheel supporting both xbox and playstation?

  • PlayStation compatibility comes from the wheel base, Xbox compatibility comes from the steering wheel. If you have PlayStation compatible wheel base with Xbox compatible steering wheel you can play on both consoles.

  • Hello Fanatec team. I have problem with my CSL steering wheel. It's disconnected randomly when I play, some day two, three times, another day nothing even with 3-4 hours of playing. I changed USB cable also USB port in My ps4 is perfect. Also some time disconnected even I don't touch nothing, just like that from nothing.

    Please can you give me some opinions from where this come from?

    Thank you in advance.

  • PC, CSL Elite v1.1, McLaren GT3 Wheel V2, Club Sport Pedals, V3

    I have a centering problem on my wheelbase. I was adjusting the SEN in the tuning menu and game (ACC) when I lost all FFB and the wheel cannot be centered. I went to the settings under the properties page and clicked Wheel Centering Calibration, clicked Yes, nothing happens. I've unplugged and restarted the wheelbase numerous times with no help. When the wheelbase starts up to be automatically centered, the wheel will turn 1080 degrees to the right, then 1080 degrees to the left and then back 540 degrees and when the wheel reached the center location, it jumps quickly about 300 degrees to the left. I now can turn the wheel about 200 degrees to the left and 840 degrees to the right. Of course this is not driveable.. I've tried all the different Sets under the tuning menu, with no change. I don't know what else I can try. Please help.

  • Hello all

    In regard of the CSL DD wheel base, it seems tha t I have contradictory answers on compatibility. The actual pre order version is or not with PS4 ? If not any news on ETA to be available? Also would it be possible to bundle it as it was for the CSL Elite?


  • I fixed my own problem by repairing the drivers. I went to the fanatec product page for the wheelbase, downloaded the most recent driver, selected repair and that fixed the problem. Yahoo!

  • Hello all,

    McLaren GT3 wheel doesn't appear anymore on Fanatec website. When you click on "learn more" the answer is "UNFORTUNATELY, THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE". Is it just a temporary issue or something I'm not aware of?


  • Matthew BoyerMatthew Boyer Member
    edited July 2021

    They took the Formula V2 wheel off the website today.

    They also changed the availability date of the Formula V2.5 from October 6th to January 2022.

    Question: what does that mean to anyone (like me) who ordered the wheel last week? How good is Fanatec at hitting their dates historically? Can I still expect the wheel on October 6th?

    When I saw the date change I immediately ordered the CSL Pedals. Can't wait for a Load Cell bundle if it means pushing delivery back 6 months. Taking no chances.

  • they didn't took the V2 off today, that's already some days ago. Also the estimated delivery date of the V2.5 is already the 19th January for a long time. If you ordered last week, you won't be in the October Batch, please take a look in your order history.

  • I ordered on June 30th

    It says availability date is Oct 6

  • I'd contact support and ask them tbh, this can't be right if you just ordered last week.

  • I hope it's right, but it doesn't really matter yet as I don't have and can't order any wheel base compatible with PlayStation. So the wheel will sit in the box until all the other bits arrive. No idea when that will be.

  • MY equipment is a CSL Elite Wheel Base V1, Formula Black wheel and V3 pedals. The pedals are connected via RS21 to the wheel base.

    In the last time the wheel somehow resets

    or freezes during the game, in most of the cases after turning into a hairpin,

    when the steering angle was at its maximum.

    The FFB then suddenly becomes weak, the LEDs are freezing. After some seconds, either the wheel turns to the most left of most right point or you can continue driving without any FFB. Only switching off and on the wheel base does help.

    This behavior is also independently of time, it happens sometimes after 1 lap, sometimes after 10 laps.

    The fans of the wheel base are working, so I don’t suspect any overheating.

    I could reproduce this with Assetto Corsa,

    Assetto Corsa Competizione and Raceroom.


    Any help and comments are welcome, as I’m currently not able to participate on any race….


  • So I recently gave up on GT sport and their crap drivers. Started driving on ACC PS4 and absolutely love the experience. Obviously I have the ps4 csl elite but went with the porsche wheel( the one with brown wrap leather) and have started having problems with the rev LED's flickering intermittently on the wheel. Servo base continues to work fine. Is there something I can do to fix the wheel?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Please contact support for the best troubleshooting advice. You can contact them by creating a Support Ticket via the My Products section of your Fanatec account, or you can try the Live Chat feature, open Monday to Friday, 8 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m. (CEST). Live Chat is active whenever you see the headset icon on the site.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Vincent ChouVincent Chou Member
    edited September 2021

    Hello Sören, I have a similar issue with what you had. My setup is csl elite wheelbase (PS4), clubsport steering wheel F1 2021, csl elite paddle, firmware 411.

    So I was playing F1 2021. FFB error occurs at hairpin/max steer angle following wheel base jointing, steering freeze for 1 or 2 sec with buttons not working. Had to switch on/off the base to take back control at low speed. But losing it instantly at high speed.

    One more thing, the base usb info popping disconnected & reconnect message while in-game.

    Rolled back to firmware 400, same error persists.

  • Hello guys,

    can I use the CLUBSPORT STEERING WHEEL PORSCHE 911 GT3 R V2 (https://fanatec.com/us-en/steering-wheels/clubsport-steering-wheel-porsche-911-gt3-r-v2-for-xbox-suede ) with my CSL Elite Wheel Base + officially licensed for PS4?

    Could I play on both PC, XBOX and PS5 with this combination?

    Thank you all!

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