Calling all Fanatec Xbox users: PROOF that additional wheel inputs can be achieved!!!

Additional wheel inputs are possible on Xbox One - please see the linked post: VIDEO PROOF of Logitech G923 inputs and rev lights working.


  • Hi Monik.

    One thread is enough, there is no need to post the same thread 4 times.

  • I can understand that Maurice. Being a moderator on the Codemasters F1 forum, it’s against forum rules. But I also understand why this is happening. We don’t get answers and since it now seems possible, proved by Logitech, that full support on Xbox is possible, it’s only fair that you come up with substantial answers.

  • Hello Maurice,

    I (and others) have put a lot of time into this - the information contained in the linked post was not easy to come by, and financially I paid full price for a game I will not use so the person who bought my G923 could make the video to prove the additional inputs of this wheel work on ACC for Xbox. I certainly don’t want my efforts to go to waste.

    Even though I am a recent Fanatec customer, I know this is a long-standing issue - it’s quite likely those who have been effected for a while have given up on this and are probably not actively searching for it anymore. I don’t know where or what they might be looking at on these boards, hence the multiple postings - I have tried to keep it to a minimum.

    It may be overkill and apologies if that offends your sensibilities, but Fanatec Xbox users have a right to know what is possible, and if it’s takes multiple board postings, so be it - especially as there is now 2 examples of video evidence that have been hard to come by.

    By the way, I posed some questions to you on Jan 6 on this post, for which I am yet to receive a reply; - I and many others await your response, as clearly you have some knowledge on this subject.

  • Fully agree with this - I just want answers (as do many), because the reasoning provided historically now seems incorrect. Provide us the clarity we need and we will be able to understand and accept (provided it’s reasonable).

  • Appreciate Monik's work here.

    I really hope this gets some attention, and is picked up and rectified by Fanatec's and Codemaster's developers. We're paying for a top tier premium product with Fanatec and it seems unacceptable to me that a product advertised as fully Xbox compatible can have such important functionality missing and hidden behind a throwaway disclaimer.

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    Thank you.

    In other news, there is also evidence of other types of 3rd party peripherals being fully supported on Xbox: and

    It’s increasingly looking like Microsoft do not limit peripheral inputs, and increasingly looking like there is some truth that the peripheral manufacturer must make the software/SDK to enable support as outlined in the original post link - it’s the only sensible explanation.

  • My first post...

    I'm a very new Fantec customer and recently ordered a few Formula V2 wheels and V3 pedals. I wont lie I was very disappointed about the lack of full functionality for a "designed for XBox" wheel but it is what it is. For now.

    Rather than complain I wrote to Microsofts CEO quoting him where recently he said he was looking to "provide the best possible experience for customers". I dealt with a customer complaints specialist from Microsoft for 4 days before they closed my case without a solution. Not being happy about this I wrote back to Microsofts CEO citing my disappointment and was passed to an Executive from Customer Escalation. This person informed me that Microsoft were aware of the lmiitations in their product in working with Fanatec's SDK and that they hoped to be able to provide a solution soon.

    Whether this is true or not now may be the time to ramp up complaints to Microsoft - without being rude. Unless enough people raise a complaint to Microsoft I'd be surprised if they would be bounced into solving this quickly. In my opinion the goal must be for Fanatec customers AND Fanatec themselves to push for a solution. I cannot beleive that the wizards of microsoft cannot solve this. It's a question of motivation.

  • Thank you for your post David - clearly there is something on the Microsoft side also holding this up, and I doubt Microsoft would admit some culpability if not true.

    That Logitech were able to get around the Microsoft limitations or work with MS to make it happen does say something about the situation, although I’m not sure what anymore.

    Nevertheless, I fully agree with you that Fanatec need to act as a steward for effected users and spearhead the effort to get this resolved - they need to establish a mechanism for us to rally behind, especially as this has been going on for years. Fanatec could easily reach out to all their users to see how many are effected and take this information to Microsoft to spur them into action.

    So far they’ve placed the blame with Microsoft with nothing for us to get behind (effectively asking us to take this up ourselves and is akin to each of us taking little pop-shots with a BB gun that a giant corporation like Microsoft are easily able to swat away).

    Fanatec, please take note and action!

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    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd add another voice to this call to Fanatec. Been a stalker on the forum for approx a year, but it's gone quiet again on this issue.

    Sorry PC/PS/Moderators, sure you're all rolling your eyes at another bump of this..

    Been a fanatec owner for about a year now, CSW2.5 & P1. Fully aware of the compatibility issues before I invested from my Logitech. (At time was purely MS issue, not Fanatec SDK, so Irrelevant which brand I bought and with XSX coming soon I thought there was hope on horizon)

    I've been holding off getting a Formula V2 due to the lack of rev lights, buttons etc, but finally caved in this week and ordered one (typically 1 day before the 2021 limited arrived! It was outta stock by time I read email anyway so not too gutted) However Fanatec have definitely missed extra sales outta me as I would have bought this months ago and this weeks buy would've been for a nice round rally/drift wheel.

    I know, yes I should just get a PC and unlock everything, however I'm a casual gamer, career/family made me realise I honestly dont have the time for a real track toy, so sat in my PJs with a spare hour becomes race time.. I've no PC knowledge and just wish to pick up and race so console is so much more suitable for me. The fact that these features can be used on PS or by Logitech on their new wheel really irritates me, but my loyalty to Xbox for 20-25yrs far outstrips my loyalty to Fanatec..

    Fanatec always has been the on-trend brand. Official sponsorship of F1 and WRC, good re-sale value, eco-system of kit all inter compatible. Then this week the CSL DD came out, my CSW is going to be worthless in a year or two when I would naturally be looking to upgrade to DD. I missed out on an Fv2 limited with included APM due to tiny quantities, yet my V2 wasn't any cheaper. And finally I've just seen theres QR2 coming out, so I need to research now what that means to my kit and future upgrades.. Feel a little let down tbh, I love my kit but really need to consider if now is the time to give up on Fanatec before CSL DD ruins the resale value.. (Not knocking CSL DD btw, fair play will be a game changer for us simmers, but typically is another knock to me personally)

    Do think Fanatec need to be careful though, the other brands will catch up soon with the big eSports explosion in the world at present, dont split this eco system, if existing kit becomes redundant, being tied to the brand becomes less relevant..

    So please can you give us an update on whether this compatibility for XSX will ever come or not?

    @Monik, please can you continue with your battles, I got your back along with many more silent Xbox owners like I was I'm sure!

    I wouldn't even mind paying to help cover the development costs, crowd funding etc, so long as it was guaranteed or money back if not completed.

    Rant over, thank you for reading although I imagine it's going to ignored as per the piles or requests for info on this matter for years to date..

  • As an Xbox One owner and soon-to-be owner of a new Fanatec McLaren GT3 v2 wheel (with lots of non-standard inputs), I would LOVE to see some kind of resolution to this issue. From what I can gather, it appears that the onus is on Fanatec to develop the appropriate SDK, and then make it available to software developers e.g. Codemasters, Kunos, etc. so that they can take advantage of the extra inputs within the games themselves...?

    So basically, if I understand correctly, Fanatec are the ones who hold the key to get the ball rolling on this, and they're the ones who we should be contacting?

  • This is actually wrong. Its Microsoft who limits their Xbox OS - they need to open their Xbox OS.

    AFAIK Fanatec is in talks with Microsoft and Microsoft is actually considering to open their OS limitations but its still fully up to Microsoft to actually do that.

  • So...then how was Logitech able to implement functionality of the additional buttons on their G-series wheels?

  • Interesting - are you saying Microsoft have removed the limitations for Logitech but not for Fanatec? Is this the de facto situation?

    If so, that decision doesn’t make commercial sense for Microsoft (but I accept it still may be the truth) - if they opened up their limitations for Logitech, why not for all (or at least the major) 3rd party peripheral makers as better device support = potentially more console and game sales. Why would they do this? Strange.

    Maurice, you’re very quick to come out to defend Fanatec, which is understandable in your role as a tester etc, and let’s be fair - the hardware is great. But how about acknowledging Fanatec should handle the situation better?

    If what you say is true, why have Fanatec not facilitated some kind of petition/ survey of the user base to take to Microsoft to get some weight behind and potentially expedite the process (which they could easily do)? If they that at least we would feel like something is happening.

    We were told by Fanatec to take it up with Microsoft ourselves - why? This will achieve nothing and Fanatec know that - how do you think effected users will take this?

    Why aren’t Fanatec communicating what is going on and what they’re doing - why do we only get silence or excuses? I mean they could easily update us via a blog post/ newsletter or something - it’s not difficult. They can email me about new products right? Hmm…

    In the end, most of us think Fanatec are doing nothing and don’t care, even if they are - and that is Fanatec’s fault. They are breeding their own resentment amongst their Xbox customers by their handling of the situation.

    This is the million dollar question isn’t it? It would be great if someone from Fanatec would care to explain what the situation is and what needs to happen - they could easily and they haven’t, all the while pointing the finger at Microsoft, telling us to contact them. This has been going on for years, so expect silence…

  • Perhaps another option would be to swap information with Logitech. In fact this is a common problem. So the "how they did it" shouldn't kept as a secret in my eyes.

  • Hi All,

    I'm another Fanatec and Series X owner , and I'm looking for a solution about that issue

    My setup:

    XBOX Series X

    Fanatec Base Clubsport V 2.5

    Fanatec Rim Formula v2

    CSL Elite Pedals with Load Cell

    Fanatec can you please give us some update about this bug?

    Are there the same problems with the new Formula v.2.5 wheel ? Did you test it ?

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    This behavior isn't a bug. It's an intentional limitation of how the devices are programmed to interact with the systems they're designed for (i.e. PC, XBOX, PS). What no one seems to know is the reason *why* this limitation exists, or what (if anything) is being done to remove or at least work around it.

    Unfortunately, the more that time goes on and both Fanatec and Microsoft remain silent about this situation, I think the more obvious it becomes that the only real solution for us end users is to switch to a PC.

    I'm in the process of doing just that. It sucks, because I realize this isn't a viable option for many people. Xbox users pay the same amount of money (more, in some cases) to use their peripherals, but they get less functionality. And they're roundly ignored anytime someone brings up the subject. It's not right.

  • So sad that almost one year later nothing has changed. :-( .. I would instantly by another wheel the second when this problem is solved.

  • Towards the end of this year, when the new Forza Motorsport is scheduled to be released, is when people have indicated that there may be some progress to report regarding this.

    I'm not holding my breath, but in a few more months, we'll see if there's any truth to it, or if they're just blowing smoke up our collective @$$, like they've done all along.

  • Fingers crossed and agreed. GT7 on PlayStation got the fully functional DD Pro on its release, think it would be a missed opportunity for sales for both businesses if a FM release on next gen xbox didn't have a special fully functional wheel to promote with game release. Same wishful thinking I had with next gen release however, can only hope.

  • Gonna start a conspiracy theory here.

    Is it anything to do with QR1 maybe? PS & PC both need compatible base, e.g. the part connected via data lead. XB requires wheel with only the pins as a connection between base and wheel to digest and relay all information including vibrations and ffb.

    Maybe why neither company is accepting responsibility, Fanatec has limitations due to lack of data link availability across base and rim, but it's achievable if MS opened the software or whatever to an open source bit of hardware, the base, rather than an trademarked wheel.

    Total basic techy mind, probably talking rubbish here mind!

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