The beginning of a new era: Fanatec and Polyphony

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Finally! I waited so many years to make this happen:

"Fanatec announces partnership with PlayStation Studios, Polyphony Digital

Landshut, Germany – 13.7.21 – Fanatec, the leading brand in sim racing hardware, has entered a partnership with Japan-based game studio Polyphony Digital. Together they are developing new Gran Turismo®-licensed racing peripherals using advanced force-feedback technology, with the aim to reduce the distinction between sim racing and real-world racing.

Founded in 1997, Fanatec introduced several significant innovations to sim racing over the years, including the incorporation of belt-drive technology in consumer-grade wheel bases, introducing load cell brake technology and contactless sensors to mass-market pedal sets, and launching the first ever direct-drive system for PlayStation®4. Its partnerships with leading automotive manufacturers and world-famous racing series have helped to increase awareness of sim racing, making it an integral part of modern motorsport.

When Polyphony Digital released the first title in the Gran Turismo series in 1997, it redefined what was possible in racing games, and was critically acclaimed for its detailed graphics, vast number of licensed cars, and realistic driving physics. In 2001, Gran Turismo™ 3 pioneered the use of force-feedback on home consoles. With the Gran Turismo franchise Polyphony Digital has engineered a world-renowned, finely tuned, and accessible game that everyone from casual to competitive drivers can enjoy.

Thomas Jackermeier, CEO of Endor AG, parent company to Fanatec said:

“For many years, Kazunori Yamauchi has pushed the limits on the software side and played a massive role in making sim racing popular. Now we have joined forces with the shared goal to continue to merge virtual and real-world racing together. We have several exciting projects in the pipeline and I can’t wait to see how they perform in Gran Turismo.”

Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital and producer of the Gran Turismo series added:

"For many years, Fanatec has been one of the outstanding companies on the leading edge of simulation hardware technology. While the quality and performance of their products is impressive, it's their desire to innovate in motorsports that resonates with us the most. Polyphony Digital and Fanatec share this same spirit and long-term ambition, and I'm really excited about what we can create together."

More details about the partnership products between Fanatec and Polyphony Digital will be announced soon."

There is no product announcement so far but the first product of this partnership will be announced in a couple of weeks and production is planned to start this year. The industrial design will be made by Polyphony Digital just like they did with other GT licensed products before and I am sure it will be perfectly integrated in their racing titles as other GT products before.

And we have bigger plans so stay tuned.

  1. What should the first GT licensed product by Fanatec look like?54 votes
    1. Direct Drive !
    2. Direct Drive + Load Cell !!
    3. Direct Drive + Load Cell + Below 700,- !!!
    4. Nope. I rather have a belt drive wheel and pedals without LC option
    5. GT branded bed sheets


  • Fantastic news, well done Fanatec well deserved.

    But yikes, I hope the PS4 CSL DD will be available on its own as I have a podium wheel and clubsport pedals already purchase?

    Anyway, good job.

  • Never been a huge fan of the Official GT licensed wheels. Some look gaudy, in my opinion. Maybe just a DD with PS and GT stickers or badging…..I know that’s a pretty cheesy request for what this partnership has planned.

  • Really great news!

    I hope for a good Playstation DD bundle for Black Friday.

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    I just hope that it gets released with a rim similar to McLaren V2. A rim like T-GT or the "leaked one" looks horrid to me... completely unlike Fanatec.

    Or at least I hope that we will be finally able to map any Fanatec Wheel Rim to GT7, because currently I have a McLaren V2 but can't use its full functions with GT Sport...

  • It is a Playstation compatible wheelbase with a new wheel, images already leaked last week. Posted them here also but it got deleted within seconds.

    But since we are on the news section, any news on those products announced for Q2 this year like the BMW M4 GT3 wheel or the QR2?

  • Great news!

    I’m not a fan of the look of the leaked wheel rim, but look forward to whatever new products Fanatec & Polyphony develop in the future!

  • Great news guys! I just hope, since I already have CSL Elite + with few wheels and V3 pedals, that I can preorder only base from day one

  • Please don't let those leaked images be real. I seriously want a stand alone DD PS base. But, I'll probably switch to PC anyway. GT7 doesn't excite me that much. Especially given the lack of news.

  • i am clearly remember the announcement date of TGT 2 , they mentioned T-GT 2 will compatible GTsport , GT7 and future GT series , after PD and Fanatec announced they are partnership , just checked the description of TGT2 , they says " GTmode" compatible in GTsport only , is it means Fanatec is the only partner of GT7 ??

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    Tell me the leaked picture wasn't the real wheel. I thought the T-GT was ugly but that thing is far worse.

    I'm really keen to get a CSL DD that works with the PS5. Please release a PlayStation-compatible base without the GT wheel.

  • Now this news is out into the open, let’s hope you can announce the official GT wheel soon and we can order it.

  • seem Sony policy can't sell WB without rim , and Thomas said "The industrial design will be made by Polyphony Digital " so the big GT logo and those colored encoders will be added

  • The PS4 version of the CSL Elite was bundled with a generic but really nice Fanatec wheel. That's all I want.

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    I, like everyone else probably, don't need or want another basic round rim. Although the TGT did offer a lot more functions than other competitors bundled wheels.

  • So does this mean that people can buy those bundles or products under the deal from shops that also sell PS5 or GT products? 🤔

  • This is exactly what I was waiting for. I cannot wait for the new PC/PS (4 & 5) product announcement, ready to pre-order. This collaboration seems to be "The beginning of a new era" for sure. I just hope they keep it "simple" and "affordable" like the DD.

    Bundles are always good, but the option to buy separately should be there too. Sometimes is better to wait a bit longer and get it done right and get what you really want. Outstanding! 🏎️

  • I agree that the wheel rim on the leaked picture isn't the most stunning wheel rim i ever seen. But if it works well and all the ergonomics are spot on, i won't mind it's looks

  • This is awesome news! Now can we please have the CSL pedals loadcell kit that has been 'coming soon' for a month? Thanks!

  • Polyphony Digital has never seen a deadline it didn't toss in the garbage. I was very excited to get a CSL DD PS this year ... now I don't expect a DD before Summer 2022.

    They say I'm limited to 1 CSL DD? Can I buy the XBox version now AND a PS version too whenever it drops? I can't wait to try a DD wheel for the first time. I've got the wheel and pedals so if I have to buy a xbox too oh well. I've got a few months to wait anyway.

  • Ellen LambrixEllen Lambrix Member
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    Well, looking at those leaked images I hope their will be a seperate CSL DD Playstation version (8Nm) because my god those pre production units are ugly!

  • "The industrial design will be made by Polyphony Digital just like they did with other GT licensed products before"

  • mahmud rahmanmahmud rahman Member
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    Hi, I just received my v2 x hooked it up to my csl elite which is connected to my ps5 turns on with the “f” logo but not working what do I have to do please?

  • Although this is the wrong thread.

    Did you update the wheel frimware to the latest or you tried plug and play after the unboxing?

  • Sorry this the first time I’ve used this forum. Plug and play haven’t done the firmware update would I have to do the firmware update?

  • Does anybody know when the GT branded bed sheets are supposed to come out?

  • Good morning,

    7 weeks have passed since the original post. It was originally said that an announcement would come "in a few weeks". I don't want to whine or complain, I just want to say that I'm ready for an announcement :-) As ready as you can be. i would fall on my knees to hear some news.

  • Great developments. I will buy the DD PRO for sure. New ERA with the PS5 and PSVR2.

    Innovation: DD PRO <-> PSVR2 (GT7)

    Innovation: Use the LCD / Oled screen on the DD Pro as a Marker. The PSVR2 can than align / Lock the wheel position in VR.This will improve stability and secure seamless calibration of the seating / wheel position in VR.PSVR2's inside out tracking togheter with the DD Pro LCD / Oled screen as a Marker will give the opportunity to lock the virtual wheel based on the central / top position of ht e DD PRO.

    Please share this with Kaz. Should be simple to implement on the Fanatec side / DD PRO firmware. If GT7 is in PSVR2 mode + FANATEC DD PRO GT Wheel = LCD / OLED Screen

    Now this is innovation. This is pushing getting the sim closer to real-life and in a more user-friendly way.

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