Podium DD1: electric/grainy feeling when steering slightly left & right


So up front my specs:

  • Wheelbase: Podium DD1, 3 months old
  • Driver 410, Firmware 686, Motor Firmware 40
  • Side mounted on a GT1-Evo


  • When I'm driving, I notice a electric/grainy feeling when steering slightly to the right and left.
  • So when I turn the wheel 5-10 degrees to the left or to the right, I can feel a very noticeable electric current through the wheel.
  • You can feel it going quickly through, but it is especially noticeable when stopping at that point: then it's like the wheel is under an electric current.
  • It's not very pleasant and ruins the immersion as well, because you feel it coming up in every turn.
  • When I turn the wheel further than 10 degrees, it stops.
  • It is very noticeable in games with higher ffb, like ACC - but it also happens when it's not connected to anything.

What did I try already?:

  • Updated the firmware of course, but it happened with every firmware/motor firmware to date (tried 3)
  • Tried all kinds of settings, like linear mode on/off, higher NDR etc but nothing works
  • Erased Motor Calibration: didn't work
  • Recalibrated motor: same thing

What can I do?


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