Fanatec Formula V2.5 thumb encoders too responsive... a solution ?

Before buying this wheel I saw many reviews that agreed on one point : the thumb encoders were too responsive and useless as they can be touched unintentionaly while racing. I bought it thinking that I will not affected but... I am... :(

I might be wrong but there is no easy hardware solution and I was not able to find any software solution so far.

However, maybe a simple driver tweak could fix it:

  • The driver does not report any activity to the software/API when the thumb encoder is used once. It just internally registers an "activated state=true"
  • If no activity is detected within x sec (0.5... 1 or 2 sec) the activited stated is switched back to false
  • If any activity is detected when activated state is true, then the driver can report a moveup/movedown input to the software/API

As a result, when assigning buttons in simulator options, we just have to move the encoder twice up or twice down.

While driving,

  • any unintentional move will be discarded
  • if I need to adjust brake bias for one click, I move the rotary 2 clicks. If I need to adjust 2, I move it 3 clicks...Etc. Easy and straightforward.
  • The first "click" would act as a "awake from doze mode" actually :)

If any third-party software can do that, please tell me. Otherwise, a beta feature in the next driver would transform this wheel from good wheel to "must have" :)



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