CSL DD & H Pattern Shifting Not Calibrating

Hi all,

Got my CSL DD and went through the firmware update. I have the Fanatec shifter connected to the correct "Shifter 1" port as per the manual, but I cannot calibrate the shifter to recognize H-pattern mode. When I switch to Sequential mode the shifter maps fine.

Any help on this would be great.




  • Seeing this as well. Have uninstalled, reinstalled the driver several times, different USB Ports, etc. Sequential maps fine, H-pattern doesn't. V3 pedals and handbrake (if that matters). Have tried with WRC and GT3 V2, same result.

  • Same problem, FANATEC help !!!

  • Same problem here, calibrating without Wheel or any other hardware connected does not make any difference. Driver reinstall or port change does not help. I even tried doing this on my laptop... Same problem...

  • Same problem here. Tested on 2 different systems. One with a fresh windows installation. Tried everything, nothing works.

  • Last night, I was noticing the WRC wheel kept displaying "CAL", "SFT", and "6_n" it looked like.

    This morning I attached the shifter via the USB adapter with the DD off (not sure it makes a difference), and immediately it popped up to calibrate the H-pattern.

    After doing that, the WRC wheel is no longer displaying those messages and seems to be working just fine. The H-pattern is also being read correctly by games. However, the Fanatec control panel insists it's in Sequential mode, even though it isn't. Switching the position back and forth (and rebooting) didn't fix the control panel.

    So maybe a temporary work-around until the issue can be addressed properly by Fanatec.

  • Bruce HopkinsBruce Hopkins Member
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    Same here. I have the CSL DD, McLaren GT3 wheel, with Fanatec shifter. Does not work in H pattern. The wheel display says "SFT CAL Set Neutral Press P" but nothing works on the wheel. It worked fine with the CSL Elite. Must be a firmware issue with all of us having the problem. In addition, I do not have a USB adapter for the RJ-12 plug so I cannot connect directly to PC.

  • Same issue. I had to disconnect the shifter to get rid of the sft cal messages on the wheel.

  • Fanatec support provided a resolution that works for me.

    with USB to PC disconnected, and shifter connected to base, power on base and complete the shifter calibration from the wheel menu. Once complete, power off base, reconnect USB to PC, power base back on, and all should work as intended.

  • Thought this would be great, but just tried this and it still failed. Bummer.

  • with the USB cable disconnected and base powered on are you able to get to the point where the wheel displays “G_n” ? (Begin calibration by simultaneously pressing the tuning button and whichever button is “start” on the connected wheel*)

    If you can get there, put the shifter in neutral, press the start button, and repeat for each gear by following prompts on wheel (e.g. wheel displays “G_1”, shift into first and press the start button, …).

    After doing this my shifter is back to normal

    *fyi…the wheel manual will identify this button

  • I have exactly the same issue. Would be nice of Fanatec to acknowledge this? Or is there only a few of us. I can't connect my shifter directly to USB, so I'm a bit stuck at the moment...

  • Sadly this is not working for me. Even with the base disconnected or the pc powered off my wheel ist stuck in calibration the moment i connect the shifter in H-Pattern mode. The McLaren Wheel says:

    But pressing P is not working. Thats were im stuck...even without the USB connection...

  • This is exactly what I am experiencing. Shifter is new, maybe I have to return it if I cannot use H-Pattern.

  • I had contact with support, they told me that maybe a new driver will be released next week. Hopefully they can fix this...

  • Yup tried multiple wheel bases and it still stuck in calibration mode and no matter how many times I try to get to start the calibration method it still fails.

  • Thank you for that update. Support will not reply to me.

  • If the wheel based configuration isn’t working for you, support did offer an alternative:

    Without a wheel connected, try running the configuration from the driver properties page on the PC.

    I haven’t tried this myself as the first solution worked for me.

  • Istvan DerzsiIstvan Derzsi Member
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    well, it turned out to be an EMI issue for me. I have my RJ11 cable routed through the frame of the RSeat rig (zip tied to the power lead) for a clean install, and I could not get the shifter calibrated no matter what I tried. I then tried using a shorter RJ11 cable, routed externally away from the molex power lead and the shifter calibrated just fine. So it was EMI as Marcel suggested.

    So now I gotta find a different RJ11 cable, preferably one that isn't as long as the fanatec supplied cable and maybe wrap it in EMI sheath to shield it from the power cable. To clarify the shifter cable is nowhere near the power supply "brick", I don't think the power supply is the issue, I think routing the cable together with the molex connector cable is the issue.

    I'll give this a shot


  • Mine calibrated after someone suggested removing it from the base connection. In my case I detached it from my GT Omega Apex Wheelstand, put it on my lap/knee and it calibrated. Put it back on the base and it is still working today. I have not changed the Fanatec cable. It was some interference with the wheelstand.

  • Fanatec, this solution ^^ needs to go into the manual or quick install guide of the Shifter!!

    I had the exact same issue as described above, sequential mode on the shifter worked fine, but H-Pattern would not calibrate - no matter what. So as suggested by Bruce, I detached it from my next level racing DD wheel stand and cradled it on my lap. Calibration worked instantly.

    I put it back on the wheelstand as before, and it has worked perfectly fine since. Never in my life would I have thought about something like electromagnetic interference, thanks to Istvan and Bruce for bringing this up!

  • I just had the same problem. Couldn't get it to calibrate. USB connected or not.. Shifter mounted to the rig or not. As a final attempt, I connected the shifter with the short 30 cm (?) cable instead the long one, and TADA... it worked to calibrate. After calibration, I can use the long cable again!

  • Let me state, that when I did a firmware update, I had to do the exact same thing. It would not calibrate until I unbolted it, put it on my lap and did the calibration. Still working, however, I may not update firmware to often.

  • Ian SpencerIan Spencer Member
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    I received my CSL DD a few days ago and had the issue with the shifter calibration. I contacted fanatec and they asked me to provide a video showing the issue. I then came across this comment whilst waiting for the video to upload and my shifter is now calibrated. Thank You!

  • Just a informational tip. You have to do this with every firmware update. I had to do it when I upgraded to the next version.

  • I was going nuts until I found this. Worked for me. Thanks Phillip.

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    I got my first Fanatec products and this did not start well...

    After three long evening I'm still fighting with shifter and H-pattern...

    I have tested with three different RJ-cable and results are same. Finally i got it calibrated, but H-pattern does not work as it should!

    It's changing gear all the time by itself and without touching the gear.

    Here is demonstration:


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    I am also not able to use H pattern. Sequential works just fine with my CSL DD but the second I put it in H pattern it gives me a SFT and wont calibrate. Immensely frustrating that the one purpose I bought this for it wont do.

    edit: tried this using the desk mount and worked flawlessly..... I also was setting up on a GT Omega rig like others....

  • I received my CSL DD a couple weeks ago but was unable to test it until I received my Clubsport Steering Wheel RS today.

    I ran into the same problem as above. Plugged everything in. Installed Driver 4.29. Updated all the firmware and the sequential shifter wouldn't calibrate or show as working in the fanatec control software. I connected the shifter with the usb adapter and the shifter would work and calibrate thru the windows 10 game driver but it would show in sequential mode and not working in the fanatec driver 4.29. I am using an omega wheel stand.

    Following the theory in some posts of EMI interference between the CSL DD and shifter thru the metal of the wheel stand. I unmounted the shifter from the frame and everything worked. I then decided it was easiest to insulate the omega mounting plate for the shifter (bolted to the frame by only two bolts) Nylon or neoprene washers will work. You will need one at the bolt head, One between the mounting plate and the frame and one between the nut and plate. In other words, prevent direct metal contact between your shifter and your frame (with insulating washers or other material) I hope this helps anyone else that has run into this problem. Hopefully Fanatec can address this problem without RMAing the CSL DD or the Shifter. But it definitely needs to be fixed.

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    Hold on a minute. My comment seems to just have been deleted. That is very worrying to me.

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