Fanatec Driver 415 for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



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    Yes it worked , cheers again ya a life saver , I have the BMW m3 gt2 wheel on a podium dd2 with the low torque error , after the driver install ya have to flash the firmware to get Hi torque back

  • I got (temporarily?) rid of the low torque issue as well, with driver 415 on my system...

    Remember, I've two identical hubs (same firmware and even same chipset), one having the issue, the other not.

    After the low torque issue re-appears for one of the hubs, I've tried to connect the DD base to another computer, but that made no difference. However, after the following steps, both hubs are on high torque again on my system:

    • Base powered off
    • Wheel without low torque issue attached
    • Powering base, USB NOT connected to a pc
    • Confirming the "Enable torque" message by holding the wheel 90°
    • Removing wheel
    • Attaching wheel that had the low torque issue before
    • "Enable torque" message appears, after holding wheel 90° high torque was available again

    In the meantime I've interchanged both hubs, as I'd like to use my other wheel and re-tightened the screws of the QR as well as the ones from the pin array inside, but I'm not sure if this really does the trick. However, as especially the pin array screws tend to get loose over time and I had high torque on both hubs before for a couple of weeks, I could imagine that a bad connection of the pins could lead to this issue...

  • Thanks for the tip Michael, however trying this exact process with my DD1, McLaren GT3 V2 (Hi Torque Working) and 918 RSR Rim (Low Torque Mode only), this has not worked for me unfortunately. I wonder if your hubs are a slightly different issue to the 918 and BMW rim issue others are seeing?

  • Not sure, but the effect in the end is the same....

    It's now the third time, that the low-torque issue appeared and magically disappeared on my base. I just remember, that I was happy about my favorite wheel not having this problem after the update, however exactly this is what happens at the latest appearance. So it isn't related to a specific hub, it seems.

    I can only assume, but to me it could to be an issue within the wheels identifying process of the base (Remember, one pin on the connection array is shorter, in order to have a short delay in establishing the connection when attaching a wheel, just to get the idea...). To me, it seems as if the internal processing after the update got out of sync with the wheel sending an identifier when beeing attached. Maybe that's why only older wheels got affected and no Formula wheels. On my end, as the issues comes and goes, maybe sometimes I just manage to get both event synced by chance.....

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    I think the problem is with the driver for the quick release system. Everything worked fine for me with the new drivers then i saw that i had an update for the quick release system. I did that update and after restart it only says low torque mode for safety of the quick release something.

    Is their anyway i can delete the driver for the quick release system to test?

    I have the DD1 wheelbase with the BMW GT rim. I also have an F1 carbon rim but since thats on the otherside of the country right now i havent had the chance to test that rim. But up until the release of the quick release driver my FFB got stuck on Low Torque mode.

  • It's an issue with the base firmware 686, not Wireless QR Firmware 6.

    You can always install driver 402 and flash base firmware back to 684 to get high Torque back.

  • Hi Maurice,

    Could the instructions for this please be outlined step by step as an official workaround?

    Is there disadvantages of reverting back to Driver 402 or Firmware 684?

    It's obvious now there's quite a few experiencing this Low Torque issue with seemingly older wheels, will this continue to be investigated, or is the workaround as far as this will be looked at?


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    It's still a rare issue which none of internal Testers or someone at Fanatec can reproduce so there is currently no other fix but of course it's still being heavily investigated.

    Until then it's Safe to use 402 with Firmware 684. No disadvantage other than that you dont have acess to the beautiful new UI.

    How to downgrade a driver and firmware is explained in the instructions pdf file which is included with every driver download.

    It's basically just uninstalling 415, restart pc, install 402, restart, open firmware Manager, click checkbox to manual update, klick update base firmware, click ok to any warning messages. That's it.

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    Were can i download the old firmware and driver then because the links in the forum didnt work for me

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    Included in driver 402. No need to download anything Extra.

  • Will Fanalab 1.57.2 (.3/.4) work with driver 402?

    I thought, the latest driver is mandatory for this version of Fanalab... And that's the reason, why I did all this struggle with interchanging hubs on my different wheels...

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    Okay were do i find driver 402 then? XD because when i try to download it on the forum it says cant be downloaded

  • Hi there. Driver 402 with fanalab 1.57.4 tunning menu does not work. I just tried it. Nor does it work by installing (without updating) driver v415. tunning menu does not appear in Fanalab.

  • For me it works fine.

    You can also downgrade the firmware back to684 by installing driver 402 and after that you can install driver 415 again, just make sure you dont update the firmware again then.

    So it's possible to run driver 415 with Firmware 684 and Fanalab 1.57.4 just fine.

  • I updated to driver 415 but when i opened the fanatec control panel nothing showed, so i removed my Steering wheel and reset everything, when I turned back on the wheel base and motor showed up and said they needed firmware updates, which i did, but neither of my podium steering wheels recognize. I have deleted the driver and re installed, didnt work, I have deleted everything from devices section in windows 10 and reinstalled, didnt work. When I start the wheel base with steering wheel attached, it says it needs to do a "flash" update with a hex file, which i do, and it says success, but then it just keeps disconnecting and connecting and prompting me to do the flash update again, over and over, but the wheels are still unusable and not recognizing in the fanatec control panel. The only way I can get any devices to show up in the fanatec control panel are to remove the steering wheel, restart wheel base, and then the wheel base, motor and pedals show, but no steering wheel.  I have tried several times to send a support request but keep getting error to fill in subject line and message, which i have obviously done over and over. attached datalog as well. Please Help

  • for the jolts instead? we still have a lot to wait? you know it's only a year and a half ........

  • Hi guys, I have a problem I didn't have before with these drivers.

    Every time i turn on the DD1, I need to recalibrate the gaz pedal. It stops at 96% when I press completely the gaz pedal. Brake and clutch are fine (V3 Pedals).

    For more info, I am on manual calibration mode. And basically when I plug everything and turn on the Podium, the gaz pedal goes at 96% max. It's like if the calibration reset itself for this pedal only.

    Has this problem been reported already?


  • Has there been a fix for the "Low Trq" mode ONLY for select steering wheels such as the Porsche 918 RSR?

    Thank you!

  • No.

    Workaround is still to install 402 again to flash base firmware back to 684.

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    1) Yes the marked inputs work fine in testing them in the drivers; not checked with other games.

    2) No way! in comp mode the game DIDN'T recognized my equipment correctly, creating BIG issues expecially whit the wheel (the wheel base was recognized as a CSW 2.5, and could be ok, but the wheel, even if it was mappable (not completely: some button had default settings that are not changeable) in game simply was not possible to steer!). I tried to manage the imputs even in the steam options but sincerely ithat's a mess (not by Fanatec fault!).

    Since 1.04 version the game then recognize my CSL DD and Steering wheel perfectly, I play the game with the 412 driver in a very statisfying way and I can manage the lack of Fast forward & Fast Backward button in the flashback/replay mode: it's a marginal issue, so, since I almost got crazy, I'm very resistent to try changes, now...

  • Hello, I have the CSW v2.5 wheelbase with CSL Elite pedals and the Xbox wheel. I havent used my rig for about 2 years and it has very old firmware (wheel - 474, motor - 18). I have this weird problem where I cannot update my firmware at all and I've been hard stuck on this issue for days now. I've read maaaany pages with suggestions on this problem and tried some tips from them, but no one seems to be having the exact problem that I am.

    I tried drivers 415, 412 and 410. I want to try earlier versions too like 402 but I cannot download them? the page gives a 404 error. The problem is when I open Fanatec Control Panel, even though the wheelbase is recognised correctly, after I navigate to the firmware update tab and click update, the wheelbase suddenly dissapears from the Game Controler Window and the window becomes Not Responding (actually I think this happens even before I click the update button, i think just trying to move the game controller window with my mouse makes it stop responding). Shortly after this After clicking the update button, the Fanatec Firmware Manager also stops responding and the whole process just freezes. Turning off the wheelbase and restarting my pc seems to cancel the process without bricking anything (which im very scared of btw), but im assuming this is because the update process never even starts in the first place. Also trying to click the manual firmware update button results in a Please Wait... message which also hangs forever.

    I've tried everything I can think of including disconnecting the wheel, pedals(which are connected straight to the wheelbase and not via usb, if that matters), disabling every other program running including the antivirus, tried another PC with windows 7 instead of 10, tried connecting the wheel via different usb ports directly to the pc, because it was initially connected through a poweered usb hub. And ofc in the process I tried a million clean installations of the drivers that I can actually download, because most links are down.. same result every time.

    I've also read an interesting suggestion on fanatec subreddit where a user claimed he had the exact same problem and he updated by launching the Fanatec Control Panel with the wheelbase turned off, which makes it so it opens the new UI, then turned the base on and clicked the update button in the new UI which sucesfully started the update for him. Sadly for me after clicking the update thing the window just closes and nothing happens...

    I'm kind of close to giving up here, wasted my entire weekend on this and its starting to get annoying. Please help lol.

  • Dear Maurice!

    I would need 381 drivers. Please add a link to download because the old one no longer works.


  • hello, can i use with this driver my g29 with csl new pedals?

  • On PC you can use any pedal set when the pedal set is connected via USB.

    Other pedals connected to the Fanatec Base will never work no matter the driver...

  • It seems like ghosting is happening with XBox Universal Hub (v1) as well.

    I just got my CSL DD and I'm using it with the Xbox Universal Hub (v1) with driver v415 and the CSL DD firmware version from 415 driver (CSL DD :, CSL DD Motor: CSL DD WQR : I see the ghost button inputs especially when using the tuning menu (D pad and funky switch rotary encoder).

  • Another attempt to update the firmware did not go according to plan. Now CSW v2.5 is stuck with a blinking blue diode. Now the base is not detected and the Fanatec control panel does not start. Before that, manual flashing with a .hex firmware file helped. Now he does not swallow it. I attach the screen. Can there be hex files for the new firmware? Thank you for efficiency.

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