Fanatec Driver 423 for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • yes i can confirm that....did a test drive at GT Sport....

    Base started with 100% FFB....around 16,5Nm torque....then stopped the car, changed Wheelbase to 0% FFB...-> no change...still around 16,5Nm....

    stopped car again....switched from S_1 to S_2 and immediately back to S_1 (without taking any view at the settings) -> Force Feedback is around 1,5Nm at 0% FFB...

    @Marcel Pfister

    thanks for taking a look at you think there will be a fix (before a new driver version) or should we go back to 415?

  • EDIT: my bad, the fw works for me also, i didn't noticed that even checking the "Save tuning menu etc..etc.." it did't save the presets so that was the problem. I have full power with M3 GT2 v1 rim!

  • Still a known issue since release of 410 and no real response.


    Dd1 PS4

    Podium hub


    423 and all current FW installed

    Used on PS4

    Game GT sport


    When entering a track or staring a race the right turn signal is on.

    The left clutch paddle acts as a turn signal switch but only toggles between left and right signals with no ability to turn them off.

    I tried assigning buttons to the turn signals to see if it would help with no result. Sometimes if I flutter the clutch paddle back and fourth they would turn off or if you exit the race and start again they would be off.

    Reverted back to 402 and it's a shame. The new FW does feel drastically different and more lively.

    I understand it's a small issue compared to others but it makes GT sport unplayable for us console racers and unable to use the latest FW.

  • Hallo,,,,

    Please can someone tell me how to install the Hofix for the DD Wheel Base.Update to Driver 423 is done.

    Thanks for any Help.Greetings Stefan.

  • Hey Stefan,

    Firstly download and extract the Hotfix file to your desktop or documents, wherever you can access it easily.

    Open the new Fanatec Control Panel, select Firmware Update. Open Firmware Manager, tick the box in the top right corner "Manual Firmware Update".

    Select Manual Wheel Base Firmware Update, and a dialog box should open. Proceed through the steps until you reach the Flash Firmware page. There will be 3 dots near the top right, from there choose the hex file which you extracted. It will then load that file, ready to update the wheel base.

    Select the "Flash firmware" button, and wait for it to successfully complete. My fan ramped up when the update was complete, turned the wheel base off and on again and everything went back to normal.

    *Be sure to read the prompts, and warnings when going through the above, to ensure you update correctly.

  • It's been over a year I did the last motor-firmware update on a podium DD and I can't remember the proper sequence.

    So here's my question: Base-firmware first, then motor-firmware or is it motor-firmware first then base-firmware?

    The PDF with the updtae instructions doesn't state.



  • Maurice,

    not on my system. Never did and I can live with that. I always have to start the corresponding updater manually, thats the reason I'm asking.

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    When you open the Firmware Manager and you are not on the latest firmware then there has to be a big green button on the right labeled "Update" since a year or so now with the launch of the new Firmware Manager. That is the automatic update process where everything is done automatically in the proper order. So that one is NOT showing for you so you have to check the checkbox for Manual Update and then update every device one by one? That would be a Bug but would more indicate there is a general issue on your side as it always properly showed up for me and everyone else just fine..

    Order however Doesnt really matter. But was recently changed in the automatic process to first Motor, second Base, third Wheels.

  • Thanks, last statemant is the one I can work with.

    Firmwaremanager does show devices that need an update but once you click on it, nothing happens and I have to start the propper updater in the fanatec fw-folder. Base and motor have seperat updaters so I didn't want to mess them up.

    Regarding my system. Could be bug, could be on my side. It's been that way on my old Z77 Intel system with windows 7 and windows 10 and it's still the same on my new AM4 Ryzen system running windows 10 20H4.

    Anyway thanks a lot and have a nice weekend.

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    So I upgraded after long waiting from 381 RC (which worked really good) to 423 but there are a few new problems. 

    Pro: The new FW upgrade manager is nice and updated my wheels without any problems incl. save and restore of the profiles values.


    1: Only low torque with the CS Porsche 918 RSR wheel -> (EDIT) fixed with the hotfix file

    2: Settings changes in the wheel tuning menu does not take effect until you switch also the profiles back and forth, tested with FF, FOR, SPR, DPR while SEN changes immediately take effect as it should without profile switch.

    3: The new GUI looks nice but it's so slow, e.g. on the Tuning Menu page if you change the profile it looks like a scripting or interpreter SW is slowly painting the values. The old menu responded without delay.

    Wheel Base Model (product ID): Podium DD2

    Steering Wheel Model (product ID): PBME / F1V2LE / CD Porsche 918 RSR

    Driver Version: 423

    Base FW Version: 687 hotfix

    Motor FW Version: 41

    Wheel FW Version: 18 / 41 / --

    PS: The Edit funtion of the forum is buggy after 2nd edit the post is deleted.

    • 1. nice! :)
    • 2. This issue was reproduced only yesterday based on Feedback from this thread. Only happens when you do not have FanaLab running (or on consoles as there is also no FanaLab running, obviously). Will be further investigated by the devs now and then hopefully fixed soon.
    • 3. I dont understand as for me changing profile in the UI pretty much instantly changes all respective settings in the UI without any delay at all.

  • Just an update to my post 3 hours ago.

    Manually updating a Podium DD with base fw 687 and motor fw 41 from driver package 423 motor first then base went fine. Motor update scared the hell out of me as the fan was running full throttle when finished. Base update fixed that.

    Some comments on the new firmware. I'm coming from base 675, motor 40, best combination so far, at least for me.

    NDP is a lot more aggressive than before, using 33% off my 675 value

    NFR therefor is less aggressive, using 150% off my 675 value

    NIN no experience, I don't use that

    INT like NDP is a lot more aggressive than before, using 33% off my 675 value

    Overall FFB strength feels a bit lower but that could be placebo.

  • Hi Kevin,

    I encountered the exact same issue with trying out versions from 410 to the latest Beta 423. My post: (I should've found and replied to your report first).

    The issue is kinda annoying in GT Sport, especially online daily/FIA racing. Turning signals are treated as a convention in this game to indicate/communicate w/ other drivers in racing.

    Hope the issue gets escalated and fixed soon.



  • well ... I don't know if it's placebo or not ... but I've noticed it too. I don't know if the new Engine 41 is just smoothing out the effects. it's like if I take the 40 motor and go up INT or low FEI. I get the same effect as with motor 41

  • Hello all,

    This fw is definitely the best so far. .. I love it... !!!😛

    Thank you Fanatec people who do the best they can....!!!👍️

    Keep on going...!!!😀

  • Hello!. Downgrading to the v402 driver from v423 I got an error to 61% and now there is no way it will recognize my button module. I have tried everything unused to keep 10s the power button and still nothing. I put the f1 steering wheel and everything works fine. Anyone have any suggestions ??. What could I try ?? I have reset everything and reinstalled and it still does not recognize my button module. Thank you so much!!

    DD1 ps4

    Porsche gt3 rs(bme problem)

    F1 v2 ps4

  • 4: When using the 90 degree method to accept high torque the Caution message stays on the the PBME until you press a button on the PBME.

    I'm really wondering, why this normal usage bugs are not found by the beta testers. Maybe Fanatec should setup a checklist which has to be worked through to find the simpler bugs in FW and driver. If you look in the forum in each version are bugs like buttons not working, buttons mismatched and so on.

    I'm really thinking about going back to 381 RC because this driver and FW seems way more mature then the newer versions.

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    Those issues are found and reported by beta testers... Including the one you are listing now. They are just not important enough or a bit more complex as you think to fix quickly.

  • Finally I can confirm that my Porsche 918 wheel is now back to Hi Trq mode. Took a loooooooong time, but OK. Now it works as expected again. Thx.

    Just wondering why support didn't contact me about the fix as I still have a ticket open.

  • Thanks a lot!

    "Unfortunately" all of my wheels are working at the moment with full torque, allthough I haven't installed the hoxfix over driver 423. As soon as one is failing again, I'll give this a try.

    Marcel, could/would you give us some details, what exactly was causing the low-torque issue? I'm asking as, like written above, sometimes my wheels are fine on high torque and sometimes not. That's why I just would like to understand if there might be something different on my end from case to case....

  • Hello again!!. does anyone have any suggestions on this ?? !!. some hidden file that should be deleted or some way to reset the PBME. Before opening an RMA I would like to try everything. thanks a lot!!

  • What wheel do you have? Podium GT3R with PBME?

    If this is the case, then your PBME is not recognized at all. That's why the Podium Hub behind will be recognized and shown.

    Firmware up to date? Cable/plug attached correctly?

  • To confirm, I am having exactly the same issue in GT Sport after upgrading my F1 wheel to the GT3 Rim with Endurance Button Module and APM.

  • Yes. in fact the problem came with an update. also check the cable and it is well connected to the podium hub

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