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Changelog since FanaLab 1.57.4

  • Fixed: FanaLab closing issue
  • Fixed: DD base doesn't have ITM when in COMP mode
  • Fixed: Shift point Bracket option not visible when loading profile
  • Fixed: DRI going up to +5. Now +3 is Max
  • Fixed: BRF no % in the Tuning Menu
  • Fixed: Fuel rounding issue on ACC
  • Fixed: MPS UI not working properly
  • Added/Improved support for new ClubSport wheels: UH(X) V2, BMW V2, RS
  • Added: Enable/disable toggle for Base Rev LED of CSL E
  • Added Flag and DRS data to supported telemetry for RF2
  • Added: Disable option for RPM LED on single color led steering wheels
  • Added: DRS and Flags telemetry to rF2
  • Added: FanaLab update notification
  • Updated: Formula V2 steering wheel names on alternative steering wheel selection dialog box
  • Updated: Changed the cursor of FFS toggle button to hand cursor
  • Updated: Recommended profiles
  • Updated: Moved FanaLab shortcut "F-letter" section in start menu. Before was in a the "Endor Fanatec" Folder.
  • Updated: Texts and images
  • Updated: APM hint from "Advanced Paddle Modules" to "Advanced Paddle Mode"

Hotfix 1.60.2

  • Fixed: Physical APM switch on Formula V2 and McLaren GT3 not working correctly in UI.
  • Updated: Moved FanaLab shortcut to "F" section in start menu.
  • Added: Changing ITM pages of Button Module Endurance within FanaLab
  • Added: Automatic ITM page change for Button Module Endurance

Known limitations of game telemetry and issues:

  • iR tyre temps sometimes differ from black box.
  • rF2 brake bias can differ very slightly.
  • R3E tyre temps slightly differ from HUD.
  • F1 2020 & 2021 tyre temp differs from dash to HUD.
  • Older profiles get converted and loaded with RPM instead of % enabled for the LED threshold. -> Toggle back to % and save again, then it works like expected.
  • APM setting of Tuning Menu page currently having issues.


Link to compatible driver version:

How to report issues:

  • List which hardware, driver and firmware you are using
  • Cross check with other settings, games and wheels to see if it's a general issue or specific with to a game, wheel or setting.
  • Is it happening with just one game (which one) or all you tried.
  • Go into detail how we can reproduce the issue.
  • Post screenshots or videos if needed.
  • In case of a FanaLab crash, use the "Collect Logs" feature under "Settings" and upload them here.



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