We’re announcing our Black Friday 2021 deals early! And there’s more to come…


This year we’re bringing back a fan favourite—the classic P1 wheel—with some improvements. The CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 will be our lowest priced wheel at 119.95€, and we’re doing a special introductory price just for Black Friday at 99.95€. This Black Friday edition has a different grip texture compared to the standard version, otherwise the specifications are the same. 

The CSL Steering Wheel R300 is a combination of the CSL Universal Hub and Podium Wheel Rim R300, which is a 100€ discount. This deal will only be active for the Black Friday weekend.

We’re also introducing the final products to complete the CSL Pedals line-up: the Load Cell Kit and the Tuning Kit! The CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit also has a special introductory price at 119.95€, just for Black Friday. Once this offer ends, the Load Cell Kit will be 139.95€, but we will continue to offer a bundle with the CSL Pedals + Load Cell Kit for 199.95€. 

The CSL Pedals Tuning Kit will also be available for pre-order starting on Black Friday. These elegant aluminium plates add the finishing touch to your CSL Pedals. They look and feel really great.

And by the way, there will be one more new product shown on Black Friday and I have the feeling that some people are already waiting for it.

  1. What is the most exiting offer this year?61 votes
    1. A wheel which costs just half of our cheapest wheels so far -> CSL P1
    2. A 33% discount on a very cool steering wheel ->CSL R300
    3. New accessories for the CSL Pedals -> CSL P LC Kit and Tuning Kit
    4. The mystery product everybody is waiting for -> ???


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