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  • I deleted Fanatec empty folder. There isn't a podiumcontrol folder.

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    If FanaLab doesn't start this can be fixed by deleting the Fanalab folder in C:\users\[username]\AppData\Local\PodiumControl and then restarting Fanalab.

    Another cause could be that you updated from a very old version so your profiles are now no longer compatible and prevent Fanalab from starting properly. What was rhe Version you used before updating to 1.61.3?

    If that doesnt help please provide LogFiles or Windows Event Crash Logs so the dev can investigate after holidays.

  • Thought as much but just wanted to be sure. Thanks for replying.

  • Hi Maurice. I wanted to ask you something about your custom profiles for ACC. I remember that in previous versions (which I tried to redownload, but the download does not start), as for the Ferrari 488 there was a particular setting highlighted in the notepad "#ACC in game settings".txt. Now in the latest version I see that it is no longer mentioned. Could you tell me what setting it was exactly ? (it seems to me concerned the steering ratio...). Thank you

  • Maybe already covered but certain settings do not translate properly to the Fanatec control panel. Using CSL DD and McLaren V2 switching FFS between Peak and Linear shows opposite settings in control panel and Fanalab (ie set to Peak in Fanalab and control panel will show Linear). Similarly the order of the MPS options are different in Fanalab and in the control panel and this causes the selections to not line up:

    In Fanalab under the MPS options, the first box is for auto, but ticking that selects ENC in the control panel (ENC is the first box in control panel). Next in Fanalab is ENC, but ticking that selects CONST in the control panel. Games seem to be reading from the option in the control panel - which means when I thought I had mapped it as an encoder I had actually done so as CONST, which really threw off my button mapping.

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    That's because you did not read the first post and you did not updated to a compatible driver.

    You HAVE TO use Driver 434 with this Fanalab version 1.61.3, otherwise you will have exactly this issues you described.

    So just update to driver 434, flash the firmwares, and then everything will match again.

  • I’m using 434 and latest Firmware on CSL DD and McLaren V2

  • And you use Fanalab 1.61.3...?

    Thats... Not possible then to get different Tuning Menu settings..

    Something is for sure not updated properly, either driver or Fanalab.

  • So my fanalab issue persists, as soon as I open fanalab the wheel base screen defaults to the itm screen, this is prior to loading a profile. Even when I do load a profile the itm screen stays and every time I have to save the analysis screen to default, it does not seem to Save that default screen setting.

  • Must have been fanalab which makes no sense because I never had an old version (my fanatic setup arrived 12/22). But I just deleted it and reinstalled and all seems to be working

  • Is it possible to make an LED for the ERS-Mode in F1 2021/2020? Reason - My virtual steering wheel is directly in front of my Formula V2.5


    Any chance we can get the option for V3 pedals throttle pedal vibration to work when ACC's TC kicks in? I assume it would be a relatively simple feature to add in as we already have the option for the throttle pedal to vibrate based on other elements of ACC's telemetry like wheelspin, understeer and oversteer etc. I think having it vibrate with TC would be much more useful, especially in ACC where we don't encounter a lot of wheelspin due to the fact that almost every car always has some level on TV active.

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    @Maurice Böschen

    Do you happen to have an updated profile for RF2? (DD2)

    The FFB doesn't fell right after the updated drivers from (415 & 157.4)

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Hello all,

    Is there a profile or recommended settings for RF1 the original Rfactor, using the DD2?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • No. I dont drive that game at all as I dont like it...

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    Hi All,

    Does anyone happen to have an updated profile for RF2? (DD2)

    The FFB doesn't feel right after the updated drivers from (415 & 157.4) to (434 & 161.3)

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • Hello!!. I'm having a problem that I didn't have before and I don't know if it happens to someone else. Driver v434 and fanalab 1.61.3. I select the car profile in fanalab in iracing. And when I finish the race and run the same race again with the same car, the profile does not load. The LEDs don't even work for me. I have to re-enter fanalab and when I enter the profile it is changed to another car. I have to reselect it to get everything working again. Someone else happens??. Thanks!!

    Dd1 ps4


    Porsche gt3R

  • Hello, and Happy new year everyone.

    Is it possible to import multiple profiles at once or do you have to go one by one?

    Thanks :)

  • Hey guys, wondering if anyone has experienced the same issues I am. I have upgraded once again to the latest driver (PC v434), firmware (DD1 690, Motor 42, Formula v2 43), and Fanalab (v1.61.3). The firmware update was strange...I had to reset the base before it would move to the next steps, but it did and updated successfully.

    When in game, the whole setup freezes whilst the car is still moving in game for a second or so often enough that it is impossible to drive. Also, a recurring issue with Fanalab...It acts like it sees the Podium Wheel Base DD1, but the picture of it does not show and the tuning menu does not show up with everything connected and on.

    Guys, I've started completely over, uninstalled everything, reinstalled, etc... tried different USB ports, tried older drivers. I haven't tried throwing it out the window, but I'm getting close. I've had this thing for a year and was having a blast racing until the last major update and now I can't participate. Please help.

    Thanks for reading,


  • Never had a buggy version of fanalab before but this one definitely is for me.

    Not only do I have an issue with the wheel base screen showing an unusual screen every time I open fanalab but now also if I make a modified version of the recommended profile and save it I can use it and it is fine. If I then load another profile and then go back to the modified profile it now has the led screen from the previously loaded profile and not the one I originally saved

  • Please provide a video, I can not reproduce and therefore can not confirm this issue at all.

  • Hi Maurice, link to video attached. I forgot to mention in the video that when i load a profile that original ITM screen at the beginning of my video stays like that unless i manually select the default screen on the loaded profile. Even if i save that afterwards it does not keep that setting so next time i load the profile the default fanalab logo screen does not load with the profile.

  • Thanks a lot.

    The first issue that the DD OLED goes to Legacy ITM page is under investigation already.

    The second one I believe you simply forgot to check the LED stuff on the bottom where you save the profile. You can check and uncheck different settings there and you have to actively check the LED checkbox to get LEDs saved and loaded. You can already see in the Profile Preview that the LED stuff was not saved to the profile and this happens when the checkbox for LED is not checked.

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    Just tried it myself and I think I am correct, you just forgot to check the checkbox the save the LEDs to the profile.

    When you load the recommended profile then no LEDs are loaded by default as recommended profiles only have Tuning Menu settings included.

    Therefore also the checkbox for LEDs is NOT checked automatically when you load the profile and when you save a modified version of it. You actively have to manually check the checkbox for the LEDs, only then they get saved properly.

    But that was always the case and is nothing new with 1.61.3 and especially its no issue :)

  • An, oops, I feel like a right Pratt, you are right Maurice, I did not tick the damn save boxes, amateur move on my behalf!

  • Hi

    I installed Fanalab 1.61.3 and I have some questions how fanalab in certain cases works.

    In Assetto corsa I set in FFB file the roadfeeling to 35. In fanalab I can in wheel/vibration set a value in the suspension travel. My questions:

    If I set suspension travel to disable, means that, that the ingame ffb for roadfeeling (set in ac to 35) works unfiltered in fanalab?

    If I enable suspension travel in fanalab what does this exactly? to add more vibration to the ingame settings from assetto corsa in roadfeeling (ac 35 + more vib from fanalab) or it ignores the ingame settings from ac?

    Its not clear how the ingame ffb settings will consider in fanalab?

    Thanks for your helping.

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    Suspension Travel is only a VIBRATION setting so the vibration motors inside of supported steering wheel handgrips and Pedal vibration motors vibrate in certain situations.

    It has nothing to do with FFB and does not influence any in game FFB settings at all.

  • Thanks Maurice

    are the ffb ingame settings in ac always the base for fanalab and fanalab adds additional vibs to the ac settings?

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    FanaLab is not adding any additional FFB to the AC settings.

    All it does it simulating suspension forces by letting the vibration motors rumble. But that is completely unrelated to in game FFB as its not FFB but just rumble...

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