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    This is a basic question, but I would like to ask for support.

    Previously, there was a thread explained for each item of each FFB, but since it is not found now, for each item of FFB below

    Could you give me an explanation

    Or let me know if there is a thread described.

    Also, I would appreciate it if you could give me a detailed explanation of the dynamic FFB in LAB. Thank you.

    FFS peak / liner












  • Every setting has a hint when you hover over it with your Mouse which explains the setting, same for Dynamic FFB.

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  • Just to confirm, yes I clicked both green buttons and received positive responses (that the port was okay and that config was updated or whatever it says). I also looked at the telemetry feed - seems to work fine. The issue is consistent in 1.61.3 and is not an issue in 1.60.6. In my longer note that disappeared, I mentioned that it does the same thing in Assetto Corsa Competizone. That might be helpful for the devs to identify it, as it’s not just F1 2021. Also, on my last install I deleted everything I could find that had to do with Fanalab, including settings and profiles, did a full reboot, and reset the game to use SimHub stand-alone. Everything was working fine, so I disabled Simhub (again) to make sure that wasn’t the issue (I normally use port forwarding) and rebooted again. Clean install of 1.61.3 with the reset all button selected. Clean set up in F1 2021, turn on telemetry/UDP/port 20777/etc (and turn off Fanatec LED support in game) and it all works except the flag LED color flips for red/blue and yellow/light blue. For now I’ve just turned off the red/yellow/blue flags - no big deal. Also, I didn’t say before, but I’m using a Formula V2 wheel/CSL Elite base/V3 pedals - all about 15 months old. Absolutely no issues with anything in that time on the hardware side of things.

  • I have a Problem to enable the Telemetry!

    I get this message: rfactor2: Plugin copy failed! (Der Prozess kann nicht auf die Datei "c:/program files (x86)/steam\SteamApps\common\rfactor 2\Bin64\plugins\Podiumrfactor64.dll" zugreifen, da sie von einem anderen Prozess verwendet wird.)

  • Same problem here... no telemetry for motion in Simtools with RF2

  • Any chance to get the lights working on my P1 wheel for Euro Truck Simulator like fanaLED does?

  • It would be an excellent feature to customize ITM displays (in addition to rev led settings autoload...). Hope it wiil be a future update.

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    Customizable ITM was already confirmed to not come (at least not anytime soon) as it's way too complex to do as it's not just Fanalab but first and foremost Firmware and current Focus on Firmware is more on fixing critical Bugs like the Jolt issue by a complete re-write of the whole firmware so there are just no ressources for things like a customizable ITM.

    Autoload of profiles for each car is coming this year.

  • "Autoload of profiles for each car is coming this year" - That is great news!!!😁

  • I'm using a CSL DD and am getting a little confused on how to save the profiles for my wheel base. I think I want to save the Dynamic FFB & LED settings from Maurice's profiles, but keep the Tuning Menu settings from my default profile (since it is customized for CSL DD).

    • I have a game profile saved as default with the Fanatec recommended CSL DD settings for each sim.
    • I've imported each of Maurice's profiles into Fanalab

    The next step is where I'm confused... Do I load my default profile and then tick only Tuning Menu for each car profile and hit save? When I do that, the Dynamic FFB & LED settings go blank in the profile. So I am not doing something right. I feel a bit foolish since I feel I'm missing something very obvious.

  • Thanks for the infos

    Concerning ITM : I don't really understand why having the ability to select already available values on a custom screen would be so hard to make but I'm not a programmer so ... I will not ask more on this point...

    About profiles autoload : "Each car autoload" would be a nice feature for hard gamers who need this, ok, but can't figure why existing autoload is working for all settings, but not the rev leds... sorry but I don't understand that. I really hope it's just a bug...

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    What do you mean that LEDs are not autoloading?

    When you select a profile as a games default profile then it's already the case now that this entire profile gets loaded automatically when you launch the game, including LEDs. Of course you need to have the checkbox checked for the LED load...

    Base LEDs are currently not working with a Wheel without LEDs attached, that's a known issue. But otherwise the LED stuff will get loaded properly automatically already now for the game default profile.

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    That's what I explained few posts ago : in my config, when I launch a game, the default set profile will load all settings but not rev leds ones ! See below what's happend when game is launched vs what is set in the profile.

    If I want the rev leds settings to be loaded, I have to manualy press Load on the profile.

    Here what happend with different situations :

    If I switch between 2 games with active Rev led settings in their profiles (but different config), only the first loaded led setting is keeped, other parameters are well loaded for the 2nd game.

    If after playing a game with active rev leds settings I switch to another game with disabled rev led settings, the autoload feature disable the rev LED as set in the profile.

    So we can say that the fanalb's autoload is ok to disable rev leds but can't load or enable them...

    Edit : the issue seems to be the same with "display" and "flag leds" settings

  • Few tests later, the issue seems to occur within "race" modes (offline or online)

  • Fanatec CSL Elite ps4 pc xbox issue when fanalab is running.

    PC DRIVER 435

    WHEEL BASE 689


    FANALAB 1.61.3

    pc 64bit w10

    Hi, if I use fanalab 1.61.3 when I start racing set-up or racer room I have lag, I can't change gears, I can't manage the steering wheel menu, I can't manage the race menu while I'm driving.

    If I use the titles with the LEDs off, therefore without fanalab, everything works perfectly. Except that I have the base and steering wheel LEDs off.

    It also happens if I drive in single player mode.

    could you help me fix?

  • Very frustrated with Fanalab 1.61.3. ☹️

    Profile Problem?

    1. It will not save or load my LED timings that I spent time adjusting to match each game.
    2. It will not remember my ITM setting I saved with the profile.

    Will this be addressed soon?


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    Most probably not as you are the only one reporting such issues...

    Maybe you can go a bit more into detail.

    You make sure to check the checkboxes for LED and ITM on the Game Profile Tab so they get saved and loaded properly (which is working fine for me and everyone else)?!

    Also Note that you cant overwrite the Recommended Profiles so you need to save a new profile if you adjust anything from the recommended profile.

    Also which driver are you using?

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    Hi Maurice,

    1. Checkboxes are checked.
    2. Latest drivers. PC 434 (see screenshot below)
    3. DD2 + Formula V2 rim
    4. The LED and ITM settings not being saved happened in multiple games (AC, RRE, etc...)

  • Please share some pictures of the LED Tab and Game Profile Tab.

    You are doing something wrong, let's find out what you are doing wrong...^^

  • Are we any closer to get orange LED function..?

  • One step closer for a release sometime this year indeed, yes.

  • excellent Maurice!

    thank you

  • I have noticed that when using the WRC wheel, the LED colors (specifically rev colors) set in Fanalab don't match the color shown on the wheel. Is this a known issue, or shall I gather up some screenshots and further details?

  • Are you using driver 434 or 435 with WRC Firmware v4?

  • Well gosh, don't I feel like a dope! I did have 434, but for some reason I was still on v3 firmware for the WRC. Updated to v4 and all is well now.

    Thanks for the quick response - and sorry for wasting your time!

  • I am also experiencing ITM problem with 161.3 - since updating to this (driver 434, DD2, PEW) version using it with Iracing it is automatically switching ITM settings to 1, on some cars only, and if I switch it back to a different ITM setting and save it automatically switchs back to 1.

    It is also not letting me update the Analogue clutch paddle setting, it is set to bt but on sopme cars it is switching itself to a different setting and will not allow me to select anything at all for the ACP setting.

    Any ideas?

  • You need to disable the auto-page-switch feature by clicking on all the green Icons in the ITM Tab. Yoj then also have to delete the fav page by clicking on the yellow Star.

    Then re-save the profile and the ITM wont be triggered again.

  • My ITM is toasted as well. Never saved and always load empty, despite being saved on 5 "tyres temp".

    Where is the auto-page switch?

    What green icons?

  • I notice on the ACC files, there are two versions of setups for the Porsche GT4. What are the differences in these two files?

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