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  • The used wheel (BME with 32cm Rim vs Formula v2) and therefore different FFB and LED settings.

  • thanks Maurice that did the trick for the ITM, still cant change ACP settings in tuning menu any ideas on this?

  • After updating firmware and driver V434, when using F1 2021 fanalab crashes. I notice this when exiting game since it is no longer running and also leds on wheelbase stop functioning. Attached is recent log. Also running windows 11. Have wheelbase DD1, Clubsport V 2.5 steering and clubsport pedals V 3.

  • Hello!!. It is normal that in Iracing. Every time I finish a race and start another, does the selected profile change? I don't change cars or tracks. I only go to the iracing menu and when I return many times my profile has been changed to the first on the list. Thanks!!! Greetings!!

  • The active profile wont change, it's just that the profile preview goes to the first profile in the list but the profile wont be loaded and that is normal, yes.

  • Hey Maurice,

    I recently got a Formula V2.5 that I now use instead of my PBME for ACC. I use your profiles for the Mclaren 720s. Due to the lighter weight and smaller diameter I turn down the FFB by 10 points (From 60 to 50 for 720s). Anymore than that and I feel like the detail starts falling off. While I love how it feels at the higher FFB, it can be rough for longer stints. Was just wondering what you recommend to keep the detail of your original settings at a slightly lower FFB level for different rim weights and sizes (Less damper, more FFB intensity?) or should I just hit the gym harder. 😆

    Thanks for your help!

  • Still occur without rev leds activated (last beta drivers/firmwares installed) but seems ok without ITM ... a bit annoying ...

  • Hello Maurice, I am writing to you because it is not clear to me what parameters I have to put in app.ini in dd1 for iracing. Could you help me? Thank you .

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    Is this normal behavior?

    I set all of my tuning menu options in the 5 slots available. I save the profile. about 50% of the time come back to race and Fanalab loads, the settings are not what I saved, even though I have the profile set as default and it loads.

    Every version of Fanalab I've had behaves this way. What am I missing?

    P.S. I have 2 wheels and I have 2 profiles. I have 1 as the default for the wheel I use the most.

    Should the profile that loads by default, always have the settings that I saved?

    Again, if I am missing something, let me know.

  • When I try to download the zipped file, I always have issues trying to get the download to complete. I have no issues with internet speed as I stream, online game etc. (250Mb/s download speed)

    Why do I keep having this challenge with this file download from Fanatec? Any help is greatly apprecaited.



  • Enable Force Feedback: checked

    Use Linear Mode: checked

    Reduce force when parked: checked

    Max force: first number of the profile name**

    Wheel force: second number of the profile name

    Damping: 0%

    Min force: 0.0%

    app.ini File changes (located in the users/“username”/documents/iracing)

    Changes to this file need to be made to diminish and/or remove some un-wanted effects within iRacing that cause oscillations with Direct Drive Wheels of any kind. The app.ini has descriptions about what each setting does in a generalize form.

    displayLinearInNm - Nm Display of force: (parameter = 1) -

    Changes the iRacing force slider to display the 100% point in Nm

    steeringBumpStop_Deg - Software Bump Stop: (parameter = 200.000000) -

    Sets how many degrees beyond the calibrated endpoints iRacing allows before initiating a 100% force to hold the wheel within calibrated limits. this should be set between 25 and 180 degrees to limit violence of the wheel at the in game bumpstop.. Set higher if you are getting violent bounce back in the wheel at the game bumpstops.

    steeringDampingFactor - Strength of Dampening Signal: (parameter = 0.0500000) -

    Sets the strength of the dampening applied to the signal when the iRacing dampener is used 1=100%

    steeringDampingMaxPercent - Dampening Percentage: (parameter = 0.0000000) -

    Sets the percentage of dampening added to the FFB signal. This is set primarily through the dampening slider and is over written if the slider is moved.

    steeringDampingParkedMaxPercent - Dampening Percentage “Parked”: (parameter = 0.2000000) -

    Sets the percentage of software dampening added to the FFB signal when the car is in parked mode and the Dampen Oscillations checkbox is enabled.

    steeringFFBSmooth - Percentage of Inverse Signal Smoothing: (parameter = 1.0000000) -

    Sets the percentage of RAW feedback signal passing through the filer 1=100% Raw signal lower numbers signify more signal averaging or smoothing.

    steeringForceParkedPct - Parked Force Reduction: (parameter = 0.500000) -

    Sets how much reduction in sim delivered force is applied when in parked mode and the Dampen Oscillations checkbox is enabled. 0.5 = 50% reduction. If you want to turn off feedback in the pits completely set to 0.

    **This is the slider above the 'Wheel Force' setting. If it is showing 'Strength' values, you can click the text to switch to 'Max Force' values.

    Calculation to adapt FFB settings to DD1: Tuning Menu FF value multiplied with 1.25 (e.g. FF60 x 1.25 = FF75)

    i need help with this! What numbers do I really have to put? There are many numbers that are repeated as they are in iracing😥

  • You dont have to do anything. If you are unfamiliar with editing ini files etc, just leave them as they are and only use the profiles as they are (with the only exception of FFB calculation if you have a DD1). That will be enough already. The ini stuff is just fine-tuning but not essential and is only for professional users who really want to get the max out of the profiles.

  • ok.Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience, the truth makes me calmer. just one more question in iracing degrees of rotation configured in 1080?

  • Yes, as my profiles use SEN AUTO its recommended to use in game 1080.

  • Perfect, thank you very much and great job that not everyone knows how to configure so many parameters and take advantage of this base. thanks again for your input.

  • Ill throw this out there again as I havent been able to find answewr yet - Since the last few updates I cannot change my ACP setting in Fanalab (DD2, PEW and FV2 wheels, both with advanced clutch modules).

    it shows as brake/throttle in the fanatec control Panel but when i actually load profiles in Fanalab it randomly changes sopme cars to another setting and is unable to be changed back (clicking boxes does nothing, not all cars are affected).

    Any ideas?

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