Thank you for the ride Fanatec. It was an amazing introduction to sim racing.

08/06/2021 pre-paid for CSL DD base + McLaren wheel + CSL pedals

19/10/2021 received

03/12/2021 addition of LC pedals

19/06/2022 all sold

It was all good. Upgraded driver upon receipt, initially to 415 and subsequently to 434. All went well no problems. FFB was really good and smooth. Loved it. Loved it! 😍

1st component that was replaced were the pedals, then in May 2022, I wanted to upgrade to a base with more torque. DD1? ... 


 ... nope, went with another brand. And I am really happy with it too.

Had to get new wheels which is all good. USB cable. I know it is there but it is not in the way. I am only racing in ACC, no drifting and so maximum wheel turn is 180° in either direction.

Cheers and all the best! Maybe someday I will get back into the Fanatec ecosystem again but for now it is …

so long, farewell, , auf Wiedersehen …


Good luck!


  • hi i have to say that i have been flamed on many occasions, for not being very nice about fanatec, but i do have to say that I didn’t have to many issues with my equipment until the csl DD came out, and mostly it was the lies that fanatec kept coming out with to cover up the issues with delivery and supply and quality, until I actually took a long hard look at the quality, with the cls dd i found that it was on a par with the csl elite wheel base not much different, although the price was, and i would say it runs around 5 to 6nm with a peak of 6.5 Even though it’s supposed to be 8nm at peak, but don’t get me wrong it all worked, but for a psu at £150 was a total rip off, i trusted fanatec as a business due to the hype, and the lack of quality control now is appalling, so although i sold all my equipment i have to say when working it works well but hope you don’t have issues as the customer service is bad, now i used to notice on all my wheels there was flex and was told that i was the Qr1 quick release making the clicking and the cause for the small amount of flex, but its not, that is why fanatec have not brought out the QR2 its a design fault on all of there wheels, the plastic the back of the wheels are made of, is too thin, i had 4 wheels and they all suffer from the same flex, but i wasn’t until i had something to compare it with, now as i said i sold my fanatec equipment and replace it with simucube sport 2 and Asher racing wheels and their is no flex, no notcheness from the base no noise, and i put this down to fanatec R&D the motors in the fantec DD’s is an induction motor and cheap at that other manufacturers use servos and higher end wheels have sold metal backs where fanatec use plastics, hence the flexibility,i am seeing the same thing more people are seeing through the crap that a lot of companies dish out and are moving to more reliable sources for there equipment, unless fanatec start to pull up there socks very fast they are going to lose a sizeable chunk of the market to other suppliers.

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    The CSL DD with Boost Kit runs at 8Nm Peaks when using FFS PEAK, that's a fact and was proven in some reviews.

    According to the manual when using FFS LINEAR then it peaks at 6Nm as 6Nm is the Holding Force of the CSL DD with BK, so maybe you just use the wrong FFS mode and therefore you feel it's not so strong?!

  • Hi no i had the settings on peak not linear, and i know how to setup a wheel and base, im not the only one to say the same, all of the YouTubers that were given a production model said the same its the fidelity that was the difference between the csl elite and the csl dd, i have run my simucube 2 sport at 8nm and its way more torque than the csl dd, and I currently run mine at 15nm and the fact that fanatec use the cheap induction motors and not servos is my biggest jump, not having to use software to smooth out the wheel base makes so much difference and not having a wheel that’s flexible and blaming the qr1 for an issue that’s clearly the wheel that flex’s, also it was over a year ago a qr2 was promised to fix the issue, i wonder why its not been forthcoming ???

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    Every single review I watched or read says that the CSL DD with the Boost Kit is MUCH stronger than a CSL Elite.

    There are no reviews which say that it feels the same in terms of power (with the Boost Kit).

    I would say maybe your unit is broken when you dont feel much of a difference because you should feel a pretty significant bump in strength.

  • Oh here we go, fantec shill, there was nothing wrong with my old cls DD other than it was not much more powerful than the csl elite 2.5, boosted media said the same so did gamer muscle and sim racing corner and mike at sim racing garage, and so did Tomas who runs fanatec ffs it was a replacement for the csl elite, where the cls elite ran at around 6nm the dd runs around 6.5 to 7 with a peak at 8, but when compared to a real dd “simucube 2 sport “ with the cube set at 8nm the csl dd felt like it was running considerably lees i would say around 6.5 but I digress your a shill and all over the forums as a “i know it all” i think i saw you on at least 5 posts this morning and that was before lunch, any how it no longer matters fanatec is on its way out just look at how many of us pros are selling up and getting real sim gear, or better still go look on eBay and other selling sites at the quantity of fanatec gear for sale, it tell you all you need to know, well good luck we are off now 🤩

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    Now you confuse everything.

    There is no such thing like a "csl elite 2.5". I think you maybe mean the CSW V2.5 which has 8Nm and is indeed exactly the same strength as the CSL DD with Boost Kit?!

    It's a fact, and also Will Ford from Boosted Media or James from GamerMuscle confirmed this, that a CSL DD with Boost Kit is SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than a CSL Elite!

    And a German Youtuber measured the Torque of the CSL DD with Boost Kit with a Torque-Meter and he confirmed it's 8Nm. So please dont say it's 6.5Nm when this is clearly Fake News...

  • I think it's rather telling that a customer who was happy with their initial Fanatec purchase and who experienced no issues (technical or otherwise)...elected to go with a different manufacturer's equipment when it came time to upgrade. I wonder how many others have done or will do the same.

  • I just could not help myself, i just looked at your profile, 6.1k lolol def shill, 6.1 thousand comments lmfao

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    So you see... I know what I am talking about ;)

  • Don't you have someplace else you'd rather be? Like the Simucube forums perhaps?

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    Yes but simucube forums are a little boring, as simucube equipment dose not fail, and have the problems that 😷 cough cough, fanatec have, and just because some one has 6.1k comments clearly dose not prove you now what you’re talking about, it just shows you have a lot to say about not much lol, but i will get board sooner or later.

    I would like to add zero flex 👀

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    @ lee spinks

    For someone who said goodby to Fanatec and sold his Fanatec stuff a while back and I believe said goodby to everyone here when you did that,

    yet here you still are..........

    Maybe the Simucube forums are boring but don't you have something better to do with your life then hang around here and harass this forum?

    I agree that Fanatec is not in the best place right now with product and support, and this is very well apparent in these forums, but it is getting very tiring listening to you here day after day.

    Just go away already.........

  • "and just because some one has 6.1k comments clearly dose not prove you now what you’re talking about, it just shows you have a lot to say about not much lol, but i will get board sooner or later."

    Just shows that you especially don't know who you are talking to, and how helpful he is in this forum.

    Comparing to some others that are staying here for trolling purposes.

    Unless if you are trying to exploit the admin's or mod's patience to see when you will get banned. 🙄

  • LOL, how old are you? 10?

    Well I guess we will all have to pay the toll to the troll......

  • Hey guys. Easy up! Take a chill pill! 😊

    I thought Maurice works for Fanatec? He has always been very helpful whenever he can, but nothing he can do about the direction the company is heading.

    On a different note, my previous CSL DD + McLaren wheel could only be used in compatibility mode. Not in PC mode in ACC. Did query that previously but has always been told it is the game which needs to recognise the CSL DD base and McLaren wheel. BUT.....

    My new USB wheel (for my new base) is a prototype, designed and made by an electrical engineer in the motor sports industry, and, there were only 12 units made so far. He will make more soon when he has more time. But ACC recognise the wheel and my base is also recognised in the Controls section of the game, you know under throttle, brake, steering etcetc.

    The CSL DD was only listed as Club Sport Wheel Base V2.5? Why? I know it was in compatibility mode as PC mode did not work, but I am just wondering if the issue has always been with Fanatec. Just like compatibility with FH5. It was always put out there that developers of FH5 needed to recognise the Fanatec base but, an update of firmware by Fanatec and what was an issue previously was all gone.

    I do not know what to make of all that. Oh well... 🙄

  • With the same package I have no operating problems on ACC in PC red mode.

    When I received it, in October 2021, it only worked in yellow mode, but after a short time the game was able to recognize it in PC mode as well.

    Obviously it needs to be reconfigured from scratch.

  • @alessandro gortan

    Can I check what driver are you using? Thanks.

  • At this moment 442, but I am more than certain that I have already abandoned the yellow mode with the 439.

  • Can confirm. I am on driver 439, and run ACC in PC (red) mode with no problems.

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    You literally just said CSL Elite 2.5 in the post before this one I quoted, which doesn’t exist, we’re corrected, and now you act like a petulant child.

    So, to clarify, were you comparing the CSL Elite or the CSW 2.5, because they are very different things?

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    Good to see that the Fanatec gear you got, did keep your interest in sim racing alive. To be honest, I haven't been sim racing a lot these days. I am not looking to get rid of any of my gear. I plan on getting back into it once I have finished some long-desired PC upgrades. I plan on getting a new PSU, a new graphics card and 3 more monitors. Preferably 1440p 144hz screens, or I may just go with a 21:9 1440p @144hz, if I can find a good one at a reasonable price.

    After the PC is done, I am going to remove and replace a certain piece of Fanatec equipment that just isn't doing it for me. My pedals, the CSL Elite w/ Load Cell brake, needs to go. While they did serve their purpose, the potentiometers did need to be replaced, and I did so. The replacement set eventually failed and then I went with an aftermarket hall effect sensor kit. Since then, the throttle and the clutch have performed well. But the way the load cell was implemented is just bad. I have a lot of difficulty when modulating the pedal, and there is fall off right after I press the pedal, almost as if the loadcell is getting use to the flex in the pedal arm and adjusting to the deflection.

    I have had enough of the brake pedals shenanigans and now I am planning on replacing the set. The problem is, Fanatec doesn't make a pedal set that remotely interests me. The old to death CSP's just don't do it for me, and the current CSL pedals are too much of a step backward so, I got no choice but to look elsewhere.

  • definitely loved every minute of it... hope you can find the pedals you need. 😊

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