My DD Wheel Base and ClubSport Wheel F1 Esports V2 are not working/updating and I don't know why...

Hello All,

I am a new Fanatec customer and have recently ordered the following:

  • CSL DD (8Nm)
  • CSL Pedals and Load Cell Kit
  • ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 Esports V2

I have followed the manual and instructions on how to install the drivers and update the firmware. All firmware BUT the Wheel Base Motor Firmware (which is updating from to V1.0.2.2) will not update. It then consequently leaves me with a program which is unresponsive and eventually an error message reading along the lines of "problem encountered while starting Update Mode (Motor)".

Whether or not this problem is related to the above problem, I don't know. The Fanatec control panel does not pick up on or recognise steering wheel movement. Whenever I try to move my steering wheel with the control panel steering wheel page open, the value displayed does not change. The same applies when on the wheel base page as well.

I have scoured the forums page in the hopes of an answer (that said I have seen people with similar problems) and have come up empty handed, apart from a few troubleshooting methods and various ways of trying to fix this issue. I am reading from other users, in some cases, that the DD is faulty and has to be returned, whether that is an option for myself, I do not know. I have already had issues with my order, being that the pedals I ordered did not work and ended up having to buy new ones whilst I waited for an RMA (which I have now received, I plan to begin the return over the weekend).

I have attached a screenshot of the firmware page, showing the pending update to the motor and I have attached a screenshot of the error which pops up once the firmware manager gives up. The logs that automatically download have also been attached.

If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Please reply to the thread with any requests for information (I will gladly provide!!) or advise too. Also if anyone could alert a mod to review my case, that would be awesome also. I know the mods are busy with cases that have been waiting longer than myself, so I am more than happy to be patient and wait my turn. I guess I feel just slightly let down by a company that is held in such high esteem in the racing Esports industry and after I have spent a lot of money with them.

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    You have to contact the support as your Motor is broken (you can see it by the fact its showing the FW version as which is typical for a broken Motor). There is nothing else you can do.

  • You are a star, thank you! At least I now know for sure that it is not me and is an issue with the hardware. I have raised a ticket similar to this. Maurice, thank you my friend!

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    I have exactly the same problem. I can't update the firmware, but my wheelbase is still working. The error msg is idetical.

    Best regards


  • Hi Christer,

    Is the control panel detecting movement on the wheel and/or the wheel base?

    I would suggest raising a ticket and starting the RMA process.


  • Not again 😣 I made a misstake an tryed one more time. Now it is stuck with blue flash. Firmware updates is dangerous.

  • Puuh.

    Managed to go back to 434 😁

    Best regards


  • for anyone else experiencing my problem, try using the steps below, provided by Fanatec. Hope it helps! It didn’t work for me but might work for someone else.

    It is possible that the wheel base hub came loose a bit and causes unsteady contact.

    Please try the following:

    - Loosen the black clamp on the wheel base hub and remove the hub from the wheel base.

    - Reinsert the hub completely and tighten the clamp. Please make sure to tighten the clamp with 15Nm, otherwise the hub could loosen again.

    You will find pictures attached how it should look like.

    I have also attached a picture showing how the clamp should look after tightening to 15Nm in case you don't have a torque wrench with you.''

    Please also make sure the wheel base is connected directly to your PC without using any USB extensions or hubs and follow the instruction step by step (very important).

    Remove the steering wheel and disconnect everything from the wheel base, except the power and usb cable.

    -Reset the wheel base to the default settings according to the instructions.

    -Turn off the wheel base and connect it to another USB port (do not turn on the wheel base yet).

    -Remove all the hidden Fanatec devices in the device manager according to the attached manual.

    -Disable ALL anti-virus software.

    -Look for Windows Update. If available, please install it.

    -Download driver V439 If you have already downloaded it, please download it again.

    -Install driver package V439 and restart your system.

    -Disable ALL anti-virus software once again.

    -Open the Fanatec Control Panel, make sure to enable the "manual firmware update" in the top right corner and perform all the updates in this order: Motor -> wheel base.

    -Do not attach the steering wheel yet, even if the software asks you to do so.

    -Only then the wheel base and the motor are updated manually, you can attach the steering wheel and update it.

  • Thx Luke

    I will try this. I just need some more days to find the courage :-). I need my wheelbase during the summer holidays.

    Best regards


  • Hi Luke

    Followed the instructions. V439 is installed with no problems :-)

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