[Resolved] CSL Elite V2 pedals Not Working

Ahmad AlsalemAhmad Alsalem Member
edited October 2022 in Pedals

Bought the ddpro with CSL Elite V2 pedals and installed them to my rig.

DD pro base is working without any issues. Pedals were working for a day and then stopped working. All connections are correct, since the pedals work only 10% of the time by luck, and the other 90% they are not recognized by the PS5 or when connected to the computer fanatec software.

I tried everything and am very frustrated at the moment as I can't do anything else. Any idea what might be the solution? Can't attach videos because this forum didn't accept the video format.

Very disappointed with fanatec at the moment. Spend over 1,500 euros for a premium product and now I can't even use it!


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