GT DD Pro Wheel - I just broke the "hat" switch. Wonder what I should do to repair it?

In the above photo, you can see the broken hat switch.

I am pretty sure I can replace and repair it with an SMD (surface mount) reflow heat gun. I would reflow and remove the broken joystick part and replace it. Of course this means taking the whole wheel apart.

I do not want to ship it back to Fanatec for service - I'm sure that will be many weeks and hassle and expense.

I guess what I would like to know if anyone else has broken the hat switch.

Sadly there is no way in GT 7 (on playstation) to enable the 4 other joysticks to duplicate the hat switch function. Seems crazy to have a "Gran Turismo 7 compatible product with 4 useless and unconfigurable joysticks. Maybe I am missing something. I'll probably dig out the windows laptop and do a firmware update and see if there is any special configurations I could do to make one of the other unused (and useless) joysticks take over the functions of the hat switch.

Anyways - does anyone have any good suggestions about repairing the hat switch hardware?


  • I’ve used the GT DD wheel for a very short time (I’m mostly on ACC with the Formula wheel), I don’t like at all the FFB or the game itself (I’ll give it a go again with VR2 maybe) but when I did … oh man that joystick, scares me out every time I have to use it, I have the feeling it could crack anytime.

    Everything on this plastic wheel it’s so noisy and clanky…gives me no trust at all. My 5 years old glorious P1 rim is a beauty in comparison.

    I’m afraid there’s no chance to remap functions like you’d like to, the silliness of having such an array of buttons and switches and then being forced by developer’s “laziness” (Fanatec is not the one to blame this time), but it is what it is.

    I’m curious too, if fact I’m trying to search something on the web…so if you manage to fix it by yourself a quick report would be highly appreciated.

    Good luck man! 😅

  • Bud KaysBud Kays Member
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    Although I might be able to take the wheel apart and desolder the hat switch component and replace it, I do not yet have the part number.

    I might see if it is used on other devices like the Playstation hand controller and cannibalize the component to solder onto my wheel PCB.

    When I open the wheel housing, maybe I'll see if it is on a discreet PCB and just have Fanatec send on to me.

    I did Email Fanatec and they would have to see it - so I'd be paying shipping and taking too much time.

    I'll buy a replacement wheel on Ebay or something and sell my damaged wheel. It still works fine - but the hat switch functions for switching menus on GT7 you cannot use. You need to have a hand controller nearby - not a huge issue, but I want it back to normal.

    I might sell my Fanatec rig completely with load cell brakes too - and go for a Logitech Pro with load cell brake.

    I love my GT DD Pro - I even scored 5th place or something (in Canada) for team Porsche in the Manufacturers cup :)

    But I heard good things about Logitech Pro DD Wheel.

    1. I dislike that the GT DD Pro set is touted as "designed by Playstation for Grand Turismo 7" - but you cannot use or set up ( or remap ) controls to the four joysticks on the wheel itself! It's ludicrous.
    2. I also dislike that Fanatec seems to require me to have a Windows computer. I'd like it more if I could do OTA firmware updates from an iPhone app. Instead there is a labyrinth of forum threads and messages with arcane acronyms and jive-ass settings. Its 2023 - pricey stuff like this should be able to call out for updates automatically, and be configured by app or web.
    3. I also dislike that although I think the feel and haptic feedback type stuff is great on my Fanatec GT DD Pro setup, I really have no idea if I am missing out on the latest updates because I can't be bothered to hook up USB to my Windows computer and shake the cobwebs out of my head as to how to do anything for setting up my wheel in a way that I will no regret. It's bad enough when you have a race in GT7 that allows settings changes - I'm much more of a fan where everyone uses the same car settings. It's a bit of a cheat for me to use a DD wheel - for sure it's improved my lap times, but I don't really want to get into doing settings - I just wanna drive more.

    Sony is really dropping the ball on the business of "sim racing" I'd say. Need an "Apple" of simulator racing.

    Yes - they had the world championship in Monte Carlo and the Eye Candy is great on GT7 and the physics of gameplay sim driving stuff is pretty good. Maybe I should move up to iRacing - but then again - I don't know the rabbit hole of setting up a gaming PC and they probably have tons of tech issues and problems - I simply like GT7 because I don't have to think too much about computer maintenance - I just wanna play.

  • Now that that "hat switch" is broken - I'm thinking about it a bit and wondering if I can just cannibalize one of the 4 useless joysticks on the wheel and transplant it - was that "hat switch" something special? Was it the "Funky switch"? I do not know what the "Funky Switch" really is, and I do not know if the wheel even had one :)

  • The Fanatec GT wheel from the GT DD PRO bundle doesn't have a funky switch.. the button that you had problems with it's like a D-PAD type of button

    i think you're over complicating things, contact Fanatec support and use your product warranty

  • Left field suggestion - just buy a better wheel. I don't think I'd spend the time trying to repair something so shoddily built. Your point is valid that needing a Windows PC to update a product marketed at console users seems cumbersome - but I think the same situation exists for the Logitech wheel.

  • I will consider getting a different wheel replacement.

    I have lined one up on Ebay for around $200 ( GT DD Pro wheel - rim only)

    I was told by a seller to get a BMW wheel rim instead, but I am left wondering if I put that dang wheel on my GT DD Pro base, will I lose even more button functionality for playing GT7?

    I think I'd be happy with the original wheel - I'll just have to be more careful when using that hat switch in the future.

    Thanks for the advice and suggestions - I have not put many hours of time learning all the intricacies and acronyms of this stuff and I was hoping to avoid learning.

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