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  • @Maurice

    Thank you for the incredible effort you have put into these setups! This is very much appreciated as I am not that talented to tune the settings by myself. 

    A question regarding using your setups on a CSL DD/Pro, Clubsport v3. 

    I am currently playing on Xbox Series X with the CDL DD Pro (8nm), 

    I am planning to load your setups in Fanalab and transfer the settings for the wheel base and in-game manually. 

    Is there some sort of formula to transfer your settings to a CSL DD (like the x1.25 for the DD1? 

    I had a look at the official recommended settings from Fanatec. It seems that the main difference between the settings for CSL DD and DD1/2 is the strength of the Forcefeedback (on the wheel base and sometimes in-game)?

    The CSL DD is always FF 100 and in-game sometimes 5-10% higher than on a DD1/2. 

    So is my assumption correct that it would be valid option to transfer all your settings (base/in-game) and simply crank up at the FF to 100 (on the wheel base) and maybe add a little more in-game FFB?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • Hi,

    Is there a Known Issue with iRacing lap number not appearing on the ITM screen ONLY during an online race (appears during test or AI sessions). I am currently on v1.66, driver 447, DD1. Using ITM default 1. The same is true for the screen on the wheel which shows L## during sessions other than race and nothing during official race. I didn't see this in the v1.69.1 change log so holding off updating.

    Thank you

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    The laps on the ITM screen should work fine but only when the race is lap-based and not time-based.

    So it should work properly for a 10 lap race but not for a 10 hour race.

    Make sure to test for proper lap function in a lap-based race.

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    Thank you for your response.

    I am speaking of lap-based races so I suppose something must be a miss on my side. It just shows Laps 000/0 in an official lap-based race only. "Off-line" it works properly.

    I've done a "Repair" install of 1.66 to see if that corrects the issue.

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    Hi Maurice,

    I wanted to follow up with you on my testing of iRacing ITM Lap number for lap-based races: (after a complete reload of 1.66)

    1. Did an on-line time-based practice session: ITM Reported all 40 laps
    2. Did an on-line 100 Lap-based race (Nascar Legends): ITM Reported No Laps 000/0 (position, lap times, gear, and speed for ITM default 1 worked)
    3. Did an off-line AI 30 Lap-based race: ITM Reported Laps Correctly
    4. Did an on-line Test Session which is not lap-based: ITM Reported All Laps

    I noticed another person reported this exact issue back in Dec of 2021. So, my findings are everything works for me except lap-based on-line iRacing official races. Do you have any suggestions?

    Fanalap: 1.66, PC Mode, PC Driver 447, Podium DD1 Wheelbase Firmware, Wireless QR: 6, Pedals 1.35 (CSP V3), Wheelbase Motor All wheels same result.

    This issue is not present in other SIMs supporting ITM Lap # such as AMS2.

  • Just saw these news; I can't wait to test car dependent setups, it's been something I've been wanting for a very long time.

    I just wanted to throw this idea to you - it would be great if we could have the option on the Button Module Endurance or e.g. the Formula wheel to long press (e.g. 2-3 seconds) the tiny settings button to save the current profile. That way, if we made e.g. changes to FFB strength whilst racing, it'd be very easy to persist the changes for the next session. I thought I'd throw it out here just in case it's something you could consider for the future. Thanks.

  • Can you please post a Screenshot of your C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab\xml folder and also zip the whole folder and attach it here?

  • Can you please post a Screenshot of your C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab\xml folder and also zip the whole folder and attach it here?

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    Hi Maurice,

    First off thank you for the profiles. The LEDs are great work and I appreciate you putting in the time to create it. Unfortunately I don't have a DD, only a CSW 2.5, so most of the rest of the profile isn't suited for me. Is there any way I can set the profiles to auto-load only the LEDs? I tried skimming through this thread to find anything related and didn't see, but I may have missed it.

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    A nice addition on the car link profiles!

    I work for Reiza. Please reach out if you want a list of all the new car strings as there are a few missing + if I change any vehicle names I can let you know in advance..

    Maurice any chance will we get that orange LED this year..? 🤔🙃😀

  • Hey!

    Thanks a lot, this will certainly help a LOT when we can get a short message in advance if you changed any vehicle names in the game like the Lotus names in :)

    Feel free to send the list of the cars to either me or Marcel via PM. But you say a few are missing in our cars list - can you give me an example? I carefully reviewed the latest list which I posted on 3rd January here (FanaLab 1.69.1 - Post your Feedback here - Page 5 — Fanatec Forum) which should have all the latest new cars included which were introduced to the game with and the latest DLC packs, including LD and / or Oval / Speedway / Superspeedway variants and it also already includes the renamed Lotus cars. I did not found any car which we are missing in the list?! The list of the linked post will also be included in the next version 1.69.2 (which will btw also fix the wrong Car ID selection in iRacing Online sessions).

    PS: YES, Orange WILL come this year. :)

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    All good Maurice I missed your post on page 5.. No stress, I would maybe suggest placing the updated xml file on your OP or a link to that post..

    Looking forward to the orange led update.. To be fair you guys said this would come in 21 & 22.. 😋

  • I recently changed the Lotus names as they were not uniform. I did send coms prior on our forums although knowing now we have this nice new feature rest assured if I do it again I will inform you directly..

  • Can confirm the auto loading of profiles doesn't seem to work in a mixed car lobby. I'm trying a GT3 fixed lobby in iRacing and when I load in with the R8 LMS GT3 I'm either getting the Ferrari profile loaded or no profile loaded.

    Any other solutions than manually loading or waiting for the next release?

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    New FanaLab version 1.69.2 available

    Changes (since 1.69.1):

    • Fixed sometimes detecting the wrong car in iRacing multi-class sessions, which affected the automatic profile loading per car.
    • Updated car list for AMS2 regarding update V1.4.5.2 & new DLCs

  • This is great, thanks for getting on top of the first issue so quickly. Where did the bug originate from, the way iRacing fed the car names through telemetry?

  • now a strange thing happens. When you start a session you load an erroneous preset. I drive the lambo but once the bmw loads and another the porsche.

  • Out of interest does anybody know the multiplication factor for other wheels?

    I’m thinking about extending my script to allow for more different types of wheels.

    I would actually like to bring it up as a website that will allow you to upload Maurice’s zip, select your wheel type and it’ll pump out a new zip file for your wheel.

    I can work on this for the DD1 but I would like to expand it more.

  • It's not possible. Most of the profiles have peaks of about 12 N m I think, beyond the reach of the other bases. Best they can do is use 100% and live with the weaker forces

  • Yep, unfortunately this is true.

    My profiles are made with a DD2 with a max force of 15Nm. Only the FFB value of the DD1 can be adjusted to reach the 15Nm I have tuned my profiles for. Weaker bases like CSL DD and GT DD can not be adjusted to reach these forces or the overall feeling I had in mind for the profiles in general as they can only go up to either 8 or even just 5Nm so even with FFB set to 100 (which most should run these bases anyway all the time) it would not nearly come close to the 15Nm... And also the Damper settings in those bases work a bit different than on the Podium DD so my profiles would not feel as intended for these bases.

    So even though the idea of such a website is very cool unfortunately it wont work...

  • Hi, I can't install last fanalab version and neither anyone since i installed driver 448, i tried to install fanalab after restarting PC and do not work, system is throwing next errors. Also i deleted registry as you recommended. i Don't know what to do, i tried to install old version of fanalab but i can't, also i tried to delete fanalab from windows tool without succes. Thanks in advance.

  • Aaaah understandable, well I’ll just use the script for me :)

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    Hi Maurice, I found 28 more cars in AMS2 that had their carID's changed whilst collecting data for our tactile rpm project

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    No, the LD variants have "LowDownforce" in the Car ID only on tracks where the game loads the LD variants.

    On tracks where rhe regular car without LD is loaded the ID does not have the LD in the ID.

    Same for Speedway, Superspeedway, Short Oval variants which also only have the respective part in the ID when a specific track is loaded... It's a bit special how AMS2 handles these car variants as a completely new ID where one car can have 4 different ID variants which all need to be added to a Telemetry based Software like FanaLabs CDALP..

  • That's a very inefficient way of doing it, it would make alot more sense for them to create a new property called "variant" or something so the carid doesn't change and the new variant property would define which one it is

  • Hi Maurice can I use your profile on a DD wheel base it seems to be working properly for me at the moment once I save it his it OK to use it like that ??

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