Steering wheel angle in sim

Currently when driving in Raceroom with my CSL DD (8nm) I do not get the same angle as in my rig. Let's say I turn my wheel 90° the wheel in the car is only turning 60°. Any ideas show to fix that?

This has been tested at Swedish tracks and in the Porsche GT3

Thanks in advance!


  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited September 2023

    by default i not really care about game animation self, but looked like at one random car what i tested you need manually set the steering wheel to 180 if you want match the game animation self

    i just uninstalled that game as i figured out that i cant play anymore even a leaderboard as free, soo cant really help you about the porsche gt3

    you know what is best about this? i just won myself over 50GB hdd space

  • From the Graphics - Advanced - Steering Animation menu select "Match Setup".

    On the steering wheel select "SEN=AUTO" to get the real rotation for each car.

    However, if from the Graphics - Advanced - Animated Driver menu you also select "Wheel & Hands" the graphic rotation of the steering wheel will stop at 180° on each side so as not to cross the arms of the virtual driver. I select "Wheel Only".

  • Thanks for the feedback, maybe I should have been more clear but it is also the feeling from driving that I dont get the right car reaction.

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