Podium Button Module Endurance Software Package v1.2 [Incl. Instructions] (Only Podium DD)

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Hello to all customers of the Podium Button Module Endurance. Here you can find the software you need and instructions how to install it. We are very, very sorry for the bumpy start and hope you have a great experience nonetheless.

Below you will find instructions in video and text form as well as the remaining known issues and tips for troubleshooting if needed. At the End of the post you can find links to the Quick Guides and the download link of the software package.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Install driver 356

  • Open the driver UI and install all firmware versions the driver prompts with a message, if no message appears or you are not familiar with firmware updates continue with step 2 for details.
  • You have to re open the driver for each firmware update until no update message is prompted.
  • The Fan might run at 100% after the base firmware update which is normal, proceed with the following updates and the fan will go back to normal speed.
  • Update the PHUB to firmware v2, you might need to remove the USB-C of the BME before you can do that.

Step 2: Update the base firmware manually to version 670

  • Go to the Update tab of the driver UI and click on "Update Wheel Base Firmware".
  • Accept the message with YES, then click "Start Firmware Updater".
  • Click on "Connect"
  • "Flash Firmware" and wait until the bar is full
  • When Message Logs says "Firmware update Completed successfully." close the updater. The base reboots automatically

Step 3: Go to the Settings tab of the driver interface to calibrate your hardware

  • Calibrate your center with the "Wheel Center Calibration" button
  • Remove the wheel and click on "Motor Sensor calibration", attach the wheel after the process in done.
  • If you have a H-Shifter attached, use the "H-Shifter Calibration" button

Step 4: Update the firmware of the Button Module Endurance to version 9

  • Go to the update tab and click on "Update Steering Wheel Firmware"
  • Accept the message with YES if needed and click on "Connect" when the updater opens.
  • "Flash Firmware" and wait until the bar is full.
  • When Message Log writes "Firmware updater can now be closed" close the updater.

Step 5: Install FanaLab 1.24 and enable Intelligent Telemetry Mode

  • Go to the folder "4. FanaLab_v1-24_beta" and start the "FanaLab_v1-24_beta.msi" to install FanaLab.
  • After the installation, close FanaLab if it's open.
  • Open the "Enable_ITM.reg" file in the "4. FanaLab_v1-24_beta" folder and accept the messages with yes.
  • Open FanaLab and use the button combination mentioned in the Quick Guide to switch through the ITM pages on the displays.

Trouble Shooting:

  • If the gamecontroller interface doesn't show your base:
    • Restart the base and PC and try a different USB port.
    • Start the driver installer again and use the repair function.
    • If that didn't help try a different USB port.
    • If that didn't help, try to delete the device driver through the device manager manually and if needed use the repair function again.
  • Remember if you have a Xbox compatible wheel attached the base will go into Xbox mode after the base update. Either use the button combination to get back to PC mode or remove the wheel and it will go automatically into PC mode. You can attach it again after that.
  • FanaLab and the driver should be installed on the "C:" drive for best compatibility.

Known Issues:

  • It's not possible to do the shifter calibration after the firmware upgrade with the P BME, since stays in the tuning menu page. Unplugging the DataPort-C connector and plugging it again allows to continue with the calibration.
  • Total number of laps / players missing in ITM
  • Occasionally ITM shows gear as "n" while downshifting and stays there until next gear is engaged.
  • Vertical axis in the analog joystick is inverted compared with other wheels which leads to inverted mouse emulation behavior.
  • Interpolation description text interferes with the setting name
  • Interpolation description text for "high interpolation can reduce details and response" not in sync with the DD text (already at value 5 instead of 9)
  • In mouse emulation mode the mouse is only moving when inputs are changing, when you hold the stick in one position it stops.
  • In the driver the positions for the MPS are all 1 value off, in-game it's fine.
  • ITM can reset some values when you enter and exit the Tuning Menu.
  • In Xbox Mode the BME sends tuning menu inputs also to the console in parallel.
  • Tuning Menu very laggy when Forza Motorsport 7 is running on Xbox one.

Quick Guides:

Software Package Download:



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