Customer service? Crickets?

So I have been waiting for months. Got my wheel. Finally got my CSL DD. FINALLY! Super happy.

Get through the box and missing the USB cable. It's ok. It happens.

First contact with customer support I was told that I contacted them incorrectly and next time I should have done additional steps. ( I replied I hope there wouldn't be a next time) Nothing came from this inquiry.

Second attempt was met with nothing as well. I got one response and then nothing.

I'm not on my third attempt to get my cable and the first question was, "did you look in the boxes?"

Pretty frustrated that it's so difficult to get a cable that was supposed to come with the CSL DD. To be getting a run around from a company for such a small item is pretty ridiculous to me. It should have been sent out no questions after my first inquiry. Just sayin........


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Mike,

    It is so unusual that this cable is not in the box, I can understand why support asked you to double confirm that it hasn't been overlooked. The team is handling a large number of enquiries at the moment, I apologise for the delays.

    Although it is recommended to use our cables that have been approved for the hardware, this particular cable is standard - perhaps you already own a cable like this for another product and you can get started without waiting for the support process.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Everything up until this point with Fanatec has been fantastic. And I thought it also weird that it wasn't in the box. I checked, double checked, triple checked and had my wife even check.

    I am probably just going to go purchase a cable but I'm just disappointed it's taken so many emails without any resolution to get told "you made your request for missing parts wrong" and after three emails I still have no resolution for such a simple part.

  • Imagine having this same experience, but with a 1400 euro BMW M4 GT3 wheel that I dont get any correct info on and have been waiting for for more then a month now.. and counting.

    Simucube is getting more interesting by the minute..

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
    edited April 2022

    What base do you have?

    I am quite happy with the CSL DD. I do not use full FFB anyway. Do you need more FFB to catch the slides? Not tried a base with more FFB. Aliens are using Thurstmaster/Logitech isn't it?

    Have been looking at the Simucube 2 Sport / VRS Direct Force Pro Base as well. 17-20nm with either USB or wireless wheels. Gomez wheels are like £1270 or £890 without the display screen. Depends on what you like isn't it? The BMW wheel is very nice though.

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