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So today I got F1 2022 - the sensitivity when left on auto is around 360. I leave the game and go play some iracing and now my wheel doesn't want to turn more than the sensitivity of what was used in F1.

Once i start turning my wheel in iracing while left in auto my wheel turns almost immediately to steering lock.

I've tried to reset the wheel sensitivity in the Fanatec control panel and it keeps the same sensitivity for f1 cars no matter what

I have found a way to kind of fix it - instead of leaving it at auto i put it to 1070 steering and it kind of fixes the solution. Preferably would not like to do this

I am not the first person this has happened to - A friend of mine who also has the same DD pro who played F1 2022 today is now having the same issue.

Has anyone else had this happen as well - if so has anyone else found a proper fix so I can use Auto sensitivity again?


  • Essentially Turning my wheel from 12 oclock to 6oclock makes it turn one and a half times.

  • Turns out installing Fanalabs and uninstalling fixes the issue

  • Just turn it to advanced under the tuning section, then you can set 5 profiles for 5 different games and switch on the fly

  • I have that enabled 1st Profile is for F1 - 2nd profile for iRacing etc.

    When i go to play iracing and switch it to the profile i use for that game - the steering sensitivity is stuck to f1 no matter what i do.

  • Just use SEN 360 for the F1 profile, seems they did not implemented the SEN AUTO feature correctly.

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    Have you been able to switch back and forth between profiles after playing the game to see if your SEN doesn't get locked to whatever the game settings were?

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    Yes. SEN set to 360 for iRacing like in all the years before, then starting iRacing with SEN AUTO works perfectly fine.

    As I said, they never ever supported SEN AUTO in the last years and it seems Codemasters did something wrong in implementing the SEN AUTO feature now... So just use 360 like the years before and everything is fine.

  • interestingly enough they have the Sen Auto working correctly for the CSL DD and CSL Elite which never worked in the other F1 Games. Seems like they missed for DD Pro

  • Tried F1 2022 again to see if anything was fixed and nope still busted. - Tried this fix and it didn't work. The only way i actually got the wheelbase to reset itself was plugging it into my ps5 - it was messed up for a bit until drove around on track switched to a profile that i don't use and has Auto Sen and it recalibrated everything back to normal.

    Seems F1 2022 is just straight up busting the wheelbase.

  • My Fanatec DD Pro is working fine set to sen 360 for f1 and auto for iracing...you must have some system conflict or something

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    i know of at least 5 other people who've replied to me on steam forums with the same issue - something is def going on.

    And it only happens after playing F1 2022 so its def something from the game.

  • Steam forums are toxic, most of the users are setting pedal linerities in game and deadzones then complaining about spinning, or that game pops up wrong message when starting it saying they need the latest version but they say they have latest version then post a screenshot that shows the os was updated in 2020.

    I have 5 profiles set and last game i played was f122 when i switch off the f122 profile #3 to any of the others on auto they all switch between 540 all way up tp 1070

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    It'll still show 540 on other profiles set to Auto however it takes turning my wheel from 12 to 6 (half turn) to do that motion when it should be a turn and a half. The Fanatec Control panel will show the mini wheel spinning one and a half turns even though its only been half a turn. I've just learned to accept not playing the game until EA updates the game and fixes the bugs. It literally only happens after f1 2022 and I don't really want to keep having to reinstall drivers every time I play the game.

    Other than people on steam I've asked for the same issue - my friend who also has the same wheelbase as me has the same issues. At first he thought I was doing something wrong until he finished playing and switched to another racing game and the SEN was locked to the F1 steering settings on all his other profiles that had Auto. Only way to fix this was to uninstall the drivers and reinstalling.

  • For sure not what i see on mine, every other profile i have set to auto and they all rotate to the last lock for that game after f1 22...idk sorry cant help.

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