Where is my package?Where did the package go?

I placed an order at Fanatec Japan on 15 oct , and the website show that it has been "Completely shipped" on 20 oct.After that, I reveived an email told me that the tracking number will send in few days,but now , 27 oct,I still don't get my tracking number ,I am a player not in Japan,I need transport the package to my country,but the trasport company need tracking number to put the package into warehouse,or I can never trasport the package to my country.

I send an email to fanatec shop to ask the tracking number ,the reply is "We kindly ask you to keep checking your account for updates." on 25 oct ,5 days after my package has been shipped, and no more information until now,7days after my package has been shipped.I am worried about my package ,is anybody can help me?order number :1767324.


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