What is going on with my order!?!? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Hi I ordered back in May the 26th, my order was due to be shipped today and now has been preorder for the end of July this changed the day before it was due to be shipped... what is going on? Do I have to now wait another month?

If I decide to cancel this how long will it take to get my money back? How can you contact anybody at fanatec I emailed them in the first week of June, it’s now a month later and no response whatso ever, I haven’t even had confirmation of fanatec even receiving my payment although online my order is in process

This is really starting to take the the piss, the service and feedback had been worse than terrible it’s non existent!!

my friend ordered his dd1 2 days ago and it’s already on its way to him. How is mine that I ordered a month ago still is process.

my whole experience with fanatec has been, well, ...shit tbh there is no other way to describe it.

ive gone from excited as hell to disappointed to fuming and angry 😡



  • It's unbelievably bad isn't it?

    I just cancelled my order after hearing tales of people receiving what I ordered when they ordered it a few days ago. fanatec know about this but are not doing anything about it. The cynical side of me is starting to believe that they are doing it by design. Maybe they want to extend this boom in their sales well after the various lockdowns are over so the more people that they can string along,the better.

    The non-cynical side of me believes that they are just a very poorly managed company with terrible processes. So either they are useless or ruthless.either way,not a company who I want to deal with now.

    Good luck

  • I wish I knew how bad things were before hand... I feel cheated this was a present for my other half and it’s already well past the expected delivery date

  • I think pre-order is not really working at all. I'm waiting for a pedal set which I pre-ordered weeks ago. Now it's available but they didn't ship it. I canceled the order, made a new order and it's shipping now. So, you should not pre-order at all, wait for the availability and order it.

  • People will tell you to have patience,there's a pandemic going on don't you know. Thing is with this pandemic it makes queues not exist and morals an old fashioned notion. Pandemics mean that you can get stock in and sell it to anyone ordering form then onwards, it means that you can just ignore back orders 100%. This is the new normal, obviously there is no need for fanatec to apologise to you or try to put it right.

    It isn't the pandemic is it. Fanatec clearly couldn't care less about customers.

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    I believe they are trying to sort preorder issues out but only if it’s flagged to them by the buyer, it doesn’t seem they have a system to prioritise preorders.. I have heard of people getting there orders sorted but you need to get the attention of the one person who is trying to help on these forums. Dom is literally the only guy I know of who is trying to sort fanatec pre order issues out.

  • I made exactly the same as Otto, just cancelled my previus order which was stucked and made a new one with the available item instead of pre order, it just gets delivered on the same day. DON'T PREORDER.

  • I tried Dom. He could give no guarantees and is not responding to me now. I cancelled my order and now suddenly, an hour later, everything is available today lol, When I cancelled, nothing was. Amazing isn't it!

    Just putting my order in for pedals and wheelbase from elsewhere as we speak. Not putting with their antics any longer.

  • :( I hope you get your gear ok from whoever you order from

  • I gave them every opportunity. I even said to Dom that I would be happy to cancel my order and reorder dd2 instead. What I didn't want is to only receive pedals without wheelbase and have months to wait for the rest of my order to be sent. At the time the v3 pedals were showing 25 June and the rest July 31. He didn't bother to answer.

    My order with the new companies will be about £800 more and I will have a while to wait. However I will be getting even better stuff and I won't feel the like I am having the pi55 taken out of me.

    Good luck

  • Hello Guys,

    I think is better call the company to have information about our orders/preorders,

    general phone number is +49 (871) 9221-122.

  • Update now all my stuff has dates changed in my order again:

    So it’s all in stock my order is still in process.

    the only thing not in stock apparently is my discount for the bundle ...

  • You should just cancel it and order again if it is in stock. You will get the delivery notification straight away

  • Its not in stock on the site only in my orders...  confusing right?

  • Hi Nigel, I'm sorry that I could get to your PM in time. I am receiving a huge number of PMs per day, and with most of these enquiries I have to follow up with the sales team, who have a much larger backlog of enquiries (thousands). Everything has to go through the same system, so answers can take time.

    The demand for Fanatec products at the moment is unprecedented. We are certainly not trying to extend any process for longer than it needs to be. There is absolutely no advantage for us to do that, and we are well aware that many orders have not met their original estimated availability dates.

    The situation remains the same: the backorder issue (where certain orders placed for an out-of-stock item are 'stuck' in the system) is being worked on with the highest priority.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Can you answer any of my questions?

    At top of this thread?

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    I’m in the US....I placed my order on April 29. After being delayed twice, it was supposed to be shipped on June 12th. This past Tuesday, June 23, I finally received an email that my full order had been processed and that I should be receiving an email from FedEx soon with tracking information. Still waiting on that FedEx email. Good luck!

  • Dominic, I understand that you are busy. The company that you work for make a lot of mistakes, and being their "clean up man" can't be easy. If you answer my PMs you may be able to resolve the situation. As I told you, I don't envy your task and I have not shot the messenger as you are about the only hope most of these people have of any kind of decent treatment.

  • I noticed that my order (which was due to be ready 3rd July) now had an availability date of 25th June (yesterday). Rather than try emailing though or using the web form I took the advice from above and gave them a quick call. Within a few minutes the order was processed and is due to ship on Monday.

    I think it's fair to say that if your order has multiple elements and one or all of them are on back order, then things can get delayed in their system. However, a quick and simple call and I think everything is cleared up and ready for shipment. I'm happy with the service, and don't mind chasing like this as long as the person I speak to is informed and helpful, which of course they were.

  • I would just like to say to anyone reading this thread:

    I have received a message from fanatec via Dom and he has told me what is happening with my order , it will be shipped on Monday :)

    have faith people are reading this forum and helping us

    i hope you all get your orders Sorted

  • I had the same issue, i ordered csl elite wheel base, p1 wheel, csl pedals with loadcell and a shifter back in april. Im in the us and they didnt have a p1 wheel in stock and had one shipped in from EU and they shipped my wheel basez wheel and pedals together. The loadcell and shifter where in pre order. When the estimated ship dates passed i emailed (took a couple) with my order number and situation and Melanie from the sales team let me know the situation and had everything shipped asap. Seems like what every one is saying about the pre order system having order stuck is true. Keep trying to contact and email with some patience. Its seems to get resolved as soon as your order is brought to the attention of the sales team.

  • I just received email stating my order is shipping today. Three FedEx tracking numbers. Delivery date of July 1st. It’s been a long wait!!

  • Can someone please help me then. I ordered csl elite bundle for ps4 P1 wheel. And the loadcell back on May 5th. I was told by email that my bundle and pedals would be shipped on June 12th. All I have received are my pedals. Can someone help to make sure I'm not lost in the system too??

  • I posted this here: https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/2665/to-anyone-questioning-that-theyve-been-working-hard-at-fixing-the-shipping-issues

    But I see there are multiple threads on this issue, so I am reposting in this thread too.

    I ordered the PS4 CSL Elite bundle on May 6th. I too had the issue with dates shifting, and no communication.

    I just got a note on Wednesday (June 24) saying my order status changed to “warehouse processing“, whatever that means. A little later, I got a note (in response to a complaint about the lack of communication), saying:

    "Your order was shipped via FEDEX on June 24, 2020. After your consignment is handed over to our shipping agent, tracking numbers of all packages will be provided via separate E-mail."

    It has been two days, and no tracking number. And I don't know what "After your consignment is handed over to our shipping agent" means. Isn't that FedEx?

    Very, very frustrating.

    For those in the U.S. that have received tracking, where do these ship from?


  • They ship their products from California. I ordered the PS4 bundle back in May and a couple of weeks ago I received a shipping notice from some third-party logistics company stating that my items were awaiting pickup from FedEx. A few days later I received an email from FedEx and I was able to track the package at that point. Unfortunately, and to my surprise, all they shipped to me were the pedals, which are currently collecting dust.

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    Thanks. I live in San Diego. Two days for FedEx to pick up is ridiculous. I could have driven anywhere in the state (likely LA) to lick them up myself...


    Well, I just got a FedEx shipping notice for two packages. I thought there would be three packages: pedals, wheel base and steering wheel. I wonder if something will be missing.

  • Mine started out as a Father's Day gift. That didn't happen.

    Now my order is scheduled to ship in the end of July, same week as my birthday. Happy Birthday, here's your Father's Day gift.

    My wedding anniversary is not too long after my birthday - so it's very possible that it will be an anniversary gift, which will put pressure on me because then I'll have to buy my wife a really nice gift to match the one she bought me. That it was originally a Father's Day gift is just a technicality: Me: But it was a Father's Day gift, Her: Stop bringing up the past! 😀

    I just hope it's here before Xmas because I was hoping that Santa would bring me the F1 steering wheel as a gift. If not, well, it would sure make a nice Valentine's Day gift next year.

  • My understanding is that Fanatec looks for people they know will get mad if their order is delayed and only delay their order.

  • Further update, I received an email saying my order has been processed this morning and then just now I have received emails with shipping details and tracking numbers and a estimated delivery of tomorrow!

  • When you click on the link for tracking info and look at the details, does it show that it has been picked up?

    I got a similar email Saturday morning. But the Fed Ex tracking information details show that the packages still have not been picked up by FedEx. But the scheduled delivery is still set for tomorrow. I am not holding my breath.

  • Mines coming via UPS I live in uk, I have a delivery date and time slot

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