Cannot Log into my Fanatec Account

I cant seem to be able to log into my Fanatec account and have had to create a new one with another email address , im not sure is this is linked to the new website but when I input my email and password I get a message saying " Your access data could not be assigned to a user " I have used this said account to purchase Fanatec products more than once so it was a legitimate active account , so maybe I got the password wrong, I tried to put in the email address to send the reset password email but no email has arrived . To make matters worse even this account I just created cannot log into the main website with the same exact problem……. I cant log in to send a question or anything to fanatec. even this forum im logged into I am scared to log out to not be able to log back in ……… I have my past email receipts from purchases with account number …… any one here can help ??????


  • I have the same problem



    I am in the same situation as you, but I believe that

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi guys, have you checked that you are trying to log in with the correct webshop region? If you are still having problems, please send an email to [email protected]

  • Dominic I cannot log into my account , with the correct region !! . I cannot log into even the new account I just created yesterday …….. also even if I sent the "cant remember password request" email …. I haven't received any emails … its not working ! I sent a message on the website via the contact form and also no reply as yet … so now I will look to try and sent an email to [email protected]

    I was trying to contact tech support with issues to my DD1 wheel base but I cant cause I cant log in …. so now I cant use it and also cant use my account ….

  • Same problem here, my account is blocked, tried requesting a new password, that doesn`t work.

    tried a new email adress and that worked.

    now all that Fanatec has to do is put my Quation on to my new adress.

    tried to contact support but no response.

  • Dominic , I have sent an email to support with no reply ….. come on pls some one help I have a DD1 wheel base I need tech support as its not working...….. I am trying to be patient …..

    the account was registered on

  • Is There any Phone number or some one I can call …. Guys pls any one, I need some help

  • Hi Verots Laurent did you ever get youre account sorted and how ?

  • Update , Today I just tried the reset password email link . received the email and have reset the password … I hope this is the end of this account ordeal . many thanks to those who tried to help ,cheers .

  • Tried the password reset several times, but no succes.

    Still no word from fanatec, keep sending them email`s

    I think they are on holiday or don`t care about service to customers

    Maybe i should sell my broken Fanatec stuff for parts and move to another manufacturer.

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