First waves of invites is out



  • I have Not yet Received my invite to the CSW v2  below is my order # and order date

    Order ID:

    Date Added: 11/17/2011

    I too have noticed that my order says cancelled... that is a Mistake my order was completed and i have a CSR E wheel from the First Batch shipped.
  • Like others, I was one of the original purchasers of the CSW base v1, and all other CSW products to go with it, in July 2012, while the site was crashing. Still have not received purchase code. I hope that just because I did not decide to by the v1 just before the v2 was announced, that I will be pushed back.
  • Hi,
    I have not received my invite to purchase CSW v2.  Below is my order # and order date.
    Order ID: #48260
    Date Added: 31/08/2012
    wheel CSR-E + pedals CS
  • So shipment is delayed again? Not a massive deal, but how realistic is it to see the equipment for the end of October?

  • Hubert ClogHubert Clog Member
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    Hi Thomas,

    I ordered a CSR-E in replacement of a defective CSR wheel. 
    The order date is 23/01/2013  invoice N# RE13/01286.
    Nothing appears in my account history (only the CSS I bought in May, still waiting for shipping)

    I did receive twice the mail telling me I'll have an invitation code (One for the CSR-E, one for the Clubsport stuffs: CSP V1 and CSS), but no invitation for CSW V2 at this time.

    I do hope I'll get one, really want the CSW V2.


  • Ryan HammRyan Hamm Member
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    I bought a CSR-E in the webshop.  I got the email stating I could buy a new wheel when they sent invite codes later but never got an email telling me I had an invite code. 
    When I went to the webshop and logged in it still told me it was by invitation only and wouldn't let me preorder.
  • Servus,
    leider auch noch keinen eigenen Code bekommen.
    Gruß Gustl
  • Hello,
    I bought my CSW V1 by 14.07.2014 (Order ID: #656529) and didn't get any code.
    Thanks for your attention.
  • Hi, I haven't received a code yet, my CSW V1 order ID was #619679

  • Thomas, I ordered a CSR-E, and my son ordered a Clubsport V1 very early, and neither our accounts will allow us to purchase the v2...
  • I have not yet received my invite to the CSW v2  below is my invoice # and order date. The web shop shows i have made no  past purchase and have not received a invite code
     I N V O I C E - No. RE12/08076
    Date : 13.07.2012

  • E-Mail habe ich bekommen jedoch noch keinen Code.  So Ich can es kaufen.
  • Ich habe ein CSR Elite und keinen Code erhalten.
  • Anybody with an invite to share? I have a gt3rs V2 plus pedals and shifter and no idea on the 
    ETA of the code.

  • Die Mail ist seit 26.09. da:  Dear Jens Jakob,

    You have received an invite code to purchase a ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo EU from Fanatec Webshop.

    Attention! The code expires on 2014-10-03*******************Im Shop steht immer noch "By Invitation" und im Account ist nichts zu sehen.Gruß Jens
  • My name is Clifford Sutton.

    I have not received an invite code.

    I ordered a CSRE in 2011 and my wife ordered me a CSW in 2012 over the phone as a Christmas gift, but I have not received any codes.

  • Order# 328063
  • Hallo ,

    habe am 02.08.2013 Mein ClubSport Series Premium Value Pack gekauft .
    Die erste E-Mail zur CSW-Base V2 erhielt ich am 12.09.2014.
    Leider bis heute keinen Invite-Code für die V2 bekommen

     Stattdessen werden die Codes für über 100 euro bei ebay verkauft das finde ich zum Kotzen


  • Auftragsnummer: #625783
  • I do not really understand. I just recieved a code (wich will soon end)

    I want a new wheel but I want'0 it to work on ps4 and xbox one.

    So why am I forced to order it now ? would it be more fair to send a code when next gen consoles are compatible ?

    I mean I don't want to buy it without this.

    Can I get a coupon when it is done ? what will be the difference if I wait ?

    Thanks for the answer

  • so jemanden gehort auf keinen Fall einen 2 Code


  • Bought my CSW V1 + formula rim in september 2012, and I have not received the code on my account yet. (I got the email earlier that I was going to get a code...)
  • erste email bekommen, habe auch noch keinen code.
    Auftragsnummer: #624132
  • Thomas,

    I have not received my invite code and am planning on purchasing a CSW V2. My original order for the CSW V1 was made on 2012/07/06 and is invoice id 852. This order was completed the first day that the new webshop was open when there were a lot of troubles with the site.
  • Hallo Team! Wenn ich "money order" als Bezahlversion wähle, wann muss ich überweisen? Ich möchte nicht jetzt schon das Geld per paypal loswerden oder die Überweisung starten und die Base kommt erst irgendwann im Dezember...

    Vielen Dank!

  • Thank you team for the code this am - I posted in this post on Sunday, received the code this am and ordered.

  • Hi,
    I have a Clubsport V1 and have not received any pre-order invite code for the V2.  Can I have one please?
    thank you.
  • My details of the V1 CSW are:
    Order ID: #650178

    I have not received any invite/pre-order code for the V2, please send me one.

  • Arnaud LalouxArnaud Laloux Member
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    I have received the "teaser CSW V2" mail on the 12th of September.
    But still waiting the invitation code, ready to order a new CSW V2 and a new wheel.
    Strangely Aussie & Brazilian friends of mine gets already their..

    Poor little Belgium.. Please let me know, can't wait !

    Many thanks


    PS : I'm owner of :
    CSW v1
    Formula Rim
    BMW GT3 Rim
    CSR Elite pedals
    Club Sport pedals v2
    Club Sport Shifter SQ

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