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    Hi Thomas,

    I own A CSW + BMW and F1 rims since april 2013. It was a ClubSport Series Premium Value Pack EU.

    I didn't receive a code yet... Hoping it 'll come soon, as I'm longing to upgrade! ;)

    Best regards,

    Hi again, Thomas,

    I recieved my invitation coupon today, I tried to pre-order a CSB V2 but the coupon is rejected, with a "Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit!"...

    On the invitation page of my account, the validity period is in green and the validity ends the 11/10/2014, tthough.Is there anything I missed?


    EDIT : I went through the whole prosses of pre-ordering and payment without any problem... I assume the code has been automatically used as I hit the pre-order button on the CSB V2 page... :)

  • I received my V2 invitation code early this morning. Thanks for sorting this out. 
  • Did anyone receive a code that they do not plan on using? Ordering with a code will be the only way I can convince the girl that my money was well spent. 

    If anyone can help me out, I'm a graphic designer with 10+ years experience and would be more than happy to return the favor!

    Im in the US, crossing my fingers to hear from someone!

    [email protected]

  • CSR ELITE - order number

    Order ID:#601885

    Customer ID:294191

    Have yet to receive my code. [email protected]

  • Code received, and order placed.  

  • Anyone has an spare Code they willing to share? email to [email protected] if you have a spare and have no one to give to.

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    can somebody give me a code i am ready to order please...i have a rim but no base!!! and i have an old g27:(  my mail is [email protected] thanks...

    f1 rim and my old g27...waiting v2...
  • I received an email informing me I would receive a code, but never received the code.
    Thank you.  email address is: [email protected]

    Currently own CSP v1, CSR
  • If anyone in Europe has a code they won't use, please share - currently have rims but no base so can't drive at all. I'll return my additional code to you when I receive it. t.blann [at]
  • if anyone has a USA code they aren't going to use i would appreciate it very much. have a full set of fanatec wheel, pedals, shifter ordered, just no base :(
  • Thomas, can you please send out the second wave of codes please. The first lot of customers would have ordered by now or have extended their expiry date by now.
  • Still no code here :/
    Owner of a Base V1, bought 2012-12-14
  • Hi Thomas,

    I am an owner of 2 V1 Bases and I have ordered a V2, just wondering if I will receive another code for my second V1, thank you.

  • Got my invite code, ordered the wheel, now it's waiting for the Xbox one steering wheels.

    Thanks Fanatec
  • Got my invite code, ordered the wheel, now it's waiting for the Xbox one steering wheels.

    Thanks Fanatec
    Same here
  • received porsche 911gt2 wheel sn11000955 as christmas gift from now deceased aunt- uncle cant find order number and has new e mail since they bought it for me as gift when first out years ago
    have left today oct10, 2014 a message w your office- need an invitation gary stofik
  • got my invite but it has not let me order for the last two weeks is there a problem with the site?
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    Kein Ahnung ob es Sinn macht hier zu posten. Anscheinend ist der Blog nur zum online-Frustabbau eröffnet worden. Denn ansonsten verstehe ich es nicht, das man aufgefordert wird sich hier bei Problemen zu melden und dann trotzdem nichts passiert. Und ich scheine ja nicht der Einzige zu sein. Trotzdem nochmals (

     der Hinweis von mir. Es hat sich an dem Zustand seit dem 26.09. nichts verändert. Zumindest im Hinblick auf Eure nun anlaufende stetige Preiserhöhung ein Ärgernis....oder eben gespartes nach Trotzreaktion des jeweiligen Kunden.

  • Is anyone hearing back from Fanatec? I've been getting nothing but radio silence here and since filling out the support form.

    I'll try again. Order ID: #325654
    Date Added: 11/17/2011

    Juding by the amount of inquiries in this thread, they are busy dialing in the invite codes and verifying that those receiving them are deserving. People are starting to sell them for like 100$ a pop (or more) so I'd imagine that they are going to double check to make sure a few folks aren't hoarding all the invites and that people who are just seeking them out to sell them or the new wheel are previous customers at the very least.
    In my expierience, fanatec has always made things right by me even when I was admittedly being a bit picky and/or indecisive. There are only a handful of people that work at fanatec proper and even less that have to do all of the correspondence for English/French/Italian/Spanish correspondence.
    I will personally guarantee (as I will pay the difference) that if you post here with a valid sales date and order number, you will receive the full discount as soon as they catch up with all of the inquiries. I bought a csr, a csr-e, two sets of pedals, and a bunch of other crap from fanatec from two different accounts and they both received invites, and I can assure you, if you are qualified, you have, or will, soon.
  • Hi Thomas,

    I received the email invite letting me know I would receive a separate email with a code, but I have not received that second code email, yet.


    I didn't recieve a code per-se... They simply applied it to my fanatec store accounts. If you sign in and go to "my account" there is a section called "my invites" second from the bottom... Click that then "redeem" "extend" or "gift" and u r golden!
  • Hello, my order history shows that I ordered a CSR elite wheel however I have not received a code. My order history also shows that I ordered many other parts as well. I would like to know how I need to upgrade my CSR elite wheel to work on my xbox one. Thank you.



  • I have an EU invitation code to give away. Let me know if you want it.

  • I have ordered many products over the years. I just checked my account and noticed my code is expired. Is it possible to receive a new one? I really want a CSW v2!! 
  • My CSW V2 is due Mid November according to email I
    received from Fanatec after I asked them about it.

    Are there any
    Aussies out who are looking for an AU code. If there is shoot your email
    address to me and when I receive my second code I will pass it on. First
    in best dressed.

    Cheers Greg.
  • I have received my v-2 Base....I therefore have a second code to give away.

    Your e-mail address must be registered with the US Fanatec website.

    Please contact me at this e-mail address:- [email protected] and give me your e-mail address so I can enter it in the code section.

    First come first serve system.

  • I have an invite code for EU, first one to message me will get it.
  • Code is gone
  • I have an Australian invite code if anyone chasing one
  • I have an Australian invite code if anyone chasing one

    Hi Nigel,

    sent you a message! Please help a fellow Aussie with your code .... Just bought a gtultimate rig and waiting on triple monitors to arrive... Need the new v2 base so badly!!
    Thanks mate!
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