Fanatec Beta Driver V361 (now V365) for CSL, CSW and Podium Bases (all wheels)



  • Which further validates a possible usb driver issue where a chipset update and a check for maybe enabled USB power saving options would maybe help.

    You can also try the formula v2 test firmware from page 20 though.

  • It's AUGUST! When will the jolts be fixed??? Is this a joke?

  • They are on it and its a very high priority issue for sure. Unfortunately not fixed yet.

    Just use the default OLED page with the FANATEC logo, then you wont get Jolts.

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    WTF? It's been months?! I'm always on FANATEC logo. I never even used other display modes. I get jolts anyway.

  • Just bought a csw2.5, uxh with forza wheel, clubsport shifter and v3 pedals and have been having the worst time getting the computer/base to recognize the uxh or power on the hub at all. Hoping to maybe be able to play this set up i dropped too much money on at sometime in my life instead of looking at this thing ive wanted forever to become a piece of furniture in my room. Was hoping to get input on what driver/fw to install so i can maybe try this thing after a week or two of blue balls. Please help and thanks ahead of time

  • Can't connect them/it without usb-hub? You only need one usb-cable(from base) so there shouldn't be any problems when directly connected. They say, at least in past, that usb-hubs can be problem.

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    when the wheelbase is powered up and my movements showing up in driver theres a red circle crossing out where pic of wheel would show up. and turning on the base with the uxh mounted does not power on the uxh its self no usb. red circle not starting in xbox mode base is in pc mode and wheel or hub has no power

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    I am running the v2 test software....

    USB drivers are the latest, it is not my pc or software. When the wheel freezes the game freezes, when i turn off the wheel the game resumes....

    i reverted back to old firmware and that made sure i could start a game but lost ffb after 2 laps every time.

    When is the v2 software going to be fixed? as i understand this problem is 6 a 7 months old now?

    kind regards


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    Good morning @Marcel, @Maurice and @Sascha.

    I apologize for the text if there is an error because I am using the translator.

    I do not know if you already know more there is a conflict between the configurations of the base and steering wheel.

    The conflict occurs between the vibrations of the V3 pedals and the vibrations of the V2 steering wheel.

    My V3 pedals are connected directly to the base, all my peripherals are connected to the DD2 base.

    When BLI is set to OFF and I do the vibration test for the brake and accelerator pedals everything works perfectly, only the respective pedals vibrate, the flywheel motor does not vibrate, as is correct.

    Actually with BLI off, the pedals shouldn't vibrate, right ??

    Just like if I do the vibration test for the flywheel engine, it works correctly.

    But when I use BLI in any percentage, for example 70% and do the vibration test for the pedals, they do not vibrate, the one that vibrates is the flywheel motor.

    And maybe that's why UHX doesn't freeze, because it doesn't have engines, so there is no conflict.

    The first video I sent you shows the steering wheel motors locked.

    I will post it again for you to remember.

    I really believe that this is all related and maybe they can fix the firmware.

    This conflict happens with both the WQR V5, V5_rev60 and V6. Also SWF V33, V34, V34_rev187 and V35.

    It's happening from the PC driver firmware 356 to the current one I'm testing 369.

    I hope to be helping with all this data and information.

    Best regards.

  • Maybe a stupid question, but where can i find driver 365.

    I have an issue with my steering wheel and the fanatec helpdesk said that I need to install the driver pack 365 and they give a link, but the link is not working and i can't find driver 365 anywhere.

    Thx for the help guys

  • In the first post of this thread on page 1.

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    There is a new driver 372 available, this discussion will be closed, please test the new version and provide your feedback in the new discussion.

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