CSP V3 owners: Betatesters wanted for Brake Performance Kit



  • id like to test theese as well, getting the V3 27.11.

  • Guten Tag,
    ich wäre ein BetaTester aus Hessen! Besitze CSP v3 mit Dämpfer-Kit.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  • wil this replace the damper kit ? cause im about to get one, id rather return it and wait for an improved version...
  • Hallo,

    ich würde das Kit auch gerne testen. Falls Ihr noch Tester braucht. Würde mich freuen, wenn dadurch das Stocken, Ruckeln und andauernde Schmieren ein Ende hat.

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    Dear Thomas and Fanatec Team, 

    I have upgraded to v3 Pedals back in September and I am still very unhappy with the annoying, "stuttering" feeling of the brake pedal. An RMA was initated, I sent it back to the support team but the stuttering feeling didn't go away for me. I have always suspected the PU foams to be the root cause of this issue. Now I see that you are offering a brake performance kit, i.e. new PU foams. I would be more than happy to test it for you and hopefully can give you the feedback that the stuttering has finally gone. 

    BR Martin
  • Servus Thomas,
    Wenn noch a Platzerl im Testteam frei is, bin i jo sowas von dabei .

  • Dear Thomas,

    I just got my pedals with damper on the brake back from your service center.

    I had sent them to your service because I could not get rid of the crunchy feel on the brake until now. Unfortunately it seems the problem is still the same so I´m a little disappointed. But I could test it only since 3 days now and have to see how it develops. I have tested different ways of lubricate already before (the technical vaseline, the dry lube that grimey dog supposed here and some balistol lube) several times already. The best result for me till now was with the balistol, but after 3-4 weeks it still comes back the lite stuttering feel on the brake.

    So I really would be happy if I could test out the new brake performance kit.

    Thank you.
  • If it is possible , i would be happy to test it
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    Hi Thomas. I do own the V3's and I would be very interested in becoming a tester for the product.
    I am quite experienced with sim hardware and I believe I can make worthy input.

  • I'm here, and always happy to help if you need me ;)
  • Hallo,

    ich wäre ebenfalls mehr als interessiert wenn noch weitere tester gebraucht werden.

    beste grüße, RP
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    I want to test it too, i have CSP v3 and Damper, i have CWS v2
  • Now that new products are being launched and all, could any of Fanatec employee's respond my e-mail sent on October 21st as a response to technical support? Or, at least, acknowledge its reception?

    I thought customer support was improving, but some of my latest experiences make me question if it's not going back to what it was a few years ago...
    Hi Antonio,

    how did you contact the support team on the 21. October? We did not receive any ticket from you through the support system.

  • Hi
    I should receive my v3 pedals tomorrow (Scheduled by UPS for 20/11/15) So, I would love to be a beta tester for the new v3 Brake Performance kit
  • I'll be happy to test them.

    My v3 pedals arrive Monday.

    If it helps I'm a accredited ISEB tester. So I know how to log defects & observations.

  • Chuck me a set over please can test with my csp v3 I have the damper kit which can be removed if not compatible
  • Just ordered my V3s. None will refuse to test a damper *cough*. I can get you feedback from the more amateur side of the scale, since I never had high-end pedals before (just G25).
  • Hello Fanatec Team,

    it would be nice to test the Brake Mod. I´m using the V3 Pedals and i am a member of the Team 3 wide-Motorsport. I start with Simracing in 2006. At the Moment we are starting at the VEC series and Nords24. I´m also driving F1 and our favourit Plattform is rF2.

    It would be nice to here something from you.


  • Hi Thomas, I just ordered a V3 set incl Shifter and I would love to test this mod, I also ordered the Damper kit. I hope to receive it next week, as it is all on stock.

    I want to replace my T500 pedals with Basher brake mod. 

    My experience comes from the early days, with GP1,2,3 etc, and not to forget the good old GPL.

    Now I own practically all good sims that are available on the market today.


  • Hallo Fanatec-Team,
    morgen kommen meine CSP V3 an und ergänzen meine CSW V2 mit Shifter 1.5 und BMW bzw. F1 Wheel wohl perfekt.
    Würde gerne die Dämpfer testen und berichten.

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    Hi Fanatec!

    My V3 is on the way now from Landshut to Budapest, so my gear is ready for testing anything in couple of days. 


  • I just received my CSP V3, will install on my rig this weekend. I will be honored to beta the new mod.
  • Ich würde auch sehr gerne daran teilnehmen um die V3 zu verbessern.
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    Hi Thomas,I would be up for testing pro V3 upgraded damping kit.
  • Hi Thomas,
    Would be happy to beta test this product. Currently have V3 pedals with the damper kits, which are good but could be improved. 
    I could give feedback in comparison to real life (GT3) brake pedal feel. Will test on Iracing, Project Cars and Assetto Corsa.

  • Hi Thomas,

    I'd love to test the Brake Performance Kit. I'll order the Pedals now.
    I could even do a video review in english and/or german if you like.

    I'm still happy with my slightly modified V2s. Never had any serious problems with the loadcell etc. But lubricating the elastomer every now and then to have a smooth break pedal is a pain in the ass sometimes. ;-)

    Would be interesting to test some differen elastomers with different progression. The new ones probably won't absorb the lubricant since they're not MCU-elastomers.

    Would be happy to hear from you.

    Greets Ralf
  • I think we should nominate JS. He never had any problems with anything. So we know his test would be perfect. L-)
  • use my v3s every day would love to test new dampers
  • Hi guys: you know me well, tough as nails but sincere and appreciative. you guys know that there wont be more sincere and honest and straightforward review that mine so send those things to me and you guys will have the best review in no time!!!!
    I moved so my new address is 1511 greenmeadow ct , Bowling Green Kentucky 42104. send everything you guys need to be reviewed and I wont disappoint .regards
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