Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates



  • Update: ignore everything I wrote before, I've been patient and believed the guy on the phone when he told me my items were being put aside and assured me my order would be dispatched on July 10th, today they changed it to July 30th. Losing patience fast with this company.

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    Similar story here - no idea what’s happening as the pre order dates get changed every week now

  • Well after 80 days (not that I'm counting)🤣 I have movement on my order! Got an email saying my order is in warehouse processing and the site now says my order has been processed! No tracking as of yet, hopefully it will be Christmas in July!!!!

  • Wheel has been delivered. The long ordeal is finally over. I’ll continue counciling for a few more months.

  • To their credit, they did work with me to resolve a backorder. I ordered the PS4 Elite P1 bundle back in May, then had the June 12 pre-order date become July 24. On June 14th the pedals showed up on my doorstep so the option to cancel was no longer there. Concerned that the July 24 date would also come and go, I sent them an email asking if I could cancel the remaining items (CSL Elite base + P1 wheel) and replace them with the CSL Elite base + F1 wheel, which were both in-stock. I honestly did not think they would do this since it states clearly that orders which have been processed cannot be changed. I was fine with that, but didn't feel that it would hurt to ask. Anyway, about a week later, their sales team replied with a message stating that they would do this for me. They even provided me with a quotation which included the discount associated with the PS4 bundle. They issued a credit for the un-shipped items from the original order and I placed the new order this past Friday; the warehouse shipping notification was receiving this morning. I'm hopeful that I'll be racing this weekend. 😀

  • Order# 1081801 (Podium DD1, APM, CS Pedals, CS Shifter, ordered 5/15/20)

    My order says everything is supposed to be available Jun 26, except for the "bundle discount" which states July 24th. (Seems weird that the discount isn't flagged as always available).

    Is there any chance this order will be shipping soon -- I'm getting a bit impatient, would love an update if these forums are monitored by fanatec.


  • Anyone else is having a long delay between the moment where the order has been processed by the warehouse and the first update by the shipping comapny ?

  • Ordered the V3s on 26 June and received them yesterday (6 July). Considering the situation and the holiday, I think it was rather quick. BTW the pedals are frickin' awesome!!! Thanks for all you're efforts Fanatec.

  • I have the same problem. It says bundle discount available on July 31st, but all Items available on 25th/26th of June.

  • My order said warehouse processing yesterday via Fanatec email and I didn’t hear anything from shipping company until this morning. So 24hrs for me. :)

  • That 24hr response time was fast!

    I've just received mine, after 10 days of waiting. :( But at least now it's on its way! YAY

    Thanks for your replay and have fun with your new product, Scott! :)

  • Well after 82 days my order has been shipped!

    BTW it took 48hrs for me to get tracking info

  • Mine has just been processed too: EU shop Forza bundle ordered 2nd of June!

  • Finally got tracking info. Ordered 5-19 was told it shipped on 6-16. Tracking numbers 7-9-2020. I guess I should feel thankful. To be honest this has been the worst experience I have ever had with a company. Was told via email that the warranty will reset when I get them I highly doubt this will happen.

  • Darn I'm in California San Diego as well, placed my order few days ago and it's still in " The order is in process" state. I ordered $4K worth of stuff :\

  • You too, Floyd :)

    what i don’t understand is, how come when you order a bundle they say your items can’t ship until all items are in stock, yet they arrive separately. I ordered the Clubsport bundle and have only received the Forza rim and Universal Hub so I’m still waiting. UPS told me the other 3 packages arn’t at their depot for delivery yet. Surely it makes sense for Fanatec to box all items as one delivery. 🤷‍♂️

  • My CSL Elite (P1) Bundle has been procesed today. I placed the order on May 22. JUST received the procesing mail with the invoiced attached.

    Now i'm happy :D

  • Hey guys, I ordered a loadcell pedal on the 29th of May and haven’t had much correspondence in regards to delays, I understand there are issues while the world grapples with covid but a simple email update on the status of orders would be great.

    i am located in Australia and have filled out the online response form numerous time to no response. Really keen to get the pedal and up my sim racing game.

  • Got my Forza bundle yesterday it took 90 days from order to it being in my hands. One slight problem, I got everything but the Forza wheel rim!😪

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    May I ask, why is the PS4 starter kit of CSL Elite available for pre-order -> if I put it in my cart, it says that the wheel base + steering wheel is sold out, please remove it from cart :) So, how to pre-order the kit? Thanks!

  • Which country? In the EU site when you add the bundle starter kit (pedals, wheelbase, steering) shows pedals ready to ship and wheel + wheel preorder for 14th Aug.

  • Understandably you are having issues due to overwhelming demand but you should not be fulfilling new orders before old ones. People I know have ordered the same exact wheel as I did last week and already gotten their order. I ordered it first week of June! Your order processing makes no sense.

    Listen to your customers and fix it. Stop just ignoring everyone.

  • I placed an order from UK worth £2600 on 25th June and it shows as being in process. I paid by bank transfer (As I never realised you could change it, it defaulted to this) and have sent 2 emails to ask if they have recieved the funds ok and could they dispatch the items that are in stock. I have had nothing back just an automated email yesterday saying my email was important to them but no information.

    My Friend ordered a DD1 last week and recieved it a few days later what the hell is going on???

    I need answers , surely there must be someone on here who works for Fanatec and can help??

  • The only helpful person that responds to you is Dominic Brennan on the forum here. Put his name in the title of your forum post as many others have. The rest of the company customer service are clowns, they do not care or respond with any useful information, just BS from the excuse generator put in place by Bozo the CEO.

  • Cheers Jeff, I have sent him a message to see

    Kind Regards

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    Bought v3 pedals and brake performance kit on sunday, got email that it is warehouse processing, wrote email to support asking if it is shipped already, today they response that it is ready to ship and I will get an email with tracking number when it will be shipped. I entered my order number on ups as a reference number and it was shipped yesterday (on monday) and will be delivered tomorrow! So ordered sunday, next day (monday) shipped and tomorrow (wednesday) will be delivered, that was really quick! Can't be faster, they shipped first working day from my ordering and take 2 day to deliver to Poland so as it says on ups website delivery from Germany to Poland :)

  • Can you explain how the waiting time goes from June 6, 2020 (full payment made!) to July 31 to August 7 and then to OCTOBER 15?????? with no announcement made other than to check your website daily. How about trying to inform your customer who has been waiting patiently and passed up numerous opportunities to buy another wheel or at least a used CSL from Ebay. That's terrible customer service. I realize that the coronavirus has caused a lot of problems and delays, but please have a little concern for your customers by supplying some information about our orders.

    Therefore, would you please update me concerning my order (CRM:000148000050). When will it be ready to ship or should I just cancel and have my money refunded???

    Thank you,

    John Reggio

  • My order just arrived! Only 2 days from ordering, that is great :)

    Ps. Still didn't received an email with tracking number... :)

  • Attn: Dominic Brennan

    Can you help? Very frustrating to have to search for news. Company was quick to get my payment but no response received with any info at all. I just can't wait until October 15. If you can expedite I would be grateful.

    John Reggio

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