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  • How long has anyone had to wait on just the confirmation of the order on a DD1 purchase? If its normal for a few days, then that's fine,I'll wait. I called Paypal and they confirmed Fanatec has my $$$$.$$. And there is no order for that purchase in the history tab. Hoping I'm not going to get the shaft here.

  • I ordered V3 pedals and the Handbrake 2 weeks ago (both in stock available), I recieved an email the day after that my order was warehouse processing. I have heard nothing since....

    Their website says 48 hour processing (I understand that covid is causing problems obviously) and the email I got had an FAQ stating that they are trying to ship in 1-4 business days.... Its been 10...

    I contacted support but has anyone recieved any orders lately or experienced this situation?

  • Everything is taking much longer now due to the Covid situation worldwide not only with Fanatec but other companies. From Fanatec customer service communications to processing to couriers processing, pickups, deliveries from A-B-C to customs clearance etc etc and then delivery to you.....all mostly due to staff working situations. Things eventually proceed albeit slowly. Most we can do is wait it out and hope for the best. When in doubt if you are able to contact Fanatec customer service and they eventually get to reply and communicate with you about status they can be very helpful in following up and updating you accordingly. It's a very trying time all around unfortunately.

  • I ordered a F1 esports wheel and button caps, both in stock. I'm at about one and a half months in. Got promised it was shipping soon a week ago and still nothing

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    hi there friends, i have a question, i can cancel my order whit this status? "The order is in process" I still don't see the amount debited on my credit card, if i cancel that orden, im ok whit no get charge on a future right?

  • Hi all,

    My thoughts: due to the COVID-19 situation ther could be delays in shipping, depending on your personal location.

    Nobody likes to wait to long, but let's look at the facts: in my personal situation Fanatec processed and shipped my order within a day, after that it's up to UPS to deliver the actual order.

    In my case (locadet in the Netherlands) UPS dit not send me a track and trace code, thats annoying, but OK...

    As i said Fanatec processed my order within a day, ordered last Thursay, got my e-mail from Fanatec witch said Our warehouse is preparing your order now for shipping on Friday, so far so good, nice and quick response.

    Due to the fact that deliveries are not possible in the weekend with UPS i had to wait a bit... again, not sending me track and traci info is a miss for UPS...

    Luckily, today i was suprised to see UPS at my door... ther it was, the complete Fanatec set i ordered :D.

    Tonight i've been testing my new gear:

    ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5

    ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2

    ClubSport Pedals V3

    Podium Advanced Paddle Module (not tested yet, think i'll mod that in a couple of days)

    Comming from a Logitech G29 it's a massive difference witch will take some getting used to, but i can only say that if i knew it was sucht a better feel with Fanatac, i'd have ordered it sooner :D

    In conclusion, i think nobody has the right to blame Fanatec for the actual deliverie UPS provides, the guys n galls at Fanatec do a superb job in my eyes, the problem with delivery times are due to COVID-19 measures and maybe a lack of communication by UPS.

    Anyway, i'm happy, thumbs up to Fanatec en lets get back to racing :D



  • hello Fanatec

    i have not received a reply in the specified time as mentioned in your automatic reply. So I am posting here in attempt for resolution. 2 weeks ago I received my order for DD wheel base and Porsche podium wheel rim. As mentioned in my email my order was not received complete. There was a picking error and I was send the clubsport button box for Xbox rather than the podium hub. I understand the global situation that we are in and the potential delays and challenges. However I am unable to use the equipment until I receive this vital piece. Can you please look into and address the situation.

    thank you for your support and urgency

    Kerry Nevatte

  • I placed an order August 5, 2020 with a few items unavailable at the time, so it was in a preorder state.

    I can now see that all the items I have ordered are now currently available in the Fanatec AU store, yet my order is still stating preorder September 17.

    Not only this, but when i sign into check my order, sometimes multiple times daily, the dates for each items preorder are changing back and forth between September 2 and September 17.

    Please explain, I was well aware when i made the purchase that I would have to wait until all the items were available before it was shipped, so now they are all available I should be getting some update on the process of the order.

    I look forward to your response.


  • You should contact customer service on the website stating your order number/s and details so they could follow up and respond with a status update for you.

  • I emailed them on Friday, all my items apart from 1 were in stock from the beginning of last week with the Brake Performance kit moving to October and the Wheel base now going to November 24th.....

    I am really hoping everything but the Performance kit is on hold for me and I can just get that cancelled out of my order, if I have to wait now until the end of November I would prefer to cancel the whole order and just live with my current setup until everything is "In Stock"

  • I ordered a wheel, dd2, shifter, and inverted pedals on Monday September 14th. I haven't received a text with shipping info or tracking numbers yet. All items were in stock. I spent a lot of money so I'm getting nervous. Based on all the post I'm not alone.

  • Found out all my other items are sitting waiting for the Brake Performance Kit to show up........ Would have thought it would be the quickest item to get into stock.

    Wish there was a way to get them to split the order without cancelling I would be happy to throw them extra $$$ to post the kits to me

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    My thanks & appreciation to the Fanatec team ( & UPS) for a great service in this current covid climate 👍️

    Ordered Tuesday (ready to ship items) and received items on Friday afternoon to Ireland.

    Now just waiting on my Trak Racer TR80 to arrive to properly test my DD1 F1 PS4 & V3 pedals (incl. Damper & BPK)

  • Excellent service,

    I put my order Sunday and got it delivered to Greece on Friday. Much faster than I got my rig from Amazon.

    However, note that I did not get an automated email with delivery details . However, I got confirmation after a quick email to support.

    Enjoying it immensely.

  • After getting the order, first dis-infect your order and wash your hands...

  • Thanks Fanatec , Excellent service.

    I ordered the DD1 wheelbase late Friday night (16th Oct) and received it Tuesday morning (20th Oct) in Melbourne Australia.

    Awesome .

  • Anyone know the current wait times in the US? I ordered the CSL Elite F1 for PS last night (Sunday). Got an email first this morning saying the warehouse has the order. I tried to figure out where the gear comes from in the US and it seems like it comes fro California. I'm close to there in Nevada so I probably waisted a couple bucks on expedited shipping. Just wondering if anyone has ordered and received their order recently and how long it took.

  • I ordered Friday the 13th with 2 day and it was delivered on the following Tuesday, November 17th in Louisiana from California.

  • Hey thanks! Almost immediately after I made that post I got an email from Fedex that the label had been created and I should see the gear by Friday. I doubt it will take that long since it's coming from SoCal which is only a 4 hours from here. Hoping it comes early.

  • When I ordered there wasn't any option for expedited shipping. It just gave the 1 option. Not a criticism of Fanatec but I work in Silicon Valley and I was in London with my team at the end ofMarch when they started locking things down. I flew back for California on Saturday and by Monday my teams in California, UK, Germany, Singapore and Japan were all up and running and working from home. The entire company 1500 people were also up and running. Our company always had a continuity of business plan which is super easy to put together and it has process for various things like Covid, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc and what to do and how to keep the business running in every situation short of a ful on Nuclear war or Zombies suddenly become real.

    I hope COVID-19 has taught companies that if they take customer money they should and must have plans in place to deal with most situations. If nothing else it reduce stress and uncertainty for my team and kept the customers happy. It is really easy to put together. I think we had like 4 executive meetings then wrote it up and distributed it to the team. We refresh it annually. Anyhow, just making a suggestion that hopefully others will read and either work through it at their own company or Fanatec will do it. It does sound like they recovered fairly quickly but I bet they'd be less stressed if they had some forward planning for continuity of service.

  • I ordered my CS formula V2 wheel, DD1, and P_APM. It shows order processed but nothing else. It was just dec 13 but if there is a delay, would sure be nice to have updates. Order # 1193414.

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    I gotta say.... I ordered a DD1+ clubsport wheel, CSL Elite pedals + Load cell on Dec 28th. I have heard nothing since. Order still has not been shipped while being shown as processed on Dec 30th. I gave me a tracking number the moment I purchased it but that number pulls up nothing on FedEx tracking site. I wishi I could at least know when it MIGHT be shipping. It could be tomorrow. It could be next month. Or next year. I think with an order just shy of $2,000 I atleast deserve to know a maybe date of shipping.....

  • Unfortunately I have experience similar lack of responsiveness. Almost $2,000 spent and still waiting for a part I ordered two weeks ago with no tracking info. Many emails sent and the response is days or a week dealyed.

  • I ordered a formula v2 wheel that was in stock and it still hasn’t left the warehouse a week later.

  • Fanatec sent me an email this morning (GMT-7) about Fedex and supply delays.

    I've also been waiting on an Amazon purchase through Fedex for ~5 days longer than I expected, it leads me to assume that UPS is overcapacity as well.

    Friends and fellow simracers from the USA, I urge you to keep in mind: The government just gave everyone money and people are happy to spend it if they are able to. On top of the pandemic situation, this is quite literally the worst time to buy something today and expect it tomorrow.

  • I got the same email as Craig. I've read EVERYWHERE that Fanatec customer service is either great, or absolutely unresponsive, unacceptable, and for the price of their products, completely absurd. This isn't a new phenomenon either. It's apparently been this way for a long time. I wish I'd have known this before spending $1300. My wheel base died days ago, and as someone whom is used to Amazon, this is ridiculous. Fanatec needs to either get their shxt together, or go through Amazon for their sales.

    It's been days. No updates, one order has apparently "been processed", but what does that even mean? I paid for 2 day shipping on one of two orders, and they can't even be bothered to reply to the emails Ive sent asking to pay to expedite the first order. I've tried Facebook, Twitter, Email, and now here. I've NEVER had this much trouble contacting a company I've paid over $1000 for products.

    This is the last time I deal with this company. I'm considering cancelling both orders and just getting something else.

  • really good post which some of the others users here could take for granted.

    To me it seems many people here aren't really aware of the still ongoing pandemic and the massive delays and problems it causes for all those logistic companies.

  • I've been ordering stuff for months, and have never had to wait this long for an order to PROCESS. Shipping is slow sometimes. That's to be expected. But, when a company I spend that much money with doesn't get their orders out the door, that's a problem.

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    sounds to me you only blame Fanatec here. The mails some customers got here clearly state, that Fedex, UPS etc are overloaded with packages, which sound logically to me with the sheer masses of orders currently done, because of Lockdowns etc.

  • I am getting my stuff tomorrow!!!!

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