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    I really wish i’d read all these threads about the lack of communication, before i transferred 2200€ To you guys.

    corona or not, when you’re asking these kinds of money from people, the least you can do, is send a confirmation that the money was received.

    i can understand delays in shipment and general support, but ignoring people who just wants to know that their money ended up in the right place, thats just unprofessional on a whole new level.

    i expected more from a company of your size and renown

    ( at the exact time i wrote this post, i actually received a comfirmation of payment )

  • I see that there's availability for the CSL elite bundle. For the longest time it's always had a preorder date. My question is , how reliable is this information? I'd hate to pay now, just so that I can wait 90 days before I get the shipment.

  • I put in a pre order for the csl elite bundle in June. I’m curious why my order still says available August 7 despite it being available on the website. Please advise

  • Hello Fanatec team. I placed an order May 1st. Order was for pre order due June 29, that has been and gone, was then told early July, then later in July and now been told August 21st for a bloody suede R300 rim?! How can it take near on 4 months for a damn steering wheel, I’ve been sent my wheel base, universal hub and podium module however the rim somehow takes 4 months to source?! I am unable to change to a leather one if that is available apparently. I really regret ordering anything from you guys and in the future when I upgrade to DD I guarantee I won’t be ordering Fanatec.

  • Ok well that answers my question, dates on the website is just for advertising purposes, holds no real value. I will probably just buy from some other company. A May 1st order that takes more than 3 months to get. Thanks, but no thanks!

  • I'm with you there mate. If I had known this I'd have ordered elsewhere.

  • Tried that, because they sent the wheel base, podium module and universal hub they refuse to let me swap to a leather rim

  • I am in the same boat as most of you are, Ordered 2 weeks ago, and still processing order. I spend over 3000$ CDN on fanatec products and the stuff was available when i ordered and now it says that the wheel is in pre-order. Send 2 emails and still no reply from them.

  • Man I know the feeling, I made the order 2 weeks ago too, yesterday I got my tracking number and the status is still in pre-shipment (USPS is only only picking up limited amounts of packages/day)

  • Hi, I ordered back on June 6 with no update since and apparently everything is in stock on the site, you don't really have support.

    How do I get an update on my order?


  • Btw, order was csl elite kit supposed to be in stock on June 29

    You need to do something about your support... 2 hours a day for a phone line availability that is hidden on your website and an email address you do not reply to is not really support...

    Pls help

  • Best bit of information I got was to email [email protected] and quote your order number. I actually got a reply and generally relatively quickly. Mind you they never really gave me good news regarding my order

  • I placed an order on June 12th. Got an email a few days later saying it was back ordered till July 24th. No worries. We are in a Global Pandemic. July 24th came and went without a shipping notification. Sent an email to the [email protected] account On July 27th and noted that they said it could take a week to get a reply. No worries. We are in a Global Pandemic. But it is now August 10th and I still haven’t received a shipping notification or a reply to my email. I see on the website that all my items are listed in stock minus the carbon shifter knobs. But I can’t seem to contact anyone to ask to ship the rest and then ship the knobs when they are available. Very frustrating.

    I found a number to call, but no one answers and the VM is full so I can’t even leave a message. It was a fairly large order of several thousand dollars of items. Pretty frustrated I can’t seem to get an update.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • Joining in the frustration....

    I ordered July 1st and pre ordered the f1 bundle and load cell pedal pedal as well. My pre-order date changed From July 29 to August 6 and just says my order is in process.

    What is the update for this? Will it ship soon? Should I just cancel and order the items that claim to be in stock?



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    Ordered and paid July 2 - CSW Forza Bundle pre-order - availability July 24


    Availability rolled back to August 14, then August 21, now Sept 17.

    The same bundle still today being advertised to prospective new customers as available 21 August, almost two weeks after my existing order was put back to 17 September. If that isn't FALSE ADVERTISING, then its sure is misleading!

    No production status update since early April. The Community Manager seems to have gone into hiding...

    Worst customer service experience ever. :(

    I'm wondering how many of us there are in this sad club...

  • Yep Same here I watched the V2.5 move from 12 june to 14 July now says 17th Sept.

    Its like giving an interest free loan.

    I went to the web store and sent a message hoping that it was just future orders being put off and that mine was still being processed for the original pre-order date. Two weeks late a reply from Fanatec auto-generated with Zero and I mean Zero Information.

    So I cancelled the V2.5 because I could now afford the DD1. I paid for a pre-order for the dd1 and then the next day the pre-order date shifted by a week. I am hoping they can actually get it out on the date, but Not holding my Breath.

    This is the last chance for them one more delivery shift and I am out, As I can now get a Simecube 2 for less money and it is available here.

  • Good day all,

    I am new to the sim community looking for equipment to start a new hobby.

    It seems so many people are having issues with their Fanatec orders but they seem like they have the best equipment for the price.

    Any other recommendations for equipment?

    Im looking at the CSL 2.5 bundle with brake

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


  • Might be a good idea to state which platform: PC, Playstation, Xbox?

  • Good call @david Smith.

    I have an Xbox one, will probably get the next xbox, and am open to possibly building a pc in the future if needed.

    My only prior experience was with the Microsoft xbox wheel on Forza years ago.

    I loved it and can only imagine how good the experience is today!

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    Yep... ENDOR are a disgrace

    Fanatec/Endor delivered me the Porche club sport wheel that I didnt order, So someone was missing a 600 Australian dollar wheel. I contacted the sales team and you would have thought it was my fault the wrong Item arrived. Here i am doing the right thing here and they make you feel like crap. The rudeness alone was enough to put me off dealing with them again. I could have said nothing and kept or sold the rim but NO i feel bad for who ever did pay for it. They deserve to get what they paid for. The Australian shipping company contacted me (Much better response and attitude....Thank you Samantha you were fantastic) and I returned the wheel rim.

    Then I pre Order the V2.5 Three available dates later I cancelled the order. I believe it has changed again looking at the web store.

    I then pre-ordered (29July) the DD1 with 14th Aug date ,That changed to 27th Aug ok I can handle a few weeks delay and now today it changed to 17 Sept. another month, (Please)

    I am done with this I have cancellled my order Sold my BMW Rim (NEW in the Box Never even opened) in minutes on ebay for a small profit.

    If you pre order from Fanatec you are giving them in my case 2K Aud. as an interest free loan. They have messed me around way to many times now.

    Today I ordered the simexperience Direct drive, and it is shipping today.

    So over Fanatec and the non existent customer service.

    NEVER AGAIN Fanatec

  • Edward. The shipping times on the Simxperience site are 7-8 Weeks. Did you order from them ?

  • No I got it through Local company they had three in stock

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    Hey Dominic,

    Are you able to look and see if my item is shipped? I bought the podium ps4 bundle and put the wheel up for sale on ebay. I have the auction up for 10 days with 3 days extra for shipping time and Im getting a bit worried my item wont arrive in time to ship the wheel out. My order number is:

    1129107 placed on 16/08/2020has changed to “warehouse processing".

    Can you please help? I know I was foolish for posting but the 2 other times i order in stock items they came 5-7 days after I ordered.

    Im in colorado, usa 80031

  • I thought Fanatec was shipping all the items in the order together. I order a bundle plus the F1 wheel on July 4th, I have never received any tracking number or info that my items shipped, but a couple of days ago the wheelbase showed up and nothing else. I don't see any changes in my order, all the items are set to open. Was there a mistake or is this normal ?

  • I don't think the packages always come together at the same time. If my memory serves me right I think when I ordered my CSL Elite Starter Kit Bundle the wheel and base was shipped and came separately and at different times to the pedals.

    Try and contact customer service nevertheless to be sure of your situation.

  • thank you, I tried every possible method to contact them but not replies. I thought I would see a change of status and receive a tracking number but they didn't... I was mostly concerned that I am getting somebody else's package and they got mine. Considering I ordered on july 4th

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    I hear ya. Unfortunately there's a disclaimer re Fanatec Customer Service whereby it's stated responses from them could take up to 7 days (extremely long for a customer seeking status updates etc). Sometimes they respond sooner but there's the disclaimer.

    Additionally with the dreaded worldwide Covid pandemic regarding everyone/every company including courier services they seem to be working on part staff, shift or whatever (some even working from home) that's making processing and delivering stuff extra slow. And so to with Customs clearance etc etc. I've ordered some stuff from Fanatec, Amazon etc over the last couple weeks and it's been pure hell. But they're coming through slowly but surely.

  • thank you for your response, I knew when I ordered that it could take a while, I mostly curious of the accuracy, right now the website doesn't match me receiving the wheel base, I would have hope I would have got the status change or tracking before shipping, I opened a ticket, hopefully I will get a reply in the next few days to confirm the wheel base is the correct one

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