Symptom: Podium wheel base briefly losing resistance (potential bug)

There have been a few reports of Podium wheel bases briefly losing resistance before recovering.

In some cases, this could be related to a motherboard's USB controller being overloaded. Changing to a different USB socket may solve this. External USB adapters and front USB hubs might also cause the problem.

This is a rare issue, and something that is difficult for our technicians to reproduce, therefore we welcome anyone who has experienced this with their unit to participate in this thread.

Please note: When reporting, it is important to mention when this issue first occurred, i.e. if it came with a specific firmware, or if it isn't related to a version. Please describe the characteristic as specifically as possible, for example if it's just FFB signal loss or the complete communication (also a loss of steering or other button/axis inputs).


  • I haven't got much to add other than it's very random. It normally happens after applying a lot of turn pressure as your car understeers) , but it has also happened under heavy breaking into a hairpin. The steering goes light for a second and then turns in a random direction. I only have the max FFB set to 55 so the unit is capable of resisting much higher turn forces.

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    Hello Dominic,

    I saw this issue from another iRacing member in the forum and your reply with this link. So I want to share my experiences about this problem.

    I had this issue already in 06/2019 (!) - checked my e-mails and there was a case called "CRM:000098001624" in your ticket system. Phillip Moering replied me but after this the issue didn´t happen again so I didn´t really care. Sorry - don´t remember the versions (driver/firmware) from 06/2019 - maybe I wrote it in my e-mail and you have this information in the ticket system.

    Yesterday I had the problem again during a race after 40min without problems. So it seems that it is really rare but if it happens it sucks because it will end your race mostly. (and then I don´t feel confident the next few days for sure)


    It´s not just FFB signal loss - most of the time I experience this during braking.... it feels like a "bump" on the road and then you turn the wheel but nothing happens. It feels "lighter" than normal - less resistance (wouldn´t say no resistance but really light). Like the wheels are locked and you have massive understeer.... after 1-2 sec. the normal feeling/FFB comes back and everything is fine.

    Yesterday I had this once.... today a 40 min race without any problems. In 06/2019 I experienced this during practice sessions very often.


    DD1 with F1 2018 LE wheel and APM - PC driver 352, 70% FFB, WB 669, WBM 38, wheel 28

    Using FANALAB 1.23

    Pedals: Heusinkveld Sprints (USB)

    Win10, x64

    No USB Hubs or extremely USB uses... just normal I think (2 keyboards, mouse, wheel, pedal, headset in front USB)

    But yesterday I charged my wireless mouse with the USB cable - I don´t do this very often because I use a wireless keyboard incl. touch pad in my rig so the other wired keyboard an chargable USB mouse isn´t used very often.

    I wanted to charge it to be sure not to destroy the battery if it´s so empty for a long time.

    So maybe the "overload" topic make sense either...?

    I really hope you find this bug! 

    If you need further infos/assistance please let me know.



  •  it feels like a "bump" on the road

    I would concur with this. The is noticeable knocking type feedback before the problems occurs.

    I've just switched the USB port to the front of the PC and had a successful race so i will see how it goes and report back.

  • I get something similar on occasions where the wheel suddenly pulls to the right and stays there then I turn the wheel on and off and the steering is very very light and the cars corner and change direction very rapidly.

  • Any further thoughts on this Dominic ?

    I've tried just about everything including;

    Changing the USB port to the front of PC

    Securing the steering wheel with the bolt.

    Downgrading to PC driver 346 and WB 662.

    Experimenting with the tuning settings.

    I'm using iRacing btw.

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